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Wrestling Resurgence – Arthouse Wrestling Volume II Review

Peter Barnes gives us his review of Wrestling Resurgence’s latest show; Arthouse Wrestling Volume II.

Resurgence is back at Attenborough Arts Centre for its Arthouse Wrestling, this time in volume II edition.

There are six matches; including for the first time ever in Resurgence, an intergender match between friends of TWM talks Carlos Romo, and Charli Evans. In fact, intergender matches seem to be like buses, because as soon as there’s one, another one shows up in the form of Spike Trivet versus “Session Moth” Martina. Main eventing this card is Jack Sexsmith defending his title against Gene Munny.

Hari Singh vs. Dani Luna vs. Man Like Dereiss vs. Jayde

Kicking things off is a four-way match with local lad Hari Singh coming up against two debutants, Dani Luna and Man Like Dereiss, and Sanitarium member Jayde.

Before the match has a chance to begin, Jayde and Man Like Dereiss get into some verbals and generate a lot of animosity between one another. Curiously, hearing Dereiss talk, I get reminded of spaghetti, but not in the food way; more of the junction if anything. Once the match begins, there’s plenty of action both in the ring and outside, as most multi-person matches tend to display. There’s a cutter that comes from out of nowhere, which makes me think that had Randy Orton had similar foresight and business acumen as Michael Buffer (who trademarked “Let’s get ready to rumble!), then he would be even richer for the number of times something happens out of nowhere.

Midway through the match, there’s an enormous Tower of Doom spot, where Jayde acts as the fulcrum in an astonishing feat of strength despite her slight stature. In general, and despite her being a heel, I can’t help but get behind Jayde. She’s got a brilliant aesthetic and she’s not booked half as much as her talent warrants. On the note of her being a heel, there’s a fantastic moment where her and Dani team up to deliver low blows to Hari and Dereiss, and then to one another to leave everyone writhing in pain. Someone has to claim the victory despite their pain, but who could it be? Commentary seem unaware of any favourites to claim it although I suspect given Claire Warden’s involvement, her comments may be dramatic irony.

In a beautiful piece of villainy, Jayde removes Hari Singh from the ring during his pinfall attempt and snatches the victory. This may be my bias here but I like it, as it goes to show, sometimes you have to work smart not hard.

Sierra Loxton vs. Candy Floss

As Sierra makes her way to the ring, it is immediately apparent that all isn’t well, as she is in non-ring attire. She announces that she has sustained an injury and as such cannot compete. As she is making this announcement, Candy Floss attacks her from behind and targets the bad shoulder because Candy is a meany (pass it on). Chakara makes the save and the feud looks to be heating up nicely between these former best friends, as they go one-on-one again on 8th June at Angry Dancing.

Carlos Romo vs. Charli Evans

Now’s the time for the first intergender singles match of Wrestling Resurgence’s history, Carlos Romo versus Charli Evans. Charli is definitely a crowd favourite due to her previous exploits, whereas the Spaniard is as yet untested in Resurgence but I hope he becomes a regular as well. Both competitors went all out in their pursuit of victory in this match, and although there was a technical start and lots of chain wrestling, the action really hotted up. The crowd did not like Carlos as a character one bit, which is testament to the popularity of Charli and the excellent work Romo was doing to make himself disliked, with him regularly ragdolling Charli whilst having her in a full nelson grip and stifling her flair. Despite this level of control, Evans picks up the pinfall victory in another win for a Resurgence regular. Post-match she calls out Kanji for a 30-minute iron-woman match at Arthouse Wrestling Vol. III in August. This encourages a response from Kanji, which is as emphatic as it is laconic. It was shorter than Roman Reigns’ “This is my yard now” promo, but equally as effective, in that all Kanji said was “Done”, and that’s all it needed to be. Top promo work there.

Brothers of Destruction vs. The Hunter Brothers

Following this match, we have the Brothers of Destruction (Jim Diehard and Benton Destruction) defending their 6-0 streak against The Hunter Brothers. This is a curious match because, as pointed out by commentary, this is the first time the Brothers of Destruction have taken on a team that has such chemistry as the Hunters.

Given the teams involved, this was obviously an amazing showcase of tag team wrestling. It was noticeable that Jim and Benton were displaying more face characteristics, and Hunter Brothers were using sly tactics to get the upper hand. Eventually, the Jim and Lee Hunter combination take the victory employing some villainy and ruining the streak.

To my mind, I like that the streak was defeated, but I think there were better options for taking the win. The team of Sanitarium have employed similar tactics as The Hunters, and Jayde has shown she can work smart. This would have then elevated a team that are regulars instead of a team for whom this is a debut in the promotion. Thankfully wrestling isn’t done in seasons and has no fixed end-point, so maybe this story will pay off in a different and unexpected way.

Chuck Mambo vs. Big Grizzly

Off the back of one streak being broken, Chuck Mambo was out to end his own streak as he has been winless in Resurgence so far. In order to do so, he would have to beat Big Grizzly. It must be tricky for Mambo in Resurgence, as in Attack and Progress he’s a bad guy, which makes it different to watch now he gets cheered again in the Midlands.

This match was a terrific display of fun versus stoicism, David versus Goliath as the strength of Big Grizzly was tested against the agility of Mambo. The match showcased the power of the Grizzly and Chuck looked like for all the money in the world that he wouldn’t win, but his tenacity and agility proved to be his metaphorical slingshot as he was able to dig deep and take the win. Could this propel him to bigger and shinier, title-shaped things?

Spike Trivet vs. Session Moth Martina

Then came another match in a list that Resurgence are quickly compiling, of dream matches that I didn’t know I needed as Spike Trivet looked to continue playing his role of fly in Resurgence’s ointment, against Session Moth Martina.

In news that will shock no-one, Spike was absolutely golden on the mic and if he’s given the freedom to do what he wants verbally, it won’t be long until the highest echelons of companies come calling. Could he finally be defeated, as he also had a winning streak to break, but one less talked about than the former streak of the Brothers of Destruction. Martina also raises her own questions, mainly is it bants to grind on ring announcer Wes or referee Deviki?

The match started brightly with Martina getting her usual spots in of running the ropes and collapsing from exhaustion only to be revived by beer, and a Bronco buster that may have lasted longer than the referee’s five-count. Spike, however, gains the upper hand and during the course of the match looks to be in control, only for it to devolve into a spit off with beer taking on champagne. Spike takes the victory with a handful of tights, much to the dismay of the Leicester crowd.

Resurgence Championship – Jack Sexsmith (C) vs. Gene Munny

It’s main event time now, where Jack Sexsmith hoped to cement his reign by taking on ‘Sexual Gammon’ Gene Munny. Just before the first bell, Jack offers his hand to Gene but says: “Whatever it takes”, which itself is the tale of the match. It starts hot with Sexsmith gaining the early advantage and hitting his Big Double Stomp Manoeuvre (BDSM) for a near-fall. However, he is unable to put Gene away initially and has to reach into his dark side to do whatever it takes. Although Jack seemed to be in the ascendancy, the power moves of Munny grant some separation and keep the match fairly even.

As Gene goes for his Ainsley Lariat; Jack moves and the lariat hits referee Charles. This results in a VISUAL PIN, and a hasty re-appearance of referee Deviki who takes over proceedings. Whilst she’s helping Charles regain his faculties, Jack delivers a low blow and gets another near-fall. After the Sexual Gammon manages to crack out a Big E style spear to the outside, and simultaneously make this writer fear the worst, he looks to have the title at his fingertips. In reality, Jack is the one who literally has the title in his grasp as he uses it to hit Gene and take the DQ loss, thus retaining the title and doing whatever it takes.

Overall, another great show and this company feels like it’s growing and should be taking its rightful place alongside Attack and Riptide. I’m intrigued as to the directions of some of their stories, such as what’s happening to Sanitarium and what does Spike have to do to get his title shot. I think it would be a difficult one to present if he was to take on Jack, as the dynamic would be heel vs heel. I think Mambo would be a good next opponent, or perhaps Kanji could take the title and up the ante for the Iron Woman match. Maybe even Spike could align with Sexsmith, although that would directly conflict with other universes where the two are actively feuding. Either way, I am excited to go to their next show, Angry Dancing which is on in Loughborough on the 8th June. Tickets are available here.

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