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PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 72 ‘Got Got Need’ Results – Natural Progression Series Winner Decided

Find out who came out on top in the Natural Progression Series Final at PROGRESS Wrestling’s Chapter 72; ‘Got Got Need’.

It was a night to look to the future as PROGRESS crowned it’s fourth Natural Progression Series champion.

Inside of a packed Electric Ballroom in Camden, Mark Davis capture the N.P.S trophy, beating Chris Ridgeway in a hard-hittting battle with a pair of piledrivers to secure the win. Now Davis, one half of Aussie Open will have a future title opportunity of his choosing and will also get to choose the first participant of the 2019 tournament.

One tournament winner was not so lucky as winner of the PROGRESS World Cup Chuck Mambo was robbed of the PROGRESS Title against Travis Banks. Thanks to interference from TK Cooper and a vicious chair shot from Banks. Banks held onto his gold with a Kiwi Crusher on a bloody and battered Mambo.

However, the match that stole the show was a match of the year candidate between Will Ospreay and Jordan Devlin. Ospreay got the win in an unreal contest with the Stormbreaker. However, post-match a message was sent to his Wembley opponent Jimmy Havoc, when he brutalized several ring crew members until former friend and foe Paul Robinson came out to chase him to the back.

There was more messages sent ahead of Wembley, this time between WWE United Kingdom Champion Pete Dunne and Ilja Dragunov. Following a six-man tag match between Dunne, Tyler Bate and Trent Seven against The Besties In The World (Davey Vega and Mat Fitchett) and a debuting Josh Alexander that can only be described as ‘British Strong Style dicking around’, WxW C.E.O Christian Michael Jakobi came to the ring to verbally berate Dunne, called him overrated and slapped him, leading ‘The Bruiserweight’ to chase him out of the building. B.S.S won the contest when Trent Seven hit a burning hammer on Alexander.

This night also saw the PROGRESS in-ring return of CCK, as Chris Brookes and Kid Lykos kicked off their Thunderbastard Tag Team Series campaign with a win, beating Maverick Mayhew and Connor Mills with a Lykos Brainbuster and Brookes’ Luther Vandross Driver.

Doug Williams held onto his PROGRESS Atlas Title in a great opener against Michael Dante, polishing Dante off with a Bomb Scare Knee Drop and alsi Laura Di Matteo continued her dominance over The Haus of Couture, beating Charlie Morgan with a roll-up.

Finally, Eddie Dennis made a shock arrival and announced he is now cleared to wrestle again and demanded his match with Mark Andrews sooner rather than later.


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