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TWM News and WrestleCrate Present The List of Christmas, What To Buy Maaan

It’s nearly present buying season so TWM News and WrestleCrate bring you a list of goodies to appease all kinds of wrestling fans!

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Christmas is closer than you think and whilst it is not acceptable to play Christmas songs yet, it is a good time to start buying your presents for the nearest and dearest. But what do you get that family member who just loves the wrestles? Or what do you ask for so you don’t end up with another generic wrestling annual or a collection of those Poundshop wrestling figures that are just legally different to not get a big fat lawsuit. Well, yours truly from TWM News and our good friends at Wrestle Crate are here to give you four top picks that will gladly stuff your stocking.

The Fan Of WWE

Let’s start off with a person that primarily enjoys the WWE. They do not miss an episode of Raw or SmackDown Live but can’t necessarily tell their Misawa’s from their Michinoku’s. Why not give them a Funko WWE Pint-Sized Hero? A blind-bag which includes a miniature WWE figure that will brighten up any space. It could be Macho Man, to add some madness to your bedroom table, or the ‘Power Of Positivity’ to add to your work desk with a New Day figure, or even let your mantle place know who’s boss with a Sasha Banks Funko. A fun little present and a great collectable!

We also love Wrestle Crate’s autographs, from Raw’s newest superstar Pete Dunne to the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time, The Honky Tonk Man, as well as their ‘Steveweiser’ bottle cooler.

The Britwres Fan 

What can you do to fill the stocking of the fan of wrestling more home-grown? The kind of person that will often disappear most weekends to scream and shout with their fellow patrons at PROGRESS, Fight Club: Pro or Attack Pro. Why not give them a lovely piece to adorn their wall or desk of one of the finest talents to ply her trade on this fine isle? A hand-signed portrait of Mae Young Classic competitor and current PROGRESS Womens Champion Toni Storm, taken by the excellent Turning Face is a great, unique piece of memorabilia that any true fan of British Wrestling would love. Who doesn’t want a picture of someone who could gladly kick their head off looking back at them on Christmas Day?

You could also pick up Fight Club PRO’s ‘Best of 2017’ DVD, which is exclusive to Wrestle Crate, or a Jimmy Havoc ‘Hasbro figure inspired’ lapel pin badge.

The Indy Wrestling Connoisseur

Now, for the discerning fan, the real super fan of the industry. The person that watches everything everywhere. The one that knows their Dragon Gate from their DDT, their AAW from their AIW – as we coined them ‘The Indy Wrestling Connoisseur’. Why not give them a DVD of one of the biggest tournaments in European wrestling? Grab a copy of WXW’s 16 Karat Gold Tournament Final Night 2017, starring such indy legends as Matt Riddle, Cody, David Starr, ACH and WXW mainstays like Ring Kampf and Ilja Dragunov. WARNING: Get them this, and you will probably not hear from them the rest of the night.

We’re also fans of Wrestle Crate’s Angelico hand-signed SPLX art print, and their exclusive lapel pin badges, officially licensed from Ring Kampf and Kenny Omega.

The Fan Who Loves ALL Wrestling From Around The World (Or For Who It Is Very Difficult To Buy Gifts)

Right, let’s get to the main event; the toughest buy of the list. What do you get the fan that loves ALL wrestling. They eat, sleep and breathe wrestling. They go from Raw to NXT to Impact to ROH to RevPro and love every second. Surely an impossible task? No! Get them the gift of Wrestle Crate! From £11.99 you can give a loved one a sick t-shirt, a great DVD, an exclusive autograph and loads more of wrestling goodies. It covers all bases, they get a little bit of everything and you haven’t broke the bank. Simple. You can get one-time gift Crates, or sign-up monthly. They also have gift cards available.

So, there you go. Lots of stocking stuffers to make buying festive gifts for your wrestling family and friends a total breeze. The only issue is actually giving them away in the first place, because once you buy them, you probably won’t want to give them away!

Thanks to WrestleCrate for sending us these goodies for us to review!


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