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Wrestling Resurgence ‘Top Of The Chops’ Review

Peter Barnes went to Wrestling Resurgence’s latest show ‘Top Of The Chops’, and gave his thoughts on the event as a whole.

Photos © Wrestling Resurgence

This was my second time watching Wrestling Resurgence and a first time for me at their HQ, the Attenborough Arts Centre.

The following is my review of the show however it will not feature any results. There were 6 matches on the card, as seems to be the norm for Wrestling Resurgence, so each match is given the time and space to breathe.


Sexual Gammon” Gene Munny vs Sugar Dunkerton vs Chuck Mambo vs Visage

The match worked really well and the competitors had equal chance to shine both in the ring and through verbals. As I was in the front row, I was ‘lucky’ enough to be palmed off by Visage during the Queen of Queen’s entrance. This match was as comedy driven as would be expected but there were plenty of technical exploits to be seen as well. All in all, a good way to begin and to get the crowd into the show.


Charli Evans vs Kanji

Charli Evans has been really good for a while, and Kanji is outrageously talented and she’s quite new to the scene – although she’s taken on and learnt from some big names in the women’s wrestling world, such as Kay Lee Ray, Veda Scott and is getting props from pretty much anyone who’s seen her once. Kanji won a 4-way match last time as a late addition so had already proven herself capable on this stage.

Although this match had quite a slow start to it, with technical chain wrestling starting it out, it built to a crescendo and showed the tremendous talent of both involved. I genuinely think the sky’s the limit for Kanji, she’s that talented but surprisingly not that well-known yet. It’s only a matter of time.


The Henchmen vs Aussie Open

The Henchmen (Benton Destruction and Jim Diehard) were unbeaten in Wrestling Resurgence and have taken apart some established teams including the Anti-Fun Police last time. Up against them was Aussie Open and although I warned my friends not to get a high-five, I got one and immediately regretted it – don’t get one if you value having feeling in your hands. It was a good chance to see how the two teams would work together, but they gelled well and it’s always great to hear ‘Close your Eyes’, so even if the show would have ended after this match, I would have left satisfied. My friends said this was in contention to be one of their favourites.

Immediately after the match, the ring announcer let it be known that at the next show, on January 26th at Attenborough Arts Centre, they will crown an inaugural Resurgence Champion, using an Over the Top over-the-top rope Open Intergender Battle Royale. Or as I will be calling it, OTTOTTROIBR.


TK Cooper vs Hari Singh

For those who don’t know him, Hari is a current student in Leicester so he had the hometown support. He’s also been training at Fight Club: Pro recently which means he’s been learning their strong stylings. This match also featured the shout out of the night, where a kid shouts that ‘this isn’t a sexy competition’. This helped show how amazing TK is as a performer, as there’s no way that could have been planned for, but he ran with it, and generated so much heel-heat. This match even featured the first ref-counting issue that I’ve seen in person, which for that moment took away from the performance, but at the same time, TK – again – showed his ability in terms of working a match and dealing with all eventualities, he made it work for him and these two were my match of the night.


Fleeky AF (Chakara & Candyfloss) vs The Sanitarium (Shax and Nightshade W/ Jayde)

The next match was a turn up for the books, in that it’s a second women’s match on the same card – what is this madness?! I’m used to shows with other promotions where women are scarcely seen, but I’m loving the amount of female wrestlers being given a chance to shine here. As Jayde is returning from injury, she managed her team of Shax and Nightshade and last show Chakara and Candyfloss were opponents, but they are best friends, so it was of great intrigue to see how that dynamic would work out. Coming into this match, I guessed that the Sanitarium would be little underhanded in their tactics and will try to use their numbers advantage to their benefit but after speaking with Jayde after the event, I’m suitably convinced that I did not see anything untoward from her at all. Another solid match and these women rocked it.


Spike Trivet vs Jimmy Havoc

I’m a huge fan of Jimmy’s wrestling, and Spike’s character work is brilliant. He cut a pre-match promo on Jimmy and showed why he’s so hateable, he did come up with a good line, of spotting a guy’s girlfriend, and saying to her ‘hey Blondie.. Call me’, which took me until the drive home to fully get that it was an 80s song-reference, I just thought it was him trying to pull the girl as a bit of a heel-move. The pre-match also featured a brilliant point raised by Jimmy, that we shouldn’t hate Spike because he’s a Tory and has different political ideas to us, we should hate him because he’s Spike. This match was a fitting finale and was a restrained affair compared to the Jimmy Havoc matches I have seen previously. A definite watch if you like matches with shenanigoats a-hoy.


Overall, I loved the experience of Wrestling Resurgence, they create a very comfortable atmosphere and although the venues are small, that enhances the experience rather than taking anything away from it. I will definitely be returning as much as other commitments allow and in the vain hope that someone at Resurgence is reading this, I wouldn’t mind being involved with the company as more than a spectator.

To finish, I have learnt a few things that I would like to pass on to you, dear reader. As previously mentioned, don’t get a high-5 from Mark Davis if you value having feeling in your hand. Children come up with the weirdest chants, some of them don’t get over, such as chanting what your own name is or ‘take his skin’, but then some get real traction – see above about the sexy competition. Having an empty seat next to you on the front row will probably mean you get wrestlers sat next to you mid-match, in my case Sugar Dunkerton, Mark Davis and Jimmy Havoc. And finally, Wrestling Resurgence is a really good company. They bring a new energy and vibe to shows. I look forward to seeing more from them, as their ideals in wrestling are similar to my own, they have relatively even booking between numbers of male and female stars and having the OTTOTTROIBR certainly implies that the title will be defended against men and women by whoever holds it, and that level of equality is something I admire. 100% would go again




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