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When Will It Truly Be Rusev Day?

Edd looks at the rather perplexing situation regarding Rusev and the WWE, after the former seemingly removed all knowledge of his ties with the latter.

The latest thing that Rusev has tweeted does not exactly fill any fans of ‘The Bulgarian Brute’ with joy.

This was then followed by removing all mentions of WWE from his official Twitter account. He has removed his ring name and both his cover photo and profile picture have been changed to a poster for an upcoming film named “Other Versions of You” that both he and Lana filmed scenes for. It should also be noted that Rusev does not, or no longer follows any of the WWE’s Official accounts on any social media. He has also reverted his name on Instagram to Miroslav Barnyashev.

It has been widely reported that Rusev has been pulled from his casket match with The Undertaker in favour of Chris Jericho at the upcoming Greatest Royal Rumble event in Saudi Arabia. Rusev and Lana conducted an interview with TMZ with the Bulgarian Brute trash talking the DeadMan. The interview caught the eye of Undertaker’s wife, Former WWE Superstar, Michelle McCool who took to Twitter to say “Had to listen to see if “crush his old a$$” was ACTUALLY said! Guess some people are smarter than others…” Rusev was pulled from the match hours later.

WWE took to Twitter to explain through Rusev’s wife, Lana after they made the announcement to pull him from the event. Lana tweeted:

It’s no secret that Rusev has been unhappy with his position in the company as of late, allegedly asking to be released last month and previously looking at leaving the company in 2017. He was added to the fatal four-way match with Jinder Mahal, Randy Orton and Bobby Roode for the United States Championship at WrestleMania 34 but failed to capture the belt and even suffered the pinfall. He then lost a #1 contenders match on SmackDown LIVE two days later.

It’s been reported that Rusev has not left the company. Rusev has been known to be a practical joker and loves to work the internet and cook up a stir online. He loves to get fans talking and guessing. I expect Rusev to still be a part of the event, maybe he’ll go on and win the rumble. It’s possible that Rusev could be at his wits end with the company but I doubt it.


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