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NXT Matches We’d Like The Grizzled Young Veterans To Have

Tom Walton looks at some potential opponents for the soon-to-be NXT roster members, James Drake and Zack Gibson.

For a long time, NXT’s Tag Team division has been, for lack of a better word, barren. 

With Raw and Smackdown consistently calling up teams such as the Viking Raiders and the Street Profits, the Undisputed Era and more recently the Broserweights have been left to carry the brand on their shoulders.

(I’m sure there was another but I’ve ‘Forgotten’ who they are). 

With their excellent showing throughout the Dusty Rhodes Classic and, following frequent appearances on NXT, Zack Gibson and James Drake, collectively known as the Grizzled Young Veterans have staked their claim to be a tag team attraction for the brand.  With their expertise in the field and their mic skills up there with the best heels in the business, who are we going to want to see GYV face off against? On a side note, due to the lack of teams currently on the brand, some will be included as dream matches with teams moving across to NXT for the matches.

Our first team comes in the form of perennial challengers-but-never-champions, Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan.  With the hard-hitting, no-nonsense styles of the wrestlers in question, this could be looked at as the ‘gate-keeper’ feud to get GYV started on the Black and Gold brand. We could see this as a good stop-gap for GYV to transfer to the American audience.  Burch and Lorcan are familiar to the audience due to the feuds with UE, plus the teams will be somewhat familiar with each other due to their battles on NXT UK. We know that GYV would win this feud, as the others aren’t thought of as a proper challenge in the division anymore, but would that matter? This feud would serve the purpose and cement GYV’s place on the roster and make them look like the tag team to watch out for.

I truly believe that the Undisputed Era’s days on NXT are numbered and soon they will be moved to Raw or Smackdown.  That being said, this could be the final feud we see for UE before moving on. This could be looked at as the passing of the torch as the number one heel tag team on the brand. This could be set up as a number one contenders match to face the champions and the antics of both teams would be magical. We know the wrestling would be brilliant, but the promo battles between the two would set Full Sail on fire.  Shoes off if you hate Gibson? Sure, just give Kyle O’Riley time to undo his boots and rock the shit out of the air guitar! There’s also the little fact that GYV did not get the clean victory during the Dusty Classic and UE will want to avenge that loss.

Here is one of my dream picks.  We all agree that Dawson and Wilder, better known as The Revival, have been manically missed used on Raw and Smackdown since they were (at the time) moved up.  When they were in NXT though, they were kings. Now I understand that the two teams would be facing up as heels, but if The Revival were to make the step across then it would be as returning heroes.  We could have GYV as the all-conquering villians, bastardising the lack of talent in NXT. The music hits, The Revival come out to confront them and we have a match up with two of the best teams to come out of either brand.  The dynamic within the match could offer some interesting results due to Dawson & Dawson is the stuff of dreams.

We come to the current NXT Tag Team Champions, The Broserweights. The picture paints itself as the rematch of the final of the Dusty Rhodes Classic.  The first time around GYV were facing an unknown force but now with months of scouting, they will feel as if they can get one over on the newly formed team.  The pairing of Pete Dunne and Matt Riddle has led to some fantastic tandem offence many didn’t expect so soon, so the work we can expect from this second match up could easily outshine the first outing.  Let’s not forget the promo battles between the two. With the freedom to have creativity on the microphone, we could get some of the funniest promo battles we’ve witnessed on NXT in years. I know GYV aren’t known for their silliest, but anyone from the British scene can attest for their comedic chops.  Who can forget them dressing up as Veterinarians for Attack Pro Wrestling?

What do you think?  Are there any other teams you can think of that can provide a stimulating match-up for Gibson and Drake?  Do you want them to dress up once more as veterinarians to take on certain members of the Fashion Police? What about more returning teams such as the Street Profits or the Authors of Pain? All I can say is that if they continue on the trajectory they are on, it won’t be long until they are SOOOON recognized as NXT, or even WWE’s number one.

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