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PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 75 ‘These Violent Delights Have Violent Ends’ Results – Havoc and Ospreay Face Off One Last Time

Ospreay vs Havoc. The feud that defined a promotion had it’s final encounter as PROGRESS hosted Chapter 75; ‘These Violent Delights Have Violent Ends’ – the final chapter before Wembley Arena.

PROGRESS rocked Camden Town for the final time before heading to Wembley, and the score was finally settled between The Aerial Assassin and The King Of The Goths – but it seems there is another grudge to settled that many had forgotten about.

Will Ospreay got the best of his biggest rival Jimmy Havoc in a two out of three falls match that was arguably the most violent match in PROGRESS history. After Jimmy Havoc had taken the lead with a Rainmaker then Ospreay tied things up with a backslide, guest referee Paul Robinson seemingly was calling things down the middle. Then, after Jimmy Havoc had driven Ospreay with a Rainmaker into some thumbtacks Robinson then curb stomped Havoc into the tacks as well! This laid the table for Ospreay as he hit the Stormbreaker for the win and to deny Havoc his shot at the title at Wembley Arena.

Post-match, Robinson declared that everyone was talking about these two when in reality “I am the one. That put an end to Jimmy Fucking Havoc.” He then made a challenge to Jimmy Havoc at Wembley, which Havoc duely accepted.

The main event has also been set as Tyler Bate saw off Mark Haskins in what essentially was a play-off in the ‘Three and In’ series. With both men at two wins apiece, Haskins and Bate knew that a win would see them heading towards the PROGRESS Title. In a hotly contested match, Tyler Bate countered Haskins’ sharpshooter into the Tyler Driver 97 for the win, and now the ‘Big Strong Boi’ will got head-to-head with WALTER for the PROGRESS Championship.

Speaking of champions, we had a golden tag team contest as PROGRESS World Champion WALTER and Atlas Division Champion Doug Williams saw off WWE United Kingdom Champion Pete Dunne and Williams’ number one contender Trent Seven when WALTER tapped out Seven. However, more Wembley match-ups came face to face as Christian Michael Jakobi made an appearance, bringing Ilja Dragunov in tow who laid out ‘The Bruiserweight’ ahead of their battle for top dog in European wrestling.

Another HUGE match was made for ‘Hello Wembley’ as Mark Andrews and Eddie Dennis came to blows once more. Mark called out Eddie, only for Eddie to state that he will make the decision where these two former friends face off. After some harsh words and fists were thrown Dennis changed his mind and declared they will fight at Wembley Arena but only under one stipulation – tables, ladders and chairs.

The PROGRESS Womens Division is in a little bit of limbo right now as PROGRESS Women’s Champion Jinny does not know if she will face one or two opponents for her title. With an eight woman tag expected, it was revealed that Nina Samuels and number one contender Toni Storm were injured, with no set timeline for full recovery. So, PROGRESS co-owner Jim Smallman declared that Jinny step aside and the remaining five women fight in a scramble match with the winner guaranteed a title shot at PROGRESS’ biggest show. Millie McKenzie saw off Charlie Morgan, Chakara, Laura Di Matteo and Candyfloss with a german suplex to earn her spot to face the ‘Queen’ for the Women’s Championship.

Finally, we had two more matches in the Tag Team Thunderbastard Series as former PROGRESS Tag Team Champions Grizzled Young Veterans squeaked by Maverick Mayhew and Connor Mills and the newly formed team of CC-Kampf (Timothy Thatcher replacing the injured Kid Lykos) beat Aussie Open by submission to both get two points going into the Germany tour.



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