That Wrestling Podcast Joins International Wrestling Network

Big news for That Wrestling Podcast fans! The weekly wrestling round-up has a new home, IWN Live!


That Wrestling Podcast will be joining a host of international wrestling promotions and podcasts on IPW:UK’s  new, expanded on-demand service, IWN LIVE.

In a statement released earlier this week, the team behind IWN Live said;

We are proud to announce the International Wrestling Network, IWN Live!

IWN Live will be a hub for various wrestling content from around the world, from weekly shows from promotions, to star interviews, to vloggers and a host of podcasts. Each and every week IWN Live will deliver you, the fans, a full schedule of entertainment that you won’t want to miss.

WRESTLING LIVE! IWN Live can confirm that we will feature every single IPW event live – yes that’s right, if you miss out on tickets, it’s too far to travel or you just love the sound of Dean Ayass & Ricky Slatter on commentary, you will be able to watch IPW via IWN Live. Plus we can confirm IPW will be producing a specific show focusing on the Z-Force Division including some of the highest flying, daredevil, hard hitting wrestlers from the UK plus special guests from around the world, Z-FORCE LIVE will be on IWN Live EACH AND EVERY MONTH! We will also be looking to add 2 more shows to make sure you get 4 Live shows a month! Yes 4!

IWN Live will feature weekly wrestling shows from a host of promotions from across the pond including Battle Club Pro, WrestlePro, Main Event Pro Wrestling, AWA, PWS plus more to be added over the coming weeks!

IWN Live will also feature guest interviews and weekly podcasts. Confirmed podcasts who will be sharing their content on IWN Live include SCG Radio, Love The Graps, That Wrestling Podcast (TWP), The Buzzard’s Wrestling Podcast, The Alabama Slama plus more to be added!

The on-demand service is just £4.99 a month, breaking down to just over £1 a week, making it one of the most reasonably priced on-demand services on the market.

That Wrestling Podcast will still remain a free podcast here on, but if you love your wrestling, it’s a deal you cannot afford to pass up!



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