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Impact Wrestling Results – March 17, 2020

Matty Deller runs down the results from last night’s episode of Impact Wrestling

The Worlds Most Dangerous Man returns to IMPACT, but will the mysterious hacker be revealed?

Opening video focused on the final match in the Edwards vs Elgin series, which ended in a double pin leading to a triple threat match at Rebellion.

Ken Shamrock was shown arriving at the arena, with Scott D’Amore in tow making sure the building is secured.

Impact World Tag Team Title: Champions The North (Ethan Page & Josh Alexander) defeated TJP & Fallah Bahh via pinfall to retain the titles

Match started with both teams going straight after eachother in the ring. The North took out TJP, then Bahh got the upper hand by sending Page outside and slamming Josh. 

TJP and Bshh hit a Poetry in Motion for a nead fall. TJP went for a springboard, but Page caught him but TJP escaped and tried to go for the ankle lock. Alexander blocked and with a Page assist, broke off TJP’s submission and cut him off.

The North worked over TJP for a couple of minutes. Page hit a backbreaker, but when he followed up with a stalling suplex, TJP reversed, escaped, and got a tag to Bahh, but the referee did not see it.

The North continued working over TJP. Eventually, TJP dodged and escaped and hit the hot tag on Bahh, who ran wild on both men, getting a near fall on Alexander with a pop-up powerbomb. 

TJP and Bahh tried to hit a double team, but Page tossed TJP to the apron and The North once again regained control.

TJP and Alexander throw strikes and TJP hit a kick combo and takes him out with a kick, but Page took him out. Bahh takes out Page, Alexander hits a German on Bahh, but Bahh fires up and takes out Alexander. 

Bahh tried a superplex on Page, but Alexander cut him off and hit an electric chair drop followed by a swanton by Page. The North hit their finisher, but Bahh kicked out at the last minute.

The North go for their other finisher on Bahh, but he blocks it and hits a double lariat to get the tag to TJP, who ran wild. He missed the swanton, but managed to roll over and locked in the Rings of Saturn on Page as Bahh locks in the Abdominal Stretch on Alexander. 

Alexander falls back on Bahh’s weight and pulls the ref down with him, so he misses Page tapping out.

Bahh hits a dive on Alexander, but in the ring, Page takes out Bahh with a superkick. TJP goes for the Detonation Kick on Alexander, but Page blocks it and The North hit the Northern Assault to retain. Great match.

We got a promo by Eddie Edwards talking about his Lockdown team. Lockdown has been postponed, so they had a notice on the screen. Eddie said he wanted Dreamer, Daga, and Tessa Blanchard.

We then see the debut of ‘The Real Housewives of Slamtown’ with Taya, Heather Monroe, Holly, and Rosemary aired. Everyone was glamorous while Rosemary was just being Rosemary. They just drank champagne talked, argued and got drunk. Then they went to a club where Rosemary sucked Holly’s soul until Taya stopped her, only because Holly was making mimosas next week. This was a thing.

Don Callis and Josh Matthews addressed the hacker, saying that they’re doing everything possible to secure the production truck.

Chris Bey defeated Damien Drake via pinfall

This is Bey’s first match as an official Impact roster member.

They start a sequence of reversals, but Bey quickly put him down with a shoulder tackle. Bey took down Damien with a low kick, a kick to the head which was followed by a tope con giro. 

Back in the ring, Bey hit a couple more kicks, a jumping European uppercut and a snap neckbreaker. Drake tried to mount a comeback but Bey superkicked him, hit a rana to the corner then connected with a jumping knee.Bey hit a springboard famouser for the win.

Backstage, Alisha Edwards asked Jordynne Grace to be part of her Lockdown team. 

We got another vignette for Tenille Dashwood’s return. 

Gabbi Loren interviewed Chase Stevens. He talks about the (now postponed) TNA nostalgia show. Moose interrupted him in a glorious coat and said he didn’t know who Chase was, but he should know him. They brawled for a bit.

We got to the final episode of Gut Check. The finalists are “Shogun” Jackson Stone and Tyler Tirva. Some of the talent talked about their Gut Check experience in the past. We saw a match between the two, with Shogun taking the win. The match was cut to look awesome. “Shogun” Jackson Stone was the man to capture the Impact contract.

Jimmy Jacobs had a sit-down interview with Tessa Blanchard, askinh about Tessa’s reign and how it had been. She said she couldn’t put it into words because it’s a day-to-day run, dealing with Ace, Taya, and so on. Jacobs asked about her challenging both Elgin and Edwards at Rebellion, which Tessa said that she is not scared and she’ll take on everyone and that she won’t hide from two of the best in the world, then she will prove she is the deserving champion.

Joey Ryan came out with new attire, new theme, and a huge banner that said Cancel Culture, which is the team name for Ryan and RVD. Forbes was completely covered up.

Joey Ryan reintroduced himself as Joseph P. Ryan. He said they have extraordinary gifts. He says RVD is an innovator, Forbes has an amazing butt, and Ryan has a legendary penis. He said that they never asked for the fan’s opinions and thus they were objectified and thus they were taking it all away from the fans. Rob cut a promo on all those fans that talk trash about them showing too much skin and doing sexy antics.

Cancel Culture (Joseph P. Ryan & Rob Van Dam, with Katie Forbes) defeated The Deaners via pinfall

Jake easily took down Ryan with straight punches, a kneelift by Cody, and a lariat by Jake for an early near fall.

Cody was taken out with a jawbreaker by Ryan and a kick by RVD. He teased the Rolling Thunder, but didn’t deliver. Ryan then teased the dong-plex, but didn’t deliver either. All that stalling gave Cody the opening get that hot tag to Jake, earning a two count with a Scoop Slam.

The Deaners looked to hit the Giv’er Drop but Katie Forbes distracted them long enough for Ryan to hit the superkick on Jake, setting up the 5-Star Frog Splash by RVD for the win.

Gabbi Loren tried to interview Ken Shamrock about his announcement tonight. Ken just said that it was Impact’s management that called him in, so we’d all find out together.

Backstage, Ace Austin approached Willie Mack. Mack said he appreciated the help, but that he didn’t really need it. Ace said that he was impressed with Mack and Ace was interested in getting the tag team titles and he wanted to do it with him. Mack said that he only has one partner and that is Rivh Swann. Ace asked Mack if he was interested in being a champion, to which Mack agreed, so he was in next weeks’ X-Division No. 1 conterndership match.

Kiera Hogan defeated Lacey Ryan via pinfall

This was Hogan’s first match in a long time. Hogan jumped Lacey to start the match, but Lacey got a German on Hogan and a dropkick to get the upper hand. Lacey went for a springboard elbow, but Hogan dodged, hit a kick, and hit a version of a leg drop on the apron for a near fall.

Hogan worked over Ryan, choking her against the ropes. When she tried to chop her, Lacey came back with a chop of her own. Hogan countered a kick by Lacey and locked in some bodyscissors, transitioning into a sleeper. Lacey landed a heavy slap, a trio of big clotheslines, a springboard elbow. Lacey then hit a modified GTS for a near fall. 

Lacey went for a frog splash but Hogan moved away, escaped a German, and hit a swinging neckbreaker for the win.

Backstage, Su Yung picked up a letter from James MItchell. The letter said that Havok vs. Su Yung should happen in the Undead Realm so Rosemary wouldn’t interfere so they can put an end to this war.

Michael Elgin cut a promo introducing his team for Lethal Lockdown, trying to create some dissension between Eddie and Tessa. He added Taya Valkyrie to his team, in addition to The North. Full Team Canada vibes you love to see it.

Daga defeated Jake Crist via pinfall

The two lock up, then the two transition into a battle for wrist-control. Some mat wrestling occurs until Jake makes the ropes to escape. 

Jake Crist tried to throw strikes a Daga, but he countered with lucha-style wrestling. The two got into a fast-paced sequence with Jake scrambled to the ropes as soon as Daga locked in a submission. 

They ended up on the apron where Jake dropped Daga knee-first, then Jake blocked a tope suicida with a kick and hit a diving DDT to the floor.

Jake worked over Daga until the pair exchange kicks and clotheslines until both men are down. They exchanged forearms until Daga took control. He followed up with a dragon screw and a magistral cradle for a near fall. 

The two hit big moves until Daga hit a dragon suplex then hit Jake with Daga Driver for the win.

Backstage, security had supposedly found the hacker. They drag some dude outside. D’Amore is notified, but it turns out it was Ryan Cage, the minister. He was still taken out when he asked to see his brother. 

Josh Matthews introduced Ken Shamrock and talked about the now postponed TNA nostalgia show. Matthews talked about Shamrock vs. Fulton, which Ken said that he showed he still had a lot in the tank. The fans chanted for another match. 

Shamrock said that Impact management invited him here for something special. Josh Matthews thanked him for all he’s done for MMA and pro wrestling and officially announced that Ken Shamrock is being inducted to the Impact Wrestling Hall of Fame. 

They played a great video of Shamrock’s career. Thrn, the broadcast was interrupted by the hacker ICU. When the lights came back, Sami Callihan was in the ring and hit a fireball on Shamrock. He used his phone to turn the lights off and disappear. Doctors and referees checked on Shamrock as the show went off the air.


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