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Is CM Punk All In?

With CM Punk doing a meet and greet in Chicago the weekend of ‘All In’, Edd looks at the rumours, innuendo and possibilities of ‘The Best in The World’ making a pro wrestling return.

After great speculation regarding whether a ten thousand seater, self-financed event put together by Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks could sell out.

Tickets for the show as well as meet-and-greets were put on sale on May 13 and sold out in less than 30 minutes, despite Cody and The Young Bucks announcing only one match for the show. With the event reaching the goal of selling 10,000 tickets, it is set to become the first U.S. wrestling show outside of WWE to break 10,000 tickets sold since the now-defunct World Championship Wrestling and the first event outside “the big two” (WWE and WCW) to do this since 1993. The Sears Centre Arena in Chicago, Illinois has a capacity of 11,800 people and is considered “Sold out” There is no word on the exact number of tickets sold as of yet.

Curiosity and my love for one particular man is already getting the better of me and I’m hoping, I’m dreaming. Could CM Punk be ALL IN?

CM Punk is confirmed to be at a signing in Chicago on August 31st, 2018, 24 hours prior to ALL IN. Whilst the show itself is already sold out and with10,000 fans set to attend, I would bet they would be trying their best to have Punk rock up in some shape or form. Prior to the announcement of his signing in Chicago, CM Punk hasn’t been seen at a major wrestling promotion in 4 years, turning his focus to mixed martial arts in the UFC. The Young Bucks have already confirmed that if CM Punk ever had the itch for the squared circle again, they would be his first port of call and the first he would contact.


A Surprise Appearance

Punk needs no mention, especially in Chicago. His name will be chanted there without fail, every single time. CM Punk is a huge draw but ALL IN has already achieved it’s goal. I feel like Social Media has ruined a lot when you think about people returning or popping up nowadays. Nothing is kept secret anymore, or well enough. They don’t need to announce or advertise Punk for ALL IN if they DO have plans for him. They’ve already got the fans and if anything, having him appear as a surprise will only increase interest for fans in the future if they choose to run similar events in 2019.

It could be as easy as somebody cutting a promo, Cult of Personality hits as the “Best in the World” emerges and sends the fans into complete frenzy. The crowd would absolutely lose it. They could even put the icing on the cake and have Punk deliver a GTS to somebody. There’s your money’s worth.


Imagination Getting The Better Of Us?

Nothing is official. Nobody has come out and said that we are definitely going to be seeing CM Punk at ALL IN so maybe we’re looking at everything with rose-tinted glasses? I’m led to believe that he is completely done with all aspects of professional wrestling. He’s very keen, determined and driven to do well in his mixed martial arts career in the UFC and doesn’t even seem to speak about wrestling anymore. His exit from WWE was toxic and it’s no secret, Punk is one bitter man. I wouldn’t be surprised if we never see him in any promotion again. His fans won’t ever really accept this. An appearance at Pro Wrestling Tees is never going to be enough, it’s the ultimate tease. Fans will always be desperate and hoping for more.


An impromptu match

Despite chasing the limelight for so many years in the WWE on his crusade to dethroning John Cena, CM Punk probably wouldn’t want any fuss or overexposure than absolutely necessary. He actually stated that he would rather be the first fight on the Fight Pass prelims as opposed to being on the main card of UFC 225. Punk would absolutely drink it in though and rightly so. He is an exceptional talent and I think he made a big mistake retiring because of his history with WWE. Punk will always love wrestling. They don’t need to do anything majorly time consuming with him. Punk could work a match with somebody like Flip Gordon or Hangman Page and if it was indeed his last ever bout in professional wrestling, he could even put them over.



The thought of this is mind blowing. I shouldn’t even dream of something like this because we’re all going to be disappointed but lets dream, just for a bit!

ALL IN is going to be great on so many levels but a match like this would go down in history. It’s the stuff of legends. Kenny Omega/Chris Jericho was incredible. Imagine Punk/Omega. You could bill it as “Best in the World vs Best in the World” because Omega really is that. I think we’re to expect Omega/Okada and whilst that would be fantastic too. It’s the thought of Punk coming back and going straight after Omega. Both wrestlers are electric. Unreal on the mic and they would both go to unthinkable lengths to make it the match of their lives.


The Voice of the Bullet Club

Bullet Club are easily the most popular faction right now and probably the most popular in the last decade or so. The Shield were really great but I don’t think they even scratched the surface when it comes to Bullet Club.

We have seen different leaderships and the group continues to grow, both in numbers and stature. They are widely compared to the New World Order. I was a really big fan of CM Punk as the leader of The Nexus in WWE. I look at Bullet Club at the minute and whilst I think Cody has done so much better than I expected and has become so much more likeable. It just feels that something is a bit off. It would be an unbelievable move to have CM Punk unveiled as the new leader of the Bullet Club. Fans wouldn’t even be able to comprehend it and it would elevate Punk and Bullet Club in a way that nothing else could.


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