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Predicting WrestleMania 36

Peter Barnes gets out his crystal ball and predicts what will happen next week at WrestleMania 36.

On the back of a great Showcase of the Immortals, it seems like there’s no better time to start looking forward to next year’s iteration

I know it is said that betting is a fool’s sport, and I guess the same accusation can be levelled against predicting too. It is the sport of fools and yet here I am. I shall let you draw your own conclusions, dear reader. Without further ado, here are the 5 predictions that I have for Mania 36.

1. Finn Bálor to be Fighting for the Universal Championship vs. Seth Rollins

The story almost writes itself but just for the benefit of those who don’t know, in Finn’s first pay-per-view, he challenged for and won the Universal title against Seth. In the process, he had his shoulder dislocated via bucklebomb from Seth and had to relinquish the title the next night. Between now and next year, I can see Seth keeping the title throughout, or maybe he loses it and regains it later. Either way the narrative I predict will be written is Finn challenging for the title he never lost against the man who injured him. He doesn’t necessarily have to win, as losing would tie the competitors at one big win a piece. Then they could have a third match at Hell in a Cell 2020 to finally settle who is the best out of the two.

2. John Cena To Retire

I literally predicted this last year in an article, so it makes sense for me to stay consistent. Who better to compete against Cena in his final match than Elias. At the past two Manias John has beat Elias down either physically or verbally. What a great moment for Elias it would be to take on John Cena and force him into retirement. Maybe if Elias ends up taking the WWE Title, they could have a career vs title match so John would have a chance to be able to add to his many world titles, currently at 16 – tied with Ric Flair.

Part of me thinks we could see it going even more complex, John takes on whoever has the title at that point and says, “I’ll put my career against that title. If I lose the match, I retire. Otherwise I keep my career as long as I have the title”. He’ll win because he deserves the great accolade of having the outright most world titls. Then as revenge for the previous years, Elias (who by quirk of fate has won Money in the Bank) cashes in and beats him, ensuring John’s retirement and a shocking WrestleMania moment.

3. Session Moth to Grind on Vincent Kennedy McMahon and Ask Whether it’s “Bants”

This will become the modern day equivalent of Shrödinger’s Cat. No one will know whether it’s bants or not to grind on Vince. Nevertheless, the level of gumption required to grind on Vince will persuade him to sign her to an NXT contract after she’s already won the 2019 CZW Tournament of Death to cap off a crazy 12 months for the Moth. She’ll be over the moon with the contract as she’ll be able to support her (by now) 120 kids and Millie McKenzie.

4. Kairi Sane to use the Pirate Ship in the Raymond James Stadium

The pirate princess absolutely has to use the pirate ship otherwise what’s the point in anything anymore?! My vision for this would be to incorporate it into her entrance for her match against the SmackDown Women’s Champion, Lacey Evans. They worked well as opponents in NXT so they can work well here on a much bigger stage.

5. Aleister Black will be feuding with Ricochet and the two of them will have a WrestleMania match

Don’t get me wrong, these two work as a team, for now, but they belong as singles stars. The best way for me to get them to be singles wrestlers would be to start them having a clash of personalities – Ricochet being happy-go-lucky even in defeat and Aleister not being so chipper, which would cause conflict. They could then break up after another loss following a series of defeats. This would cause Aleister to reach the limits of his frustration and act with fury. A beat down from Aleister Black would ensue. The culmination of this would be him shouting “stop. being. so. happy.”, as he stomps on Ricochet’s face. They would have a couple of matches with no conclusive result or satisfactory ending until it gets to Mania and they would have a best 2 out of 3 falls match. I’m not sure who would win apart from wrestling fans in general.

Those are my predictions. I’m aware they range from the ridiculous to the sublime but I can’t wait to re-read this article in a years time to see how right (or wrong) I was.


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