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PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 73 ‘Fourth Shade Of Green’ Results – Major Shake-Up In The Thunderbastard Series

Find out all the big stories from Birmingham in PROGRESS Wrestling’s latest show, Chapter 73 – ‘Fourth Shade of Green’

PROGRESS headed to Birmingham and those in attendance have seemingly left with more questions than answers.

In the main event, Jimmy Havoc‘s downward spiral now his match with Will Ospreay is off the cards continues as he lost another match, this time aganst Drew Parker in a no disqualification match, when Parker polished him off with a 450 splash. the real story happened after the bell, as Parker got on the microphone and said he is not happy beating ‘an embarressment’ and asked Jimmy to bludgeon him with an axe so he can find his killer edge. Before this horrific scene could take shape, Paul Robinson came out and shouted down both men – in very much the same way he did to Ospreay at the previous chapter.

The Thunderbastard Tag Team Series has been thrown into utter disarray following Mark Haskins and Flash Morgan Webster‘s win over Sexy Starr. Following Haskins’ submission victory over Jack Sexsmith via Sharpshooter, Webster got onto the microphone and opted to finally explain why he sided with the Haskins family. He said that how Mark and Vicky have been by his side the whole time and he was going to stand by his best friend his mentor. Just then, Wild Boar came through the crowd and dropped Haskins with the Trapper Keeper. Morgan then announced that he has sided with his true brother, and The 198 will be going for the PROGRESS Tag Titles at Wembley Arena.

The war between Eddie Dennis and Mark Andrews continues to rage on, making it’s way through Birmingham for the first time since Dennis was cleared to wrestle. It appeared to be all fine at first, with Andrews picking up a victory in the opening contest against El Phantasmo with the shooting star press. Later on in the night, Eddie Dennis had no interest in facing one of Andrews’ proteges in Danny Jones, battering him with the microphone to get himself disqualified. He beat down Jones, stating that he will only wrestle Mark Andrews – and he got what he wanted as Mark dove from the stage onto Eddie to make the save! Ringcrew quickly seperated the two but it is as clear as day that these two will only settle this one on one.

PROGRESS Champion Travis Banks also had no interest in regards to in-ring competition, walking out of his match when things were getting just a little bit tough again, this time against Tyler Bate. This has had consequences however as Jim Smallman made an announcment regarding his match with WALTER at ‘Mid Week Matters’.

Speaking of championships and the South Pacific Power Trip, TK Cooper is your new number one contender for the PROGRESS Atlas Title, beating Rob Lynch with a top rope avalanche driver.

Former PROGRESS Women’s Champion Toni Storm made her return since losing the belt, beating a debuting Killer Kelly with the Strong Zero.

Finally, WWE United Kingdom Champion Pete Dunne and Trent Seven beat ‘The Kings of The North’ when Seven pinned Bonesaw to get the win for his team.


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