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All Elite Wrestling – What Do We Know?

Shalene Hixon runs down all the information we know so far on the much rumoured ‘All Elite Wrestling’ promotion.

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It looks like All In was just the beginning.

A rumor emerged a while ago, stating that some of The Elite (Cody Rhodes, the Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, Marty Scurll, and Adam Page), Chris Jericho, and Jim Ross were planning on starting a new wrestling promotion with the help of a wealthy business owner.

Ever since, both Jericho and Ross have denied it through their social media and podcasts, while the rest have remained silent on the subject. However, all signs are pointing to the rumor being true.

Recently, several trademarks have been filed by All Elite Wrestling, LLC, such as All Elite Wrestling, AEW, AEW All Out, AEW Double or Nothing, All Out, Double or Nothing, and Tuesday Night Dynamite. These were filed in Jacksonville, Florida and is registered to the address of TIAA Bank Field, home of the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Interestingly enough, the business owner the rumor linked to The Elite, Jericho, and Ross was Shad Khan, the owner of TIAA Bank Field, along with his son Tony, the co-owner of the Jaguars. Piecing all of these facts together add even more fuel to the fire that a promotion is, in fact, in the works.

These trademarks are rather intriguing, first starting with All Elite Wrestling, LLC. It certainly seems like a play off of the names, “The Elite” and “All In”. All Out, AEW All Out, Double or Nothing, and AEW Double or Nothing suggests that the company might have more events like All In. Finally, Tuesday Night Dynamite leads to the speculation that they might have plans for a weekly television deal.

There is still no confirmation from The Elite, Jericho, or Ross, but it could only be a matter of time before we hear some news. After all, none of this seems like a giant coincidence.

If all of this is true, it could change the landscape of independent wrestling as we know it. With as successful as All In was, Rhodes and the Young Bucks proved they are capable of producing and running a show. They were able to sell out the 10,000-seat Sears Centre in under 30 minutes, without any help from any major wrestling companies. Stuff like that doesn’t just happen every day in the wrestling industry.

Until then, we’ll just have to wait and see what comes of this new information.


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