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Impact Wrestling Results – February 4th, 2020

Matty Deller runs down the results from last night’s episode of Impact Wrestling.

Ace Austin looks to take the advantage ahead of his title match at Sacrifice, whereas someone else wants to take it to the extreme…

Tessa Blanchard defeated Adam Thornstowe via pinfall

Thornstowe started the match overpowering Tessa a bit and getting a cheap shot, but Tessa got back into it with strikes. Tessa then hit with a dive on Luster, but he caught her in the air and slammed her against the apron. 

Thornstowe worked a bit on Tessa. Thornstowe Thornstowe mocked Tessa’s pose and went for a standing moonsault, but Tessa moved and ran wild. Thornstowe went for an Impaler DDT, but Tessa reversed into the Buzzsaw DDT for the win. This was decent.

Post-match, Luster bearhugged Tessa from behind but she took him out with a low blow, however Ace Austin cheap shotted Tessa. Reno Scum held Tessa while Ace prepared to hit her with his stick, but Dreamer came down for the save. 

Backstage, Taya approached Madison Rayne and Keira Hogan to ask them to take out Jordynne Grace again. This time, Rayne and Hogan say that they’re not doing it again. 

We see that ‘during the break’ Tommy Dreamer challenged Ace Austin to a street fight for tonight. Callis and Matthews confirmed the match, but the screen was interrupted by a QR Code that said ‘scan me’.

Rhino defeated Taurus by Disqualification

Lot of big lads content here. They exchange a couple of shoulder tackle challenges to each other until Rhino gets the better of the exchange, only for Taurus to return with one of his own and send Rhino to the outside, where Rhino takes controk. 

Both men brawled outside the ring where Rhino accidentally clotheslined the ringpost and Taurus started working over Rhino’s arm. 

Both men traded chops and Rhino started his comeback with clotheslines and a belly-to-belly for a near fall. Taurus then hit a Diamond-giri for a near-fall.

Rhino set up the Gore, but Moose came down and attacked Rhino for the DQ.

Moose attacked Taurus too, but then Moose started to taunt which allowed Taurus hit a headbutt and Rhino the Gore to take Moose out.

Michael Elgin cut a promo against a mirror saying that he used to look up to Eddie Edwards, but now it’s Eddie that looks up to him. He said he’s going 3-0 on the series and will claim the world championship soon after.

Johnny Swinger walked up to the Desi Hit Squad and challenged them to a tag match, but when Shera stood up to him, he backed down and said Willie Mack challenged Mahabali Shera to a singles match.

Taya was now trying to get Rosemary to help her with Jordynne, but Rosemary didn’t hear a word as she was stalking James Mitchell, who she locked inside a room. Taya worked brilliantly here tonight.

Havok then tried to free Mitchell, but Rosemary choked her out.

Rosemary vs. Susie ended in a double countout

This was brilliantly done, Susie’s character from top to bottom. Rosemary offered Susie a free slap, but Susie wanted to shake her hand. Rosemary pulled her hands to choke her, but Susie could not hurt her.

Rosemary slapped Susie with Su Yung’s dirty glove which awoke Susie. She took the glove, put it on, screamed, and attacked Rosemary. Susie hit a huge Shotei and locked in the Mandible Claw. Rosemary bailes out of the ring. 

Both women started brawling up the ramp and into backstage, and end up in the same stairwell where Havok ‘killed’ Su Yung last time they were in Mexico. We see getting flashbacks cut into the brawl. Rosemary then hung Susie until she finally brought back Su Yung. 

Havok joined the fight and had a staredown with Yung. Love all of this.

We then the aftermath of the chaos as Rosemary, Havok, and two staff members having been all taken out by Su Yung, who is nowhere to be seen. Mitchell gets there only to see Rosemary laughing. Mitchell tells her we’re all doomed. 

TJP defeated El Hijo del Vikingo via submission

This was phenomenal. Fast paced action, quick technical wrestling and unique offence. Vikingo hit a springboard spear and a shooting star press from the apron to the floor.  TJP went for a butterfly lock submission, but Vikingo got out and locked in a version of the Mecedora. TJP did the Pentagon armbreaker on Vikingo and worked his arm.

TJP and Vikingo started exchanging strikes, Vikingo relying on kicks. TJP hit a punch and Vikingo countered into an armbar, however TJP escaped and transitioned into the last chancery, but Vikingo made the ropes.

TJP chased Vikingo to the outside, where Vikingo kicked TJP and followed with an over-the-turnbuckle tope con giro.

TJP span into a Tombstone Piledriver, followed by a top rope elbow for a near-fall. The two exchanged submission moves and big offence, until TJP caught Vikinho, in the detonation kick, but Vikingo reversed it into the Dragonrana, only for TJP to catch Vikingo’s leg and locked in the submission for the win.

Post-match, The North jumped Vikingo, but Fallah Bahh was there to save both TJP and Vikingo.

Backstage, Katie Forbes approached Joey Ryan about Joey’s comments when he said she wanted to touch it. Forbes provided the distraction so RVD could jump him from behind. 

Gabi Loren tried to interview RVD about losing his cool with Ryan, but RVD said that he’s still cool. Ryan vs RVD next week.

Daga & Dr. Wagner Jr. defeated oVe via pinfall

This was passable, nothing to write home about. Wagner got the better of Jake top open with clotheslines, followed up by Wagner hitting a cutter on Jake and tagging in Daga. Both Daga and Jake exchanged DVDs. Daga followed with a baseball slide but even Daga chased after Jake, but Dave was there cut him off with a clothesline. oVe started to start work over Daga, but he quickly took out Dave with a kick combo and got the hot tag on Wagner. oVe get some offence in on Daga, but Wagner came in, hit a Diamond-giri on Jake, followed by a rolling senton to the floor. Daga hit the Daga driver on Dave Crist for the win.

Fulton attacked them both after the match. Fulton hit the End of Days, then attacked Galeno del Mal.

Backstage, Swinger tried to play it out that it was Mack’s fault that Shera was after him. Mack said it was cool, but he doesn’t need Swinger out there with him.

Street Fight: Ace Austin defeated Tommy Dreamer via pinfall

Everyone is banned from ringside. This was a lot better than most, but really if you’ve seen one Dreamer hardcore match post-2010, you’ve seen them all. Dreamer does a bunch of hardcore spots on the outside, including Dreamer dancing around a sombrero because Mexico. After some brawling around the crowd, Ace caught Dreamer with a kick, sending him down to the floor and back into ringside where Ace hit a huge crossbody over the crowd. Dreamer pillmanized Ace’s wrist but when Dreamer went for a DDT on the chair, Ace blocked it and did the paper cut on Dreamer’s forehead, busting him open pretty bad.

Ace then works over Dreamer with a chair. Dreamer kicked it into Ace’s face,following with an elbow drop on the chair which probably hurt him more. Ace started swinging at Dreamer with the kendo stick until Dreamer connected with a side Russian leg sweep with the kendo stick. Ace tried another paper cut, but Dreamer hit the groin claw and a huge DDT for a near-fall.

Dreamer whipped Ace into a chair in the corner and Tommy power slams Ace into the table for a near fall.

Ace went to the top rope, but Dreamer put a stop to that. Dreamer set up the ladder in the middle rope where Dreamer stood to superplex Ace, but Ace hit him with his extendo-stick, dropping Dreamer onto the ladder. Ace hit with The Fold from the top on a prone Dreamer for the win.


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