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NWA Carnyland – May 19 2020

Matty Deller tells you what went down on the debut episode of NWA Carnyland.

It’s time to delve into uncharted territories as we go, for the first time, into Carnyland.

We open with Eddie Kingston, who talks about missing in-ring competition but not for the money but for their respectively legacies and entertaining the fans. A powerful introduction for the show.

We get a Twin Peaks-style introduction as Joe Galli starts to introduce the show, but only to be interrupted by the voice of Stu Bennett. Who declares himself the narrator (also says that they couldn’t afford his on-screen fee).

We then hear a story from NWA World Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis, who tells a story of a carny promoter who didn’t pay for his hotel, and him being pulled over by the cops. It was somewhat entertaining.

Allisyn Kay then cuts a literal stereotypical promo, going through every single trope of a heel promo. So meta, but really funny.

We then see Joe Galli on a couch, who is having an existential crisis about being made to disappear. We then see that Eli Drake will be having his own show called ‘The Eli Drake Show’ coming soon.

Tim Storm then gives us a history lesson on Benjamin Franklin, and the lesser known facts about him including his paper of flatulence and his love of mistresses.

Dave Marquez then tries to sell a carny translator, exposing the harsh facts about what people in wrestling really mean. The podcaster quip was accurate. Jocephus then tries to sell a ‘how to win a championship’ book.

We then see another promo, this time for a Nick Aldis show called ‘Whats Causin Aldis’.

Aron Stevens then brings up episode one of ‘Unmasking Mongrovia’ where we learn about the glass-like oceans and Mount St. Question. Very informative.

We then see ‘Entice Zicky Dice’, where Zicky Dice tries to win a date with a lady that looks remarkably like someone who works for Inside The Ropes. Fiona reveals that Zicky is married, who calls kayfabe and brings an end to proceedings.

Joe Galli and Stu Bennett then round off the show, showing a schedule of all the content NWA will be producing every weekday.


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