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Five Interesting Feuds For A Returning AJ Styles

Following his return from injury, Rayan Sayeed offers up five interesting opponents for the next chapter of his WWE career.

While AJ Styles is just coming back from his extended hiatus, we speculate what plans the WWE have in store for him.

The ever-popular Styles hit a stale point before his hiatus as he just about achieved basically everything he could in his career with the babyface version of the “Phenomenal One.” A good change of scenery with the Raw brand opens up opportunities to have fueds with different kinds of wrestlers, in a different setting. While SmackDown is the house that AJ Styles built, Raw is a different case. There are many strong competitors here that could give anyone a run for their money, along with promising newcomers who will do anything to prove themselves.

So, how would AJ Styles try to fit in on the A-show again and who exactly could he start feuding with now to make Raw his house?

1. Ricochet

Ricochet, who’s just come from winning the United States Championship from Samoa Joe at Stomping Grounds, has proved how excellent of a performer he is and how icapable of exuding excitement from audience attending and fans watching worldwide.

There’s another wrestler who can has recieved similar reactions for his atheleticism and charismatic performances.

Yes, AJ Styles. The vet and the newcomer could have great matches, and the story just writes itself here. The United States Championship would recieve the much-needed highlighting, and the overall situation would be great for Ricochet’s career despite the outcome.

The two have already faced each other in a non-title match on Raw this week, which I refuse to believe was just a one-off thing. There’s hopefully more to come from these two.

2. EC3

Despite making a mark on NXT, EC3 has done little to nothing of value on the main roster. He was shelved for too long, and plans for him were getting scrapped left and right. He got involved in the 24/7 Championship picture, but everyone and their mothers did too. Sure, he ended up winning the title once, but that doesn’t mean much right now. He needs something solid to make a name for himself on the main roster.

A fued with The Phenomenal One could offer just that. EC3 has got the looks and can bring the heel heat to the table. He is quite agile for a brawny person. Styles with his polished style and charisma could make the feud well worth EC3’s time.

3. Drew McIntyre

The grizzled Drew McIntyre could have a fued with anyone and I would happily eat it up. The Scottish Psychopath is on the same brand as AJ Styles and this is the perfect opportunity to see them battle it out with each other.

“Absolutely! I have never had a match with AJ Styles,” McIntyre said in an interview about facing Styles. “When I went to Impact Wrestling, he had just left. In the independent scene, we were trying to set up the match but that never quite happened. So, we just kept missing each other. When I came back to Raw, he was on Smackdown. Now, we are finally on the same show.”

He himself is keen on facing Styles, and can we blame him? When he started wrestling 15 years ago, guys like Styles, Daniel Bryan, Samoa Joe were the new generation of wrestlers who incorporated different styles in their wrestling.

Since returning to the WWE, McIntyre has been on a roll and his rise is only the beginning. A feud with the best of the best will only elevate him further.

4. Bray Wyatt

The two have faced each other on a number of occasions before, in early 2017 when Wyatt had won the WWE Championship at Elimination Chamber. Although it was a big moment for Wyatt’s career, it didn’t exactly involve a major feud with Styles, or even Cena who was in the title picture. He had a completely different storyling going on with the Wyatt Family and Randy Orton at the time.

But times have changed, and Wyatt has moved on too. He is now a children’s entertainer as the host of Firefly Fun House  and seemingly has a secret persona behind the facade of the happy guy – A sinister and evil-looking masked version of Bray Wyatt.

We have seen many of the all-time greats in feuds with supernatural or sinister wrestlers, but we have never seen Styles have a feud with someone like that. And I think it would be interesting to see Wyatt show his true persona against Styles and how he attempts to deal with it.

5. Seth Rollins

Styles collided with Rollins at Money in the Bank just last month in a losing attempt for the Universal Championship – but the rivalry trickled down in an unsatisfying way.

After losing to Rollins, Styles was set to compete in a fatal four-way match for another opportunity to challenge Rollins at Super ShowDown, but was unable to do so because of the injuries he suffered at Money in the Bank. He was subsequently replaced by Baron Corbin.

Having failed to beat Rollins, Styles does have some unfinished business with The Architect. The two have it in them to provide some more top quality promos and matches, which we didn’t get to see completely.

Whomever he does end up facing, Styles has the ability to make even an undercard feud better than whatever’s on the main event, and Raw is lucky to have the Phenomal One to build a new house on the red brand. Styles has spent much of his time with bigger names on SmackDown Live, maybe it’s time to go to the talented undercard guys coming from NXT who are desperately in need of a trustable opponent to help build them up.

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