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NXT UK Results – February 27, 2020

Matty Deller runs down the results from tonight’s episode of NXT UK.

The war between Kay Lee Ray and Toni Storm comes to a head with one phrase; I Quit.

The Grizzled Young Veterans defeated The Hunt via pinfall

The Hunt started out strong, working over James Drake. Zack Gibson tagged in and GYV took control, with them isolating Wild Boar. Boar fought his way out of a cobra clutch and tagged in Primate, who ran wild.

Drake and Gibson got a brief comeback, but Primate ducked out of a doomsday device attempt and hit a few suplexes. The Hunt hit a pair of german suplexes and looked in firm control, but Gibson pulled Boar out of the ring and GYV hit Ticket to Mayhem on Primate for the win.

Kassius Ohno defeated Jack Starz via submission

Kassius Ohno worked over Starz arm early on, but Starz came back hitting a suplex and even getting a near fall off of a roll-up. Starz got some offence but eventually, Ohno overwhelmed him, forcing him to tap with the Kassius Clutch.

Backstage, Radzi interviewed Isla Dawn backstage, who spoke about facing Aoife Valkyrie next week.

We then saw a video from the WWE UK Performance Centre where Travis Banks challenged Alexander Wolfe for next week.

A-Kid defeated Brian Kendrick via pinfall

A-Kid worked over Kendrick early on, forcing the veteran to head outside. A-Kid worked him over until Kendrick twisted his arm and then snapped his neck off the top rope. Kendrick began to work over A-Kid’s neck and arm, but A-Kid fought out and hit all of his big moves including a lovely moonsault off the ring steps.

Kendrick fought back by knocking A-Kid off the ropes, following up with a top-rope butterfly suplex. Kendrick went for the Captain’s Hook, but A-Kid escaped and hit a beautiful springboard moonsault DDT for the win.

Dave Mastiff spoke about facing WALTER for the NXT UK championship next week, saying he was nothing like WALTER, who he said stood for greed and want and said he needed this match.

NXT Women’s Title, I Quit Match: Champion Kay Lee Ray defeated Toni Storm to retain her title

Storm and KLR went at it from the top, throwing big strikes at each other. Toni got the upper hand, slamming KLR’s head into the ring post and take control with a middle-rope german suplex. Toni locked in an STF, but Kay Lee Ray got to the ropes. However, since there are no disqualifications Toni kicked herself away from the ropes, before letting go.

KLR hit a big tornado DDT and bent Storm’s neck over the top rope, but Storm would not quit. The pair both exchanged submissions, and Toni then hit a splash from the middle rope through the table.

Storm looked in firm control, but the champion hit a draping DDT off the ring apron to the floor. KLR then got some tape and taped Storm’s hands behing her back. Kay Lee Ray tried to take Toni’s head off with a chair, but Storm fought back with a headbutt. However, it was a false dawn as Kay Lee Ray trapped Toni’s head in a chair and hit a vicious superkick.

As a concerned Johnny Saint, Sid Scala and Piper Niven looked on, KLR brutally assaulted Storm with a chair before going to the top rope and teased jumping onto the chair once more, forcing Storm to quit.

Niven and officials tended to Toni as the show went off the air. 


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