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David Starr Stripped Of Titles, Removed From We The Independent Amid Sexual Assault Scandal

TNT, OTT Wrestling and RevPro cut ties with David Starr following allegations of sexual assault.

TNT Extreme Wrestling, OTT and RevPro remove Starr as their respective Champions

David Starr has been stripped of both the TNT and OTT Heavyweight championships, the Southside Title and removed from We The Indepenent after allegations of historic sexual assault were raised on social media last night.

A former partner of Starr, @SlayMysterio, released a series of screenshots and tweets saying that he was an abusive partner.

Starr has denied these allegation.

Earlier today, TNT released a statement regarding Starr – who was, at the time, their World Champion – saying;

“We at TNT Extreme Wrestling fully support those who have been affected by matters recently brought to light. As people, as an organisation, as a company that exist in professional wrestling: we refuse to work with predators. As such, with what has recently been made public regarding predatory behaviour, we have made the decision to have David Starr removed as champion of our promotion. We are shocked and appalled at the information that has been shared and do not condone that sort of behaviour in any way, shape, or form. It has no place in wrestling, or in a person’s life. Details on crowning a new world champion will be revealed closer to our return to live events but above all, our thoughts are with those affected, who we thank for their bravery.”

Irish promotion OTT then followed suit, saying;

“With immediate effect we declare the OTT Championship as vacated. A decision on the future of the title will be made as we return to active competition”

RevPro then followed, saying;

The Southside Championship has been declared vacant. The future of the championship will be addressed in due course as we continue to prepare for our return to in ring competition.

Kamikaze Pro have also severed ties with Starr.

Later in the day, We The Independent has announced they have severed ties with the co-founder of the movement.

Due to the pandemic, no decision has been made in regards to crowning a new champion for any company.

Starr has not commented on this development and deleted his Twitter.


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