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Potential Feuds For Karrion Kross

Shalene Hixon looks at potential feuds going forward for new NXT signing Karrion Kross.

The wait is finally over; Karrion Kross is officially in NXT.

Formerly known as Killer Kross, the Las Vegas native signed with WWE on February 4th of this year. In the weeks following, numerous video packages aired during NXT episodes that hinted at his arrival.

Last week, Kross and seemingly his real-life girlfriend, Scarlett Bordeaux, attacked Tommaso Ciampa, marking their official on-screen debuts with NXT.

Now that he’s on the black-and-yellow brand, he’s going to have plenty of top-notch competition to go up against. Let’s look at several potential feuds for Kross in the early stages of his WWE career.

Tommaso Ciampa

Starting things off is the most obvious choice, the Blackheart himself.

Kross attacking Ciampa last week is a clear sign that this is going to be his first feud in NXT. This is probably the best direction to go; Ciampa is certainly looking to rebound after his loss to Johnny Gargano, while Kross is looking to establish himself as a legitimate competitor.

In this case, having Ciampa lose this feud really wouldn’t hurt him. He’s been one of the top stars for a while, and it wouldn’t surprise me if he heads over to RAW or SmackDown soon. He’s already unsuccessfully challenged for the NXT Championship, and having him go after the North American Championship doesn’t make any sense at this point.

If that’s how this ends up going, it’ll put Kross on the map right away. Him beating someone like Ciampa is way more impactful than if he was put into god knows how many squash matches.

Both men are no nonsense and hard-hitting inside the ring, so I can almost guarantee they will not disappoint. One thing’s for certain: their matches won’t be for the faint of heart.

Johnny Gargano

Up next is a feud that was hinted at before Kross targeted Ciampa.

After Gargano defeated Ciampa a few weeks ago, him and his wife, Candice LeRae, left the building and put their pasts behind them. But fans were quick to notice Kross and Bordeaux watching the pair from a car in the parking lot. It looked like they were scouting them from afar, which doesn’t bode well for Johnny and Candice Wrestling.

Once Kross is done dealing with Ciampa, it would make sense to go after Gargano and possibly LeRae. They probably feel like they are the one true power couple in NXT right now, but Kross and Bordeaux might have something to say about that.

This kind of feud could benefit everyone involved; while Kross and Gargano would certainly take center stage, Bordeaux and LeRae could get some time to shine as well. Having a feud of their own materialize is a better use of both their talents instead of just watching their significant others from the sidelines.

Much like a feud with Ciampa, Kross feuding with Gargano could produce some high-quality matches. What better way to kick off his NXT career than by knocking off two of the brand’s top stars?

Dominik Dijakovic

Then we feast our eyes on the big man from Lunenburg, Massachusetts.

Dijakovic has quickly become a prominent star in NXT thanks to his showings against Keith Lee and Damian Priest. He possesses the mix of brute strength and agility that few men his size have.

If NXT doesn’t want Kross to go over another big name after Ciampa, Dijakovic is a pretty good option. We haven’t seen him since he wrestled Lee and Priest for the North American Championship back on April 1st, so he’ll be looking for some new competition. That and he isn’t going after the NXT Championship any time soon.

It’s clear that Dijakovic can hold his own when the lights are brightest, and time will tell if Kross can do the same. But seeing these two go at it has “entertaining” written all over it. If this feud doesn’t happen right away, I just hope we can see it at some point down the line.

Tyler Breeze

Finally, we come to one of the founding fathers of NXT.

Returning to the black-and-yellow brand has helped breathe new life into Breeze’s career. He’s consistently put on solid matches with a variety of superstars, including Isaiah “Swerve” Scott, Lio Rush, and Angel Garza.

He most recently feuded with Austin Theory, picking up a win against him on March 25th. But Theory’s move to RAW ensured that no follow up would happen. So, Breeze is now without anyone on NXT to feud with.

Maybe putting him against Kross is the way to go. Breeze knows how to make his opponents look like a million bucks, which is something Kross will benefit from. It’s a safe but effective feud that is always a good option for talent coming into NXT.

Regardless of who Kross faces, it’s going to be fun seeing what he can do once he steps foot inside an NXT ring.

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