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Becky Lynch, Ronda Rousey & Twitter – How Far Is Too Far?

Stephanie McKinney looks at the twitter feud running alongside the actual feud between Ronda Rousey and Becky Lynch and looking at whether they have pushed it too far.

As the road to WrestleMania comes within 30 days of reaching its destination, we take a look at Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey’s war of words on Twitter.

The twitter war started after Becky chose Ronda as the champion she wanted to challenge for the title. With each passing week the tweets get more and more intense. Becky fired the first ‘shot’ so to speak on January 28th, the night after the Royal Rumble & after their in ring showdown.

That one tweet started the months long back and forth being the Raw Women’s champion and the former Smackdown Women’s champion.

Ronda responded the next day, she also took a shot at the other 3 Horsewomen Sasha Banks, Bayley & Charlotte Flair. Becky has taken shots at Ronda for her UFC days, whilst Ronda has taken shots at Becky for her dis-arm-her move and Becky’s mugshots being fake. Besides besides taking shots at each other, her and Ronda have now been taking shots at Charlotte.

Charlotte Flair was put in Becky’s spot in the WrestleMania match because Mr.McMahon thought that it was best for business. This one thing by the chairman has led to Becky’s latest rebellion, which has taken place in the ring and on Twitter. The choice also has led Ronda to lay down her title making it “vacant” (Ronda returned and took back her title on RAW) and led to a match at this weekend’s Fastlane between Becky and Charlotte.  The back and forth between Becky and Ronda has made this feud more interesting and also added a element that we really haven’t seen before. I think the twitter war has made this feud even more appealing. Also some of the feud being on Twitter has allowed them to say things that maybe they wouldn’t be allowed to say on TV.

With each passing days and weeks the rivalry heated up in the ring but also on Twitter but the question is how far is to far?  Both women have said some pretty mad things to each other but I think it’s no different then when others do similar promos in the ring. It makes sense that majority of their words are exchanged on Twitter since Ronda’s promos can sometimes not come out very well when she is delivering them in the ring. I think it’s just the right mix  to keep the WWE universe invested in this feud has we get just a few weeks away of the historic WrestleMania match.


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