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RevPro High Stakes 2020 Results

Matty Deller runs down the results from RevPro’s High Stakes 2020.

RevPro British Women’s Title: Gisele Shaw defeated Zoe Lucas via pinfall to win the title

Gisele Shaw ended the mammoth reign of Lucas following her spinning top-rope splash.

Dan Moloney defeated Jeff Cobb via pinfall

Moloney defeated the recent AEW debutant with his drilla piledriver.

Southside Speed King Title: Champion Ricky Knight Jr defeated Robbie X via pinfall

RKJ retained the gold after dropping Robbie X with a sheer-drop piledriver.

No Disqualification Match: L.A Park defeated Eddie Kingston via pinfall

L.A Park picked up the win in a wild brawl after a Kurtis Chapman low-blow on Kingston, followed up by a huge Park spear through a table.

L.A Park then floored Dan Magee with a steel chair.

Mark Haskins defeated Hikuleo, Carlos Romo, Kyle Fletcher, Chris Brookes & Mad Kurt via pinfall

Haskins got the win after an assist from Gideon Grey who hit Kyle Fletcher with his cane, following up with Made In Japan.

RevPro British Tag Team Championships: Champions The Legion (Great O’Kharn & Rampage Brown) defeated Southside Heavyweight Champion David Starr & No Fun Dunne via pinfall to retain the titles

The Legion picked up the win and gained a new member as Mark Haskins interfered, kicking both Starr and Dunne low, allowing O’Kharn to hit Starr with the claw slam.

RevPro British Cruiserweight Title: Michael Oku defeated El Phantasmo via submission to win the title

Oku finally captured the gold after forcing ELP to tap to a high angle half crab.

RevPro British Heavyweight Title: Will Ospreay defeated Champion Zack Sabre Jr via pinfall to win the title

Will Ospreay ended his seven-year wait for the RevPro’s biggest prize, hitting ZSJ with the Hidden Blade and the Stormbreaker to pick up the gold, as his trainers looked on.

Post-match, Ospreay thanked his parents, trainers and called out fellow new champions Shaw and Oku to show that RevPro is started a new revolution in British Wrestling.


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