5 Things We Learned

5 Things We Learned From Monday Night Raw (17th June, 2019)

Shalene Hixon gives us five things we learned from last night’s Monday Night Raw.

Last night, Monday Night RAW aired live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. It served as the go-home show before WWE Stomping Grounds, which airs this Sunday from Tacoma, Washington.

There was plenty of action throughout the night, along with more storyline development heading into the pay-per-view. With that being said, here are 5 things we learned from this week’s Monday Night RAW!

1. The 24/7 Championship is still entertaining

While most of the content on WWE TV hasn’t been that great lately, one thing seems to keep those who still tune in entertained: the 24/7 Championship.

If there’s anyone who could make this wacky and oddball concept work, it’s R-Truth. Seeing him and Carmella’s antics week after week is funny and definitely what creative was going for with this title.

Is it as serious as some people would want? No, but it’s still funny to a lot of people. This week was no different, as Truth and Carmella were seated ringside in disguise throughout the night. Eventually, they were recognized and escaped the building with a bunch of mid-card talent hot on their trail.

So, Truth gets to keep the title for now, but he’s lost it before and it would be no surprise if he lost it again at some point. I guess we’ll have to keep checking on TV or WWE’s social media to see how long his reign lasts.

2. Shane McMahon Isn’t Going Away For A While

Next is a question that I’m sure many other people have been asking for a while now. Why is Shane still on WWE TV?

For some odd reason, Shane McMahon has been on WWE TV a lot lately and is a part of some pretty important storylines. Currently, he’s in a feud with Roman Reigns that hopefully ends at WWE Stomping Grounds.

It really doesn’t make any sense to continuously parade Shane-O-Mac out week after week, especially with all the talent in the back that is being wasted. When Aleister Black has to cut a promo where he is literally begging for competition, you know something’s wrong. Even Drew McIntyre deserves better than to be McMahon’s lackey, or anyone’s lackey for that matter.

This is one of WWE’s recurring problems that just doesn’t seem to be going away. They constantly bring back part-timers to be involved in major storylines instead of using the fresh and new talent they already have on their roster.

Let’s just hope Reigns puts McMahon out of his misery this Sunday, but we all know he’ll be back on TV the following night.

3. The Good Brothers are getting help from a familiar friend

To be quite honest, Gallows & Anderson’s WWE careers have been pretty…unremarkable. Sure, they’ve been with Finn Bálor and AJ Styles several times, but other than that they really haven’t done anything memorable.

Styles has also noticed this, and sent a message to his friends this week on RAW. He found Gallows & Anderson in the training room dressed in comedic doctor’s gear. The Phenomenal One scolded them, accusing them of becoming complacent.

This seemed to light a fire under The Good Brothers, who told Styles to watch what they were going to do to The Usos later that night. Well, what they did was lose once again, much to the frustration of Styles.

Perhaps Styles becoming somewhat of a coach for his friends will help them get back on the winning track. At this point, they could use all the help they can get.

4. Bray Wyatt & The Firefly Funhouse are the best thing on WWE TV

Remember when I said that the 24/7 Championship was one of the most entertaining things on WWE TV right now? Well, The Firefly Funhouse is THE most entertaining thing the company has going for them.

We haven’t seen Bray Wyatt in the ring yet, but he has still captivated audiences with his Mr. Rogers-esque persona and children’s-themed programing. But lately, we’ve been seeing a more sinister side of Wyatt, “The Fiend” which is equal parts creepy and fascinating – it’s almost hypnotic with its ability to mesmerize people into watching.

With the way they’re going right now, it seems like the payoff for this is going to be massive. This has almost single-handedly been the thing that has kept people tuning in for weeks. Now let’s all pray that creative doesn’t find a way to screw this all up, because everyone is eagerly awaiting what Wyatt does next.

5. We still don’t know who the special guest referee is for Rollins vs. Corbin

Well, we don’t know the answer to this question yet. At first, we thought it was going to be Elias, who kicked off RAW by announcing that Baron Corbin picked him for the honors.

But immediately after, Seth Rollins showed up and battered him with a steel chair. The Universal Champion and warned that anyone who was even considering taking up Corbin’s offer would share the same fate. He wasn’t joking, as he took out EC3 and Eric Young after they were offered the spot.

So now it seems like we will have to wait until Sunday night to find out who will be the special guest referee. While fans didn’t get the payoff they were expecting, it still kept everyone on their toes throughout the night and made things a little more interesting.

Having Corbin challenge for the title twice can get a little messy, but they’ve done a decent job with it so far. Lesnar still looming large adds even more speculation; for all we know, he could either cash in or be the special guest referee.

I guess we’ll find out at Stomping Grounds.

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