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What Women Are Missing From The WWE Hall Of Fame?

Paige Brearley looks at the females that are overdue an induction into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Wrestlemania season is nearly upon us and as we have already seen, the WWE Hall Of Fame announcements will be rolling in.

The Hall Of Fame (HOF) is a great time for WWE fans to learn about wrestlers that may have been before their time or just a reminder of those they have forgotten.

This Mania season has seen two announcements so far and while worthy entries to the HOF, there is lots of speculation as to who could join them. Always a hot topic when announcements come around is who the woman inductee will be. Personally, just one woman a year is lackluster. Give us more than one woman inducted, they deserve that.

There are so many women currently not in the HOF and some of them surprised me. While I could just give you a list of anyone not inducted that should be, I’d like to focus on the women missing from the HOF. These are women that I believe should be inducted ASAP and their absence from the HOF is just plain wrong. Let’s get right to it shall we?

Chyna found dead

This one should be the most obvious omission. ‘The Ninth Wonder of the World’ Chyna did get inducted just last year as a member of DX, but for her contributions to women’s wrestling? We’re still waiting.

Being inducted as part of a group, hopefully is a good sign that her time to shine alone is coming. Chyna had a lot of firsts in her career. For example, she was the first woman to enter the Royal Rumble and King of the Ring. She was also the company’s first female enforcer. I mean come on, those facts alone is enough for me to say she’s worthy of the hall of fame. Her list of accolades is long including, the WWE Intercontinental Championship and being number one contender to the WWE (WWF)Championship.

Most of us know how Chyna’s working relationship with WWE ended, but that shouldn’t halt putting her in the HOF anymore. She was one of the first females of the generation that proved to women they could do anything a man can do, only better. Chyna had a special career and was just a special person. We can only hope that she takes her rightful place in the HOF soon.

She ain’t the lady to mess with, come on you know you sang this every time Victoria’s music played. Honestly, where is the lie? She made you believe her character anytime she stepped through those ropes.

Victoria is a former two time Women’s Champion, at least in WWE, and was apart of craving the way for the Women’s Evolution to take place.

For eight years, Victoria did her best to elevate women’s wrestling during some rather low points in the company. A point in her career that helped change things for women of today, was the first women’s steel cage match she had against Lita. Over the course of her WWE career, Victoria had feuds with Trish Stratus, Lita, Ivory, and Molly Holly.

There are many names that get talked about from Victoria’s era, that I believe she gets pushed to the way side. Victoria night in and night out, put in a lot of work and sacrifices that should be recognized.

Currently, Jazz is all over the world showing off her dominance and teaching the next generation of women wrestlers. In her WWE days, Jazz came from ECW so you knew she was a tough one.

Jazz showcased strength and power in a time where women and WWE were around to be pretty faces. Her WWE career may have been short, but it was impact full. Her feud with Trish Stratus, who she defeated for her two reigns as women’s champ, lead to matches not really seen at the time. Jazz, similar to Chyna, was participating in matches that women “weren’t meant to do.” Jazz was a part of the era that began to change everyone’s perspective of what a woman in sports entertainment could do.

I think Jazz would have one of the most interesting HOF speeches. She seems like a pretty straight forward person, tell it like it is kind of girl, and I for one want to hear more of her story and see her celebrated.

She was the first lady of professional wrestling and one of the first, if not the first, high profile valets. Miss Elizabeth of course accompanied Macho Man Randy Savage and managed him for most of his career. We all know the love story of Liz and Randy, personally my favorite in all of wrestling, and how Randy’s love for Liz got in the way sometimes.

Liz’s partnership with Randy, saw her in a key role in many of his feuds, which definitely wasn’t the norm at the time. Liz was the reason for the Mega Powers split, well a big reason anyways, and she was involved in Randy’s feud with Honky Tonk Man.

While I am sure it is unlikely that Liz will be inducted in the HOF, it sure is a shame. She was the centerpiece of so much back in the 80s, way more than any other valet or manager. It has been sixteen years since her death and a hall of fame induction feels long overdue.

One of the best to ever step foot in a WWE ring and she rarely is recognized for it. Looking back on her career, Molly Holly probably could have done so much more, but without looking at championships Molly accomplished something more. It seems, at least to me, Molly’s career was about elevating women’s wrestling to the respect it should have always gotten. Every time Molly stepped into the ring she made her opponent look fantastic.

Molly has been back in WWE for small appearances here and there, including inducting Ivory in to the Hall Of Fame just last year. For her contributions, including getting her head shaved at Wrestlemania and two women’s title reigns, Molly deserves her moment to truly shine.

Of course there are more women who I am probably forgetting and I wanted to give an honorable mention to two: Bull Nakano and Lilian Garcia. I think with women’s wrestling being in such a good place now
we’ve been spoiled and forget the woman who paved the way. There are so many women that have done the little things, the behind the scene things that have gotten pushed the side. Hopefully this year the WWE
realizes that more than one female inductee is the way to go! Eventually, maybe they’ll have an all female class.

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