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PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 62 ‘Fear No More, Come To Dust’ Results

Read the results of PROGRESS’ first show back at the Ballroom this year; Chapter 62: Fear No More, Come To Dust.

Photos © PROGRESS Wrestling

PROGRESS held it’s first show back at it’s spiritual home of the Electric Ballroom in Camden this year, and the table was set for the next twelve months to come.

The South Pacific Power Trip went to head to head at Travis Banks beat TK Cooper to retain the PROGRESS World Championship, following the a Slice of Heaven/Kiwi Crusher combination. Things might have been different if it wasn’t for the appearance of Banks’ friend Chris Brookes. Brookes stopped TK potentially hitting Banks with the title belt, then pulled the referee out when Cooper had Banks in Brookes’ patented octopus stretch. Post-match, the three got into an almighty pull apart brawl, which may have seen both alliances broken all over the need to be champion.

We had two other friends up against one another as Walter beat fellow Ring Kampf member Timothy Thatcher with a vicious tigerbomb to keep hold of his PROGRESS Atlas Championship. These two men beat the holy hell out of one another, with Thatcher’s chest bleeding from vicious chops and Walter’s hand severely damaged from repeated beatings from Thatcher. The two men embraced post-match, showing that even after brutal combat, their team stands strong.

Our third title match saw Toni Storm keep her PROGRESS Women’s Title, beating Jinny‘s handpicked opponent, Chakara. Storm was meant to face Jinny and then Millie McKenzie, but both were ruled out due to injury. Storm put away Chakara with a vicious piledriver, but Toni herself was put down by Nina Samuels, who appears to have joined forces with Jinny and Chakara.

Chris Ridgeway advanced in the Natural Progession Series with a victory over a game Omari, who he forced to submit via rear naked choke in a highly competitive match up.

Also, the issues between Mark Andrews and Eddie Dennis are far from over, as Dennis berated his former partner both before and after his loss alongside Danny Jones, to Jimmy Havoc and Mark Haskins via a distraction from Vicky Haskins, and then a kick/Rainmaker combination on Jones. Vicky also had a hand in Flash Morgan Webster‘s victory over Doug Williams, also providing the distraction, leading to Webster forcing Williams to tap out.

Our final two matches saw Zack Sabre Jr. won a three way match against Chris Brookes and a pre-occupied Trent Seven, who seemed rather worried about trying to catch a plane to another event, it seems. Also, Roy Johnson beat Pastor William Eaver in a match which a saw a scary moment when Eavor mis-timed a dive and landed badly. He was able to move under his own power, and TWM wishes him a speedy recovery.


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