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All Elite Wrestling: Five Things We Would Like To See

Following the big announcement on January 1st, Peter Barnes gives us five things we would like to see in All Elite Wrestling.

In a time where we don’t know all that much about AEW, my thought is to write down what my hopes for AEW are instead, to sum up what I would personally like to see.

Please note that these are my hopes and reflect my particular wants and desires. You, dear reader, may have differing views and hopes, and that’s good.

Develop Storylines

Key for me to secure the longevity for a promotion, is for them to have compelling storylines from the get go, rather than have just a series of exhibition matches that would just be akin to bringing a video-game to life. Without the storyline side there would be less of a reason to keep tuning in to each show. I genuinely don’t want to see a title introduced in the very first show, as I want the storyline side to be of more importance and then have the overarching idea of a title to come in later on, maybe 4 months after the debut show, but that is very much dependant on the frequency of their shows.

Develop a More Diverse Naming Strategy

Show #1 was All-In, show #2 will be Double or Nothing, if they’re sticking with gambling terms, they may run dry quite soon, or else we could see ‘Raise’, ‘Fold’, ‘Stick or Twist’ and eventually, ‘Craps’.

Have a Women’s Division with Rough Parity to The Men’s

Look, this is potentially my most controversial point – I’m wanting there to be a strong men’s division and a strong women’s division, if there are to be two separate divisions. It feels wrong that declaring that I’d like some modicum of equality, or something close to it is controversial, but such notions do go against the grain in this world of catch-22 arguments where there are seemingly fewer opportunities for women in wrestling and fewer women in wrestling, where no-one really knows which leads the other. Either way, with All Elite Wrestling’s known roster coming from New Japan Pro Wrestling (which has no women’s division) and Ring of Honor [sic] (which has Women of Honor [sic], but it does come in for criticism for under-representation) the omens are not great. They did have a four-way match at All-In, and featured Jordynne Grace in the pre-show Rumble, so there’s been some inclusion, but I need more, I need a women’s division which gets somewhere close to the same screen-time as the men’s, with matches that highlight the supremely amazing talent that exists all-over the world when it comes to female wrestling. Well, I can but dream.

A Freelance Roster

This is a weird one, I admit, but I want the roster to not be tied down to contracts. We’re in a world that’s becoming increasingly global (incidentally a phrase I hate myself for typing but it’s the best phrase for the situation). However, in such a world, where technology and transport are enabling people to work closer together and across the globe, using contracts would then inhibit this. Wrestling works on the independent scene because of its diversity and how you can watch the same two competitors wrestle for different companies and have entirely different matches with completely opposed alignments, where – for example – Chuck Mambo is a heel wrestler in Attack!, but a face in HOPE, and Damien/Chief Deputy Dunne is a face in Attack! but a heel in HOPE. By being restrictive with contracts, you lose this unique aspect of wrestling.

UK Shows

This one is a very selfish one for me, but I want to see All Elite Wrestling come to the UK, and do shows in affordable venues, within easy travelling distance of myself, ideally letting me go for free. If not, I would just settle for them coming over for tours and to broaden their brand. Admittedly, the scene in the UK is quite saturated, but there must be some untapped areas around.

Regardless of my personal hopes, it will be interesting to see how things pan out. Whether they will do pay-per-views only or do weekly/monthly television and how things will develop with contracts and the like. Exciting times are ahead, and AEW are stating that they will change the face of wrestling, so here’s hoping they do and it will be AEWsome, – spelling intentional.


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