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New WWE Network survey hints at GFW/ROH/PROGRESS being added

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A new WWE Network survey sent out to subscribers this week seriously hints at the possibility of a higher tier pricing structure, including mentions of adding GFW, ROH and PROGRESS footage as part of a “premium” price plan.

The surveys, sent out every few months or so, regularly gauge fan interest for new features to the Network, new programming ideas and generally acquire feedback from fans as to how they are enjoying and using the subscription service.

In this iteration, fans were asked to detail their interest from “Extremely Interested” to “Not At All Interested” on a vast array of topics, including what is sure to get fans talking – adding Global Force Wrestling (GFW), Ring of Honor (ROH) and PROGRESS Wrestling footage.

It has long been rumoured that WWE is interested in adding independent promotions to their library, and speculation regarding UK promotions PROGRESS and Insane Championship Wrestling (ICW) has been rife for the past year.

It’s not known if this WWE Network survey is an indication that WWE is taking such steps, however, given the wording of the question, it stands to reason that this is definitely something WWE is interested in.

Other questions on the survey included asking fans’ opinion on new reality shows, original scripted dramas, and a WWE “Director’s Cut”. Specifically mentioned in the questioning were a “WWE cribs” style show, as well as Legends House Season 2 (long requested by fans) and a WWE-style “Apprentice” show. There were also strong hints at more Southpaw Regional Wrestling, a WWE version of Game of Thrones, and alternative commentary on Pay-Per-Views from WWE stars involved.

The possibility of airing house shows, one-off special events and a new “TV-14 in ring show” was brought up, specifically referring to a “new” weekly version of ECW or other new “edgy” programming.

Furthermore, subscribers were asked to give their thoughts on improvements to the WWE Network service itself, including custom playlists, VR and Augmented Reality, alternative camera angles and offline downloading – a system that has been in huge demand since the Network launched in 2014.

These surveys are by no means a definitive way of predicting what WWE intends to include in the future, but if past history is anything to go by, they will definitely be interested in what the results are.

Editors note:

Personally, I think Legends House Season 2 would be fantastic, as would the inclusion of ROH, ICW, PROGRESS and GFW (especially with the rumours that Anthem is again willing to listen to offers).

More Southpaw is definitely something I could get behind, and being able to watch future shows with a “select a seat” or alternative camera angles would be a feature I would definitely use.

Let us know in the comments what you think, and what you think WWE should add to the Network.


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