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Five Dream WWE Old School Vs New School Women’s Matches

Beth Wood cooks up five dream matches between WWE’s old school and new school female superstars.

Over the years there have been lots of women in the wrestling world who have come and gone. With this, many ponder what could have been had some of them wrestled at the same time.

With many amazing talents from the past, present and potential future, it’s hard for any wrestling fan not to think of potential dream match scenarios with both the male and female superstars. And when a certain ‘Glamazon’ trades verbal barbs with ‘The Man’, you start to think what could possibly be.

Heck, some of us might have already tried and simulate these on a WWE 2K game, or maybe we re-enacted meshing random superstars as kids with our wrestling figurines. Either way – we are going to be focusing today on 5 dream female wrestling matches that pair a wrestler from the past, against a current wrestler on the roster. We will be focusing on singles matches, however I’m sure that the matches below would be great in the majority of match stipulations (apart from a Punjabi Prison Match… no one wants to see that match type ever come back for anyone…)

1. Sasha Banks vs. Trish Stratus

Sasha Banks has played both a great face and heel in her promising WWE career. She is also one of the most athletic and best high-flyers in the women’s division. With this in mind, who wouldn’t be better suited to Banks than one of the best women’s wrestlers of the 00’s – Trish Stratus!?

Both women have amazing move-sets that would certainly complement each other, and both women have been involvied in long duration matches. They’ve also been pioneers of their own times. They have driven women’s wrestling to the next level and this would certainly be a match where the crowd would go crazy for either participant to win. The important thing about this clash though would be that they’d be amazing in any match stipulation. A cage match? A ladder match? – The possibilities would be endless…

2. Becky Lynch vs. Lita

You can’t make any scenarios for women’s matches without thinking about today’s most popular women’s wrestler- Becky Lynch. Her ability to deliver both on the mic and in the ring certainly makes Lynch a legend in the making. With this in mind, who better to wrestle Lynch than someone who can generate lots of heat, but also back it up with brilliant promos and matches. This is where Lita instantly comes to mind.

Aesthetically and within their wrestling, both Lynch and Lita rock a very “anti-diva” look, and both are amazing high-flyer performers. In particular Lita, who has been credited as being one of the best female high-flyers in the industry’s history. They’ve both also got great finishers that would be amazing to see in an extended main event match into which all of the WWE Universe could immerse themselves.

3. Charlotte Flair vs. Chyna

Charlotte has shown herself to be a top figure in the women’s division and she is arguably one of the best female wrestlers in the world. She exudes outstanding dominance both when delivering promos, when she’s in the ring, and with her figure. She has been compared in her strength and wrestling ability to the likes of Chyna and Wendi Ritcher, and with this in mind- what a brilliant main event it could have been if Flair and Chyna went one-on-one.

Both women have been involved in various ruthless matches, and like many on this list changed the way we think about women’s wrestling. These two powerhouses have shown amazing ability and will certainly be remembered by wrestling fans for decades to come.

I could certainly imagine this to be a grudge match at a Wrestlemania main event, or a great Falls Count Anywhere. Either way – having two of the biggest female wrestlers in WWE history fight it out would be a privilege none of us would deserve, but many of us want.

4. Carmella vs Melina

Carmella is a charismatic figure – that is without doubt. Her current run with R-Truth has been nothing short of brilliant (one of the primary reasons many are sticking with WWE Raw). She is also someone who exerts great sass both in and out of the ring, and although she is great right now, it’s clear that she is only improving by the week and hasn’t yet reached her prime. Watching Carmella, I have found little comparisons with when Melina used to wrestle.

Both have been managers/valets for male wrestlers or tag teams, and both have memorable backstage and in the ring promo skills to showcase. Moreover, they’ve been involved in mixed gender matches, and both would have great submission holds against each other. I can imagine this match would work either as a personal feud, or as part of a light-hearted storyline. Whichever option is taken, it would certainly be a match to watch.

5. Bayley vs. Ivory

This might be a cop-out, since it was revealed during the build-up to 2018’s WWE Evolution that Bayley said that her dream fight would be againt. Ivory. After thinking about this – I realised just how great this match would be, therefore it deserves its place on this list. Both have had their experience working as faces, but I believe that Ivory as a heel, would mesh well with Bayley’s alignment as a face.  

Both have celebrated multiple championship reigns, and both wrestled for renowned companies prior to WWE Main Roster (Ivory with GLOW, and Bayley with NXT). Moreover, both Ivory and Bayley are great at playing to the crowd. Both have crushing elbow drops and suplexes in their move sets and have both been tag team champions in the early parts of their career.

On a serious side note – imagine a ‘Right to Censor’ Ivory trying to convince Bayley to join their stable, she’d fit right in!

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