Baron Corbin, The New Day, Adam Cole, Titan Towers & Eight-Hour WrestleMania – That Wrestling Podcast #137

We get the Kurt Angle retirement match no one wanted, Kofi gets screwed again, Adam Cole takes his chance and a piece of WWE legend is going away – it’s That Wrestling Podcast!

Join Matty Deller, Daniel McIver and Joseph Kingsley-Nyinah in the latest episode of That Wrestling Podcast! They discuss the big talking points from the past week in WWE including the world saying ‘Baron Corbin, really?’ on RAW, The New Day getting shafted once more on SmackDown Live, the cruiserweight tournament coming to an close on 205 Live and the landscape shifting on NXT.

Also, the gang discuss some…unique ideas for Gallus on NXT UK, lament the possibility of the longest WrestleMania ever and there’s big news regarding an iconic WWE stalwart being no more!


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