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WWE Monday Night RAW Results – 10th February 2020

Paige Brearley runs down the results from tonight’s episode of WWE Monday Night Raw.

Last week Randy Orton could not get an explanation out for his actions against Edge, will he be able to this week?

We open the show with Seth Rollins and his disciples. Rollins welcomes everyone to RAW and says how proud he is to be our Monday Night Messiah.

He goes on to say he was unsure of the nickname, that the fans supposedly gave him. But he’s starting to embrace it and lead those who can’t lead themselves. Rollins is here to make the tough decisions for us, speak our truth, and lead us to the future. We are then shown a recap of what happened last week.

In the recap, of course we don’t see Seth Rollins’ interference, but Rollins complains that Kevin Owens and the Viking Raiders cost him a chance to face Brock Lesnar. He goes on to say his patience is running thing with Owens and his friends.

KO interrupts Rollins while he is trying to preach his message. Rollins warns KO not to get in over his head and to not be a martyr. KO says every week that Rollins runs his mouth he sounds stupid as hell and this week he looks stupid as hell. KO says that after last week, more than ever before, he just keeps fighting. Then he brings out the Viking Raiders.

Rollins says KO’s problem has never been finding partners, but keeping them upright. KO checks and the Viking Raiders are pretty solid, so they go after the disciples. Samoa Joe attacks Seth Rollins from behind locking in the Coquina Clutch. We head to break with KO, Joe, and the Viking Raiders standing tall.

As the men celebrate, Becky Lynch makes her entrance.

Becky Lynch defeated Asuka via Pinfall to retain the RAW Women’s Championship

This, this match was fantastic. It was competitive and hard hitting, the perfect match to open RAW with. A distraction by Kairi Sane got Asuka the upper hand for a bit, but The Man eventually rallied. While she went for the Dis-Arm-Her multiple times in the match, it was a Rock Bottom that secured the victory.

While Lynch was celebrating retaining her championship, she was attacked from behind by Shayna Baszler! Baszler takes Lynch out and then continues to beat her down. The Queen of Spades BITES Lynch’s neck! When she comes back up her mouth is covered in blood. What a moment.

Before the next match, we see EMTs and refs trying to convince Lynch to go to the hospital. She adamantly says she is fine.

The Street Profits take a few shots at Mojo Rawley and Riddick Moss before their tag team match. They say Rawley is putting up a front while saying the 24/7 Championship isn’t for cowards, while he hides behind Moss. Then they say Rawley is just riding Gronk’s coattails.

The Street Profits defeated Mojo Rawley and Riddick Moss via Pinfall (Cash Out)

Really not much to this one as the Street Profits made quick work of Moss. After the match, the Street Profits celebrate in the crowd.

When Mojo enters the ring to check on Moss, he gets rolled up for the three count. Riddick Moss is the new 24/7 Champion.

We go back to check on Becky Lynch. The EMTs have convinced her to go get checked out, but she will only go on her terms. Lynch steals the ambulance!

After a commercial, we come back to the return of the VIP Lounge with MVP. He opens the VIP Lounge with his old ways, ‘Big things poppin’ and little things still stoppin’. After a ten year hiatus, he couldn’t think of a better guest to have on then Drew McIntyre.

McInyre knocks over the velvet ropes set up to make the VIP Lounge, well VIP. Once in the ring, MVP tells McIntyre how excited and proud he is for reaching his potential and getting to Wrestlemania. Which of course means McIntyre needs to point at the sign, it is sign pointing season after all.

MVP then says that he needs Drew to focus on the task at hand and not listen to any naysayers. There are apparently people saying that Drew is not ready for Wrestlemania and MVP wants to help him with all the new success he is now having.

Drew really isn’t thrilled with the idea of having a business manager, or advocate. He says that the difference between him and Lesnar is he doesn’t need anyone to be the brains or talk for him. Things get rather tense in the VIP Lounge. Drew attempts to leave, when MVP pulls him back and says that Drew needs him.

Unfortunately for MVP his night ends with a Glasgow Kiss and a Claymore Kick.

We see a recap of things that went down between Edge and Randy Orton. Apparently Orton will finally give his explanation tonight.

Angel Garza defeated Cedric Alexander via Pinfall (Wing Clipper)

Before this match could begin, Humberto Carrillo came out and attacked Garza for his actions last week. The brawl eventually was broken up by security so the match could begin. The match itself was really solid and even looked like Alexander would pick up the victory at some points. Unfortunately a top rope maneuver cost Alexander his chance at victory in this one.

Rhea Ripley is then interviewed by Charly Caruso. When asked about waiting on an answer from Charlotte Flair, Ripley says she doesn’t wait for things. Ripley goes out there and does what she needs to do until getting her way. Caruso attempts to ask about the upcoming title defense with Bianca Belair, but they are interrupted by Sarah Logan.

Logan doesn’t appreciate how Ripley thinks she can just show up on RAW and act like she owns everything. This prompts a “who are you?” from Ripley.

Sara Schreiber is shown is Bobby Lashley and Lana’s locker room, ready to interview them. Lashley is trying to prepare for his match with Ricochet, so Lana answers most of the questions. Lana says Ricochet stole Lashley’s dream. Lashley then promises that Ricochet won’t make it to Super Showdown and Lesnar can thank him for it.

Back at ringside, Sarah Logan is out yelling about defending her turf and she calls out Rhea Ripley.

Rhea Ripley defeated Sarah Logan via Pinfall (Riptide)

Unfortunately, Logan did not defend her turf. This was quick work for the NXT Women’s Champ.

Charlotte Flair was out to watch the match and upon its ending, she exchanged some words with Ripley. Rhea asked if she has an answer for her, after everything that has gone down in the past week still nothing. The Queen simply states that is how she operates.

Flair poses a question for the champ though. What makes Ripley think she will walk out of TakeOver still champion? Flair simply woos to end the segment. Meanwhile, we’re still waiting on her Mania decision.

Ricochet defeated Bobby Lashley via Pinfall (630)

You can imagine how livid Lana was right? What a time. Every time Lashley thought he had Ricochet put away, Ricochet shocked him.

After a commercial, Randy Orton makes his entrance. Orton states that what he did to Edge hurt him more than Edge. Before Orton can continue, Matt Hardy comes out.

Just like everyone else, Hardy wants to know why Orton did it. Of course this is interesting given Hardy’s history with Edge. Hardy then recalls his history with Edge before they hated each other. He talks about the moments spent on the road, just living out their dreams. He mentions inventing the TLC match and stealing the show at multiple Manias.

Hardy goes on to say that when Edge’s dream was taken away from him and he was forced to retire, all the hate he had for him went away. He said he couldn’t imagine being pulled away for the WWE Universe like that. He said Randy took away Edge’s amazing return and he wants to know what the hell is wrong with him.

Of course Orton doesn’t give an explanation and the two men brawl for a bit. Orton hits the RKO and gets out of the ring to grab chairs. Hardy suffers the same fate as Edge. We then go to another commercial, with no real explanation from Orton.

We get a recap of Ruby Riott’s return.

Riott is then interviewed to get an explanation about her actions last week. She says that her and Liv Morgan were best friends, but the thing about best friends is you know everything about the other. Riott knows the real Liv. Liv is a follower and not a leader like she is now trying to portray.

When they were in the Riott Squad, Riott felt like she always had to babysit Liv. So Riott is back to prove that Liv strikes when Ruby says so.

Aleister Black defeated Akita Tozawa via Pinfall (Black Mass)

After the match, Black gets the mic and says he is appreciative of everyone there. He says that he is sure attending the show is a way for people to escape. Black also says he has been feeling like an animal locked up in a cage. He warns his future opponents that they will be stuck inside that cage with him.

We see Becky Lynch return with the ambulance before going to break.

Once we return from break, Lynch is making her way to the ring. Lynch congratulates Baszler for gaining her attention. She warns Baszler that she doesn’t care who she hangs around with, she has gone through everyone. Lynch doesn’t care about settling the score with Baszler, The Man will take her time and dismantle her week by week.

Before the main event begins, Seth Rollins gets a mic. He attempts to speak, but Kevin Owens, Samoa Joe, and the Viking Raiders are sick of hearing him and attack.

Seth Rollins, Murphy, and The AOP defeated Samoa Joe, Kevin Owens, and the Viking Raiders via Pinfall

Byron Sexton said it best, this one was crazy and chaotic. Unfortunately, Rollins was up to his old tricks. Joe had the coquina clutch in on Murphy, but while the ref’s back was turned, hit the Curb Stomp on Joe. This caused Murphy to fall on Joe getting the victory.


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