Wrestling News Round-Up: 30th January 2014

MVP debuts in TNA, Punk Walks out on WWE, More on Hogan returning to WWE, Santino undergoes surgery, Sting Plans and more. We aim to bring you the most reliable wrestling news from around the web.

Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Here’s what’s been hitting the headlines in the world of professional wrestling this week:



As we reported last week, MVP debuted tonight in TNA as the “secret investor” in the company’s current high profile storyline. The event took place in Glasgow, Scotland as part of TNA’s current UK tour. Friday sees them in Manchester, England.


Some more good news for TNA. After we reported TNA didn’t have a venue to record shows in after the UK tour, the company has announced it has reached a deal to get the building in Universal back and will now be taping three or four weeks of shows at a time there.


AJ Styles recently spoke to us about a number of topics including his time in TNA, his future and him being threatened by TNA lawyers if he did not cancel a speaking tour. You can listen to the full 30 minute interview here.



In some huge news this week, CM Punk walked out on WWE before this week’s episode of Monday Night RAW. The latest is that Punk was not intending to re-sign his contract in July when it expired. His goal this year was to main event WrestleMania and once he was informed this would not be the case he was bitterly disappointed and became almost unapproachable. It’s not yet known what exact issue was the straw that broke the camel’s back causing him to take his ball and go home, but it’s said to be a huge culmination of things and Punk reached breaking point, going home just 30 minutes before RAW was due to go live on the air. WWE have removed CM Punk from all upcoming shows including Elimination Chamber and have even unfollowed him on Twitter. Sheamus will take his place on house shows, and it’s expected that Daniel Bryan will take his place, facing Triple H at WrestleMania XXX. More news as we get it.

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WWE stock has gone through the roof, closing at press time at $21.96 per share, giving the company a market cap of $1.65 billion. Vince McMahon is very much a billionaire on paper today.


As things stand, Hulk Hogan’s role at WrestleMania XXX will be to host the show in a similar fashion to The Rock at WrestleMania XXVII. The difference being that Hulk will not be involved in any physical activity above perhaps hitting some mid-carder with a fist.


Pro Wrestling NOAH star KENTA has been down at the Performance Center all week for a WWE tryout. This is ironic in a number of ways. KENTA was one of the hot young stars in Japan a decade ago, and Punk, in particular, copied a lot of his stuff, including the GTS finisher, and made it his own in the U.S. market. He was also one of Daniel Bryan’s favourite wrestlers, and Bryan’s Busaiku knee was KENTA’s other finisher. Except for his really fast kick and chop routine that Punk used to do when he first came in and was either told not to or stopped on his own, almost all his big moves are already established by someone else here (who took them directly from him), which means he’s going to have to drop his biggest spots. At the time, KENTA was a big star and Punk and Bryan were indie guys who studied tapes and looked up to him.

Daily Sports in Japan reported he was going to be offered a contract and NOAH would be doing a farewell show for him. That may be a premature story but there’s little doubt he’d impress WWE officials since it’s not like they see talent at his level walking into the Performance Center for first looks, and aside from having to tone down the physicality, and tweak a few things, his style will work against Americans a lot easier than the guys from Mexico, as we found out with Sin Cara.


Batista’s deal is a two-year contract. He’s working a full schedule now, but not for the entire time. He has commitments to promote movie projects that will require him being away at times.


WWE is apparently working on concepts for Sting merchandise. The belief is that Sting has in actual fact already signed for WWE. One idea is a T-Shirt with the idea of him being called “A Man Called Sting”. WWE staff have been working on ideas for Sting for over a week, after a memo was circulating telling them to do so. WWE wouldn’t have such ideas if a deal wasn’t already in place. The plan however is NOT a Sting vs. Undertaker match, but what we hear is that Sting will debut at WrestleMania itself.


Santino Marella this week underwent neck surgery.

Sky Sports in the UK announced a new five-year contract with WWE for the rights to show WWE programming. WWE has massively increased it’s rights fees from Sky and in addition, Sky Sports will begin showing Main Event. The downside is that ALL 12 PPVs will be offered on the Sky Box Office service which effectively ends free PPVs in the UK. This takes effect in 2015, which will coincide with the UK launch of the WWE Network.

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