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NXT UK Results – February 13th, 2020

Matty Deller runs down the results from tonight’s episode of NXT UK.


Aoife Valkryie defeated Amale via pinfall

This was Valkryie’s NXT UK debut and this is quite the departure from her persona on the independent scene. She started off strong outwrestling her French opponent with some side headlocks and a roll-up. Amale buried a knee to take control briefly, but a pair of back elbows, one from the middle rope put her back into control. Valkryie fired off a host of kicks to extend her dominance, hitting a big spinning wheel kick and an axe kick from the top rope for the win.

Radzi talks to Travis Banks about his loss at Worlds Collide, but he is interrupted by Alexander Wolfe who brags about the might of Imperium. Banks retorts asking what it’s like to ride WALTER’s coattails, to which Wolfe says to watch his step.

Bomber Dave Mastfiff defeated Saxon Huxley via pinfall

Saxon Huxley got a few shots in early, but this was only going one way. Some brutal chops put Mastiff back in firm control. Huxley wasn’t folding that easily, working the mid-section, only to be met with a body attack and a senton splash and a sitting senton, a la WALTER. Mastiff then hit Into The Void and picked up the comprehensive victory.

Dave Mastiff then did WALTER’s pose, to send a message to the NXT UK Champion.

We then see Toni Storm, who is asked about Kay Lee Ray’s offer of an I Quit match. She tells NXT GM Johnny Saint and Sid Scala she wants this match, despite Scala’s protests. Storm signs the contract.

We are joined by Grizzled Young Veterans, James Drake and Zack Gibson. Gibson runs through his usual spiel and talks about becoming the best tag team in the world. They bemoan their title opportunities and the impact they made in the Dusty Rhodes Classic. They praise NXT GM William Regal, Blackpool,Liverpool and themselves, whilst putting down York (where NXT is being held). They declare York is like The Hunt, irrelevant and asks everyone to take photos because their presence is worth the price of admission alone. It was great, because it was a Zack Gibson promo.

Radzi is then out schilling NXT UK, but is interrupted by Joseph Conners who asks where he is. He said he beat Tyler Bate’s protege A-Kid, and he’ll beat Tyler Bate next week because he is worthy.

Joe Coffey defeated Amir Jordan via pinfall

Joe Coffey completely overpowered Amir Jordan from the start with a big belly-to-belly suplex and a wheelbarrow facebuster. Coffey works the arm of Jordan. Jordan gets a brief spurt of offence, but one Glasgow Sendoff and a spinning lariat later, Joe Coffey gets the win.

Joe Coffey then threatens Ilja Dragunov saying he is about to get his world smashed up. Coffey says Ilja has a debt, and payment is due. He then runs down Gallus’ opponents tonight, Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch.

Gallus (Mark Coffey & Wolfgang) defeated Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan via pinfall

Gallus work over Danny Burch to begin proceedings, keeping him in their corner and working him off with double team moves. Oney Lorcan gets the tag in and Burch and Lorcan get back into things, working over Mark Coffey with a wishbone double team. Wolfgang gets back in and Gallus retake control and the two teams go and back and forth. Danny Burch tags Lorcan back in and Oney runs wild briefly, but Wolfgang crushes him with a corner splash. Gallus work over Lorcan until Wolfgang misses a moonsault, allowing Danny Burch to get the tag and run wild. These team through big move after big move at eachother, Gallus coming close to losing when they were locked in a crossface and single-leg crab simultaneously. Wolfgang spears Lorcan to the outside and then Gallus hit Burch with their kick/powerslam combination for the win.

Post-match, Ilja Dragunov storms to the ring and the two brawl until Coffey gets the better of him and all three lay a beat down on them, standing tall.


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