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PROGRESS Wrestling Launch PROGRESStv

PROGRESS Wrestling launch PROGRESStv, a wrestling-related Twitch channel.

Promotion to provide daily content during the time of ‘social distancing’

PROGRESS have announced the launch of ‘PROGRESStv’, a daily stream of wrestling and wrestling-related content via their Twitch channel in an effort to help during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Starting this Monday 23rd March, they will be providing a ‘quasi-television channel’ which will feature not only PROGRESS Wrestling material but content from other promotions as well as content creators, streamers and other wrestlers.

Early promotions announced including fellow Londoners Pro Wrestling SOUL and Newcastle-based promotion NORTH Wrestling.

We are delighted to say we will also be a part of the content, so keep an eye out for some of your TWM favourites.

Some shows include:

  • Lucha Forever Showcase – Streaming the best of Lucha Forever, for free, on Twitch. 
  • PROGRESS Chapters – Watch along chapters from PROGRESS’ past, and present, and simulating ones in the future (we’ll sim them).
  • Freedom’s Road: Revisited – One of the minds behind the show Alan Ronald,will be revisiting the ProJo with an all-new director’s commentary of the show. 
  • Community Showcases – Starting with TWM, a stream of their staff’s favourite matches. 
  • Wake up with PROGRESS – A chatting stream on Skype that’ll be streamed on Twitch. 
  • 24/7 Punk Stream – We want to bring exposure to new and upcoming bands in the UK and US.
  • Conversation with Sarah Elizabeth Cox – Wrestling Historian – Sarah is writing a biography of Jack Wannop, a wrestler who pioneered catch-as-catch-can wrestling in the 1800’s.
  • Free chapters, matches and behind the scenes footage that has never been released before. 

Also, you can donate to the stream directly through Twitch with PayPal. The donations will be split between the talent that were booked on the cancelled shows and PROGRESS itself.


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