Royal Rumble: The Complete History

Royal Rumble 2000

The main feud going into the event was between Triple H and Mick Foley. The McMahon-Helmsley Faction began in late 1999, where Triple H and Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley had control over the WWF, and scheduling unreasonable matches for the wrestlers.

Date: 23rd January, 2000
Venue: Madison Square Garden
City: New York City, NY
Attendance: 19,231
Commentators: Jim Ross &
Jerry “The King” Lawler



Royal Rumble 2000 promotional poster

Royal Rumble 2000 promotional poster

The main feud going into the event was between Triple H and Mick Foley. The McMahon-Helmsley Faction began in late 1999, where Triple H and Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley had control over the WWF, and scheduling unreasonable matches for the wrestlers. Foley objected to this, and the faction attacked several times before finally firing him. On the January 3 episode of Raw is War, Triple H won the WWF Championship, and mocked Foley with an impersonator. On the January 10 episode of Raw is War, The Rock brought every superstar to the ring, demanding that Foley be reinstated or the entire roster would walk out. Foley was reinstated, and he requested a Street Fight for the WWF Championship at Royal Rumble. Foley and Triple H fought in a four-on-four tag team match later that night. Triple H pinned Foley after using the ring bell, and delivering two Pedigrees. After the match, Foley took off his mask, and attacked Triple H. On the January 13 episode of SmackDown!, Foley returned to his Cactus Jack persona (with a more violent and psychotic character) by taking off his Mankind attire to reveal his Cactus Jack attire.

Buildup towards the Royal Rumble match began on January 10, when The Rock announced his participation in the match. The following week, The Big Show announced that he will win the match, and The Rock guaranteed he will win. Later that night, The Rock and The Big Show faced the New Age Outlaws. At the end, Big Show attacked The Rock, and The Rock hit him with a steel chair, and a People’s Elbow. On the January 20 episode of SmackDown!, The Big Show confronted The Rock. Kane and Tori came out, and Tori claimed that Kane was the favorite. The three fought, and were scheduled for a Triple Threat Over-the-Top-Rope Lumberjack match later. In the match, The Big Show eliminated The Rock with a chokeslam, and Kane eliminated The Big Show with a back body drop to win, sparking a fight involving all the competitors and lumberjacks.

Another feud going into the event was between Chris Jericho, Chyna and Hardcore Holly over the WWF Intercontinental Championship. On the December 30 episode of SmackDown!, a title match between Chyna and Jericho ended in a double pinfall. On the January 3 episode of Raw is War, both were declared co-champions. Afterwards, Holly challenged Chyna for the title, and Jericho helped her retain. Jericho and Chyna were forced to work together, and this created tension between them. The title situation would be solved in a Triple Threat match between Jericho, Chyna and Holly.


Match Results

Singles Match: 
Tazz defeated Kurt Angle (3:18)

Tag Team Elimination Tables Match:
The Hardy Boyz defeated The Dudley Boyz (10:18)

Miss Rumble 2000 Bikini Contest:
Mae Young (with Mark Henry) defeated Ivory, Terri, Jacqueline, Barbara Bush, Luna Vachon, and The Kat

Intercontinental Championship:
Triple Threat Match:

Chris Jericho (c) defeated Chyna (c) and Hardcore Holly (7:31)

WWF Tag Team Championship:
The New Age Outlaws (c) defeated The Acolytes (2:39)

WWF Championship
Street Fight:

Triple H (c) (with Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley) defeated Cactus Jack (26:55)

Royal Rumble Match:
The Rock won by last eliminating The Big Show (51:54)



Triple H and Cactus Jack’s feud continued into No Way Out, the following pay-per-view. On the January 31 episode of Raw is War, Jack fought Triple H in a match where Jack beat Triple H down. The following week, Triple H, in an attempt to end their feud, made a match between the two for the WWF Championship at No Way Out, but Jack would have to retire if he lost. Jack then decided that the match would be a Hell in a Cell match.

The Big Show started a feud with The Rock. The Big Show claimed that The Rock was eliminated first when his feet hit the floor before The Big Show’s. During the following weeks, The Big Show attempted to gather evidence to prove his claim, and finally produced video evidence to Triple H, and he was granted a match at No Way Out against The Rock for the WWF Championship at WrestleMania 2000.

The feud between Chris Jericho, Chyna and Hardcore Holly ended when Holly failed to win the WWF Intercontinental Championship from Jericho, and Chyna aligned herself with Jericho. Jericho moved on to feud with Kurt Angle. Angle won the WWF European Championship on the February 10 epispde of SmackDown!, and on the February 14 episode of Raw is War, Angle challenged Jericho to a match for the WWF Intercontinental Championship at No Way Out.

The feud between the Hardy Boyz and the Dudley Boyz continued, with Edge and Christian joining the feud. While initially showing respect, the Dudley Boyz attacked the Hardy Boyz during their match on the January 24 episode of Raw is War. On the January 27 episode of SmackDown!, Edge and Christian supported the Hardy Boyz and fought the Dudley Boyz, who put Edge and Christian through a table. On the January 31 episode of Raw is War, the Hardy Boyz put the Dudley Boyz through tables, and, later, the Dudley Boyz put the Hardy Boyz through three stacked tables. On the February 14 episode of Raw is War, D-Von Dudley defeated Edge and Jeff Hardy to earn a shot at the WWF Tag Team Championship at No Way Out, starting their feud with the champions the New Age Outlaws. Also during the match, the Hardy Boyz had a confrontation with Edge and Christian, starting their feud. They would also have a match at No Way Out.


Royal Rumble Stats

Entrant Order Eliminated by Time
1 D’Lo Brown 3 Rikishi 06:08
2 Grand Master Sexay 4 Rikishi 07:42
3 Mosh 1 Rikishi 03:37
4 Christian 2 Rikishi 02:08
5 Rikishi 8 Big Boss Man, Test, British Bulldog, Gangrel, Edge and Backlund 16:23
6 Scotty 2 Hotty 5 Rikishi 01:02
7 Steve Blackman 6 Rikishi 00:44
8 Viscera 7 Rikishi 01:25
9 Big Boss Man 15 The Rock 22:47
10 Test 17 Big Show 26:17
11 British Bulldog 13 Road Dogg 15:22
12 Gangrel 18 Big Show 23:19
13 Edge 14 Snow and Venis 14:48
14 Bob Backlund 9 Jericho 02:00
15 Chris Jericho 10 Chyna 03:47
16 Crash Holly 16 The Rock 14:54
17 Chyna 11 Big Boss Man 00:37
18 Faarooq 12 Big Boss Man 00:18
19 Road Dogg 25 Gunn 19:02
20 Al Snow 24 The Rock 17:17
21 Val Venis 20 Kane 11:47
22 Prince Albert 21 Kane 11:23
23 Hardcore Holly 22 Snow 11:48
24 The Rock Winner 14:47
25 Billy Gunn 26 Kane 09:38
26 Big Show 29 The Rock 11:12
27 Bradshaw 19 Road Dogg and Gunn 00:25
28 Kane 27 X-Pac 06:11
29 The Godfather 23 Big Show 01:32
30 X-Pac 28 Big Show 03:32


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