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Five Things We’ve Learned From WWE Survivor Series 2018

Benjamin Clem looks back at WWE Survivor Series at tells us five things we’ve learned following this show.

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This year’s installment of the second longest running WWE pay-per-view is over and in the books.

Needless to say, last night wasn’t without the usual up and downs. With that in mind, it’s my task to give you fine fans the 5 things we learned from Survivor Series 2018. Let’s get started:


1. Pre-Show Doesn’t Matter

Finally WWE has admitted what we’ve all assumed since pay-per-view “kick off” shows became a common place event. Last night’s pre-show saw the respective tag team divisions of the red and blue brands facing off in the first traditional Survivor Series elimination match of the evening. It was an all around decent match that would conclude with the Uso’s capturing the one and only Smackdown victory of the entire night. What’s that? Raw pulled the clean sweep last night? Well, apparently that’s how WWE would like it to be remembered amongst fans. This went as far as Michael Cole basically telling Corey Graves “Pre-Show doesn’t matter” when Graves tried to correct Cole about the brand scoreboard after the Women’s Survivor Series match ended in Raw’s favor. So, next time you wonder if you should tune in early out of the fear of missing something big, just remember, WWE is fully focused on the main show.


2. Vince Still Loves Bathroom Humor

I’m sure Drake Maverick thought losing to Maxel Hardy while working for Impact was the most embarrassing thing he’d ever have to do in a ring. Nope! The Survivor Series champion vs. champion motif resulted in Raw’s tag champs A.O.P (managed by Maverick) squaring off against Smackdown’s champs The Bar(accompanied by the Big Show). Close to the conclusion of the match, Drake found himself in the enormous grasp of the Big Show. After being lifted by Show to the ring apron, Maverick fumbled with his belt until a small stream of liquid appeared to stain his pants. I know in my heart that the loudest laugh this moment elicited was from Vince McMahon. Fans haven’t reacted to things like this since the attitude era, but that isn’t gonna stop the boss from taking the chance to make himself giggle when he can.


3. The McIntyre Push is Real

Once the chosen one, always the chosen one. Rumors of a huge push for Drew McIntyre have been flying around the fan communities for a while now. Even Hall of Famer Mark Henry went on record saying that creative sees a large amount of potential in the Scottish superstar. Last night seemed to make this claim completely legitimate. McIntyre stole the spotlight from Braun during the Team Raw backstage promo, then he went on to dominate throughout the beginning of the actual match. It’s not unreasonable to think that this is the start of a road that leads to Drew with a world title around his waist.


4. WWE Can’t Decide Who’s Heel

Remember when Becky Lynch faced Charlotte at Evolution last month? Ignoring the crowd’s reaction, it was obvious that Lynch was the heel to Flair’s face. Oh, then there was Super Show-Down where Braun Strowman formed a heel group to go against the Shield. Now, with all that in mind, why did Charlotte snap causing a DQ finish in her match against Ronda Rousey last night? Why did the remaining heel members of Team Raw leave Braun in the ring after he was attacked by Baron Corbin? The answer? Honestly, I don’t have one. Like most the fans watching and in attendance, I was scratching my head trying to figure out what WWE has planned. It would seem like Survivor Series served as the chance for creative to right the course of certain storylines leading into Wrestlemania, but without knowing exactly what WWE’s endgame is, most fans were just left confused.


5. Brock Wins LOL

Am I the only person completely fed up with the everlasting push that WWE gives Brock Lesnar?! I get it, Brock is undeniably the most decorated combat athlete of our generation, but the fact that I’m acknowledging that proves that he doesn’t have to presented as this unbeatable monster (SBD had Lesnar winning at 1/3) but anyone regularly watching WWE’s Product knows that Lesnar is a force within the ring, you don’t have to have him destroy a man half his size who’s prone to concussions to prove that! During last night’s main event, I found myself worrying about Daniel Bryan’s well being more than anything else. I mean, if the plan was for Bryan to come back from the devastation Lesnar handed him in the opening minutes of the match, then why not just have Daniel go over in the end? Sure would’ve made more sense then Bryan laying crumpled in the ring smiling like Mick Foley after falling through the Cell, but we can’t have the Beast Incarnate risk looking weak, can we?

Well, there we have it folks. Five things we learned from Survivor Series 2018. It wasn’t the best show, but it wasn’t completely unwatchable. In the end, that’s about all we can ask from WWE these days.


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