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PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 76 ‘Hello Wembley’ Results – Europe’s Biggest Ever Wrestling Show Rocks Wembley

Check out the results for PROGRESS’ biggest show in their history, with WALTER and Tyler Bate, Jimmy Havoc and Paul Robinson as well as Eddie Dennis and Mark Andrews go head to head as the British independent wrestling scene says ‘Hello Wembley’.

Photos © Mike Mears, Christopher Brockbank, PROGRESS Wrestling

They started from the bottom, now they are here. PROGRESS held their biggest showed ever inside of the historic Wembley Arena on a night of celebration, commiseration and glory.

In the main event, WALTER held on to his PROGRESS World Championship, defeated Tyler Bate in a colossal contest between the two. Both men gave everything they got, including WALTER kicking out of a Tyler Driver and Bate survive several sleeper hold attempts, only for the champ to keep his gold with a sit-out piledriver.

‘The Ring General has a long line of contenders to his belt, and you can add Eddie Dennis to that last after he won a brutal tables, ladders and chairs match against Mark Andrews. After a series of brutal moves off a ladder that left the crowd speechless, Dennis ended the war with a Next Stop Driver off a 20-foot ladder through a table. Dennis then climbed the ladder to retrieve the contract that lets him challenge for the PROGRESS World Title at any time.

We also said farewell to a legend, as Doug Williams wrestled his last match in his illustrious career. He lost his PROGRESS Atlas Division Title to Trent Seven, which means he also has to retire. This match was a war, with both men kicking out of eachothers signature moves. Trent Seven managed to surprise Williams with a big cross body to nab the win and the gold. Post-match, Doug Williams received a standing ovation from the entire Wembley crowd and the roster of PROGRESS who congregated on the stage. A fitting farewell for an icon of British Professional Wrestling.

Another person who said farewell but for different reasons was Matt Riddle, who wrestled his last independent wrestling match before heading for NXT. He faced and was defeated by Mark Haskins in a very stiff, strong style battle when Haskins hit ‘Made In Japan’ to see off The King Of Bros.

In what was billed as ‘The Biggest Match in European Wrestling History’, WWE United Kingdom Champion Pete Dunne beat Ilja Dragunov in a titanic struggle via submission when The Bruiserweight locked in a triangle choke on Unbesiegbar.

Jimmy Havoc got his revenge on Paul Robinson after he cost him his match against Will Ospreay by defeating him in a bloody and vicious no disqualification match that involved lighttubes, thumbtacks and even an ironing board. Havoc got the win when he curbstomped Robinson face first through a light tube and then hit the rainmaker to seal the deal.

Jinny had another trick up her sleeve to keep hold of the PROGRESS Women’s Title, when Laura Di Matteo stunned Wembley by reuniting with her former employer. She took out Candyfloss and Toni Storm, gifting the win to the champ in her triple threat match against the aforementioned Storm and Millie McKenzie. However, it seems as she gets rid of one problem another appears as Jordynne Grace made her UK PROGRESS debut, taking out the House of Couture.

We did crown new PROGRESS Tag Team champions, as Aussie Open saw off seven other teams in a tag-team thunderbastard match to become the new champions. After the reigning champions Flamita & Bandido, The 198, Sexy Starr, Mayhew and Mills and The Calamari Thatch Kings have all been eliminated, Mark Davis and Kyle Fletcher hit the Fidget Spinner on James Drake to win the gold.

In the pre-show battle royal, Chuck Mambo saw off a host of other wrestlers including Chris Ridgeway, Drew Parker, Roy Johnson, Rickey Shane Page and even Mad Man Manson to win it all, lastly eliminating Spike Trivet.

Finally, as ring announcer Jim Smallman was announcing Super Strong Style 16’s return to Alexandra Palace; Travis Banks made an appearance to declare himself the first entrant into the field of sixteen for next year.


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