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Attack Pro Wrestling – Road To Sacrifice Results

Mike Mears runs down the results from Attack Pro Wrestling’s ‘Road To Sacrifice’

ATTACK begin their journey to ‘My Sacrifice’ with a show full of twists, turns and surprises.

ATTACK Tag Team Champion Dan Moloney defeated Danny Jones via pinfall when he hit The Drilla after a failed attempt at interference from Jones’ partner, Brendan White.

Shay Fu defeated Rufio via pinfall, hitting his middle rope jumping DDT.

Then, the lights went out and the Great O’Kharn appeared. He attacked Purser, leaving him laying with a claw slam.

Aleah James defeated Dani Luna via pinfall. James picked up the win when she rolled up Dani. The two shook elbows (keeping it hygenic) post-match.

Ring Crew Express (Sid Oakley & August Jackson) then entered the ring post-raffle and issued an open challenge, which ELIJAH answered.

ELIJAH defeated Ring Crew Express via pinfall, via double-arm brainbuster

Post-match, he was confronted by Muzmortus who asked him to join the new Kabal. ELIJAH refused, which led to the defeated mouse to beg him to join. ELIJAH ripped off his robe to reveal an ELIJAH t-shirt, took the goat mask and left.

Brendan White then announced that he suffered a ‘life-threatening injury’ earlier tonight, and vowed to beat Dereiss in any other kind of match, just not wrestling. Dereiss then appeared and offered to face him a battle rap. Dereiss destroyed him; mocking his creps, saying he has a STD and implying sexual relations with his mother.

Shota Umino and Kyle Fletcher never happened, as the match was interrupted by Kid Lykos and Kid Lykos II, Anti-Fun Police and their new recruit, Shigehiro Irie. This was made into a massive six-man tag team match.

Shota Umino & Schadenfreude (Kyle Fletcher & Kid Lykos II) defeated Anti-Fun Police (Chief Deputy Dunne, Los Federales Santos Jr & Shigehiro Irie) via pinfall after Irie turned on the police, leaving Dunne to fall to a brainbuster, a death rider and a Grimstone piledriver.


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