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WWE Monday Night RAW Results – March 30, 2020

Paige Brearley runs down the results from tonight’s episode of Monday Night RAW.

Back again for another night of empty arena wrestling! Tonight Edge responds to Randy Orton and the WWE Champion will be on.

We open the show with a video recap of things between AJ Styles and the Undertaker. After the video, we are treated to a promo from the Undertaker.

Taker addresses AJ as Allen Jones, so ya know things are getting real! He says AJ is writing checks his ass can’t cash. He also addresses the fact that 10 or 15 years ago, AJ wouldn’t have wanted to try him. “AJ was content being a big fish in a little pond.” Taker lists off the greats and says AJ waited til they were all gone, that is except for him.

Taker says Styles crossed the line when he brought Michelle McCool into this. He even said the Faith Breaker aka the Styles Clash, well McCool did it better. If Styles wants to be relevant at Mania, Taker said he’ll make him famous. Styles, according to Taker, at Mania will suffer and Rest In Peace.

After Taker’s promo, we saw Becky Lynch pull up in her semi truck. Then, commercial break.

Before we hear from the Man, we get another match replay! This time the main event from last year’s Wrestlemania, Becky Lynch vs Charlotte Flair vs Ronda Rousey.

Finally, after the replay, we get to hear from the Man. Apparently, this is the first time Lynch has watched that match back. She said since then, a lot of people have tried to take the title from her. Lynch said Shayna Baszler thinks she is different then the rest.

Becky admits that losing the title would destroy her because she doesn’t know who she would be without it. She went on to say that if Baszler beat her at Mania, Baszler would be able to accomplish something Ronda Rousey couldn’t. That’s Baszler’s demon.

Lynch asked which one Baszler was talking about when she said one of them would be destroyed by a loss. Before Lynch can continue, Shayna Baszler attacked her from behind! Baszler locked in the Kirifuda Clutch and smashed Lynch into the announcers table. Definitely made a statement.

Aleister Black defeated Jason Cade via Pinfall (Black Mass)

Super cool seeing Jason Cade on WWE TV, but this one didn’t last long.

There is a recap of the Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins feud. After that video we were told there would be a six man tag team match next. Then, commercial.

Zelina and Angel Garza make their entrance. Zelina announced the news that US Champion, Andrade suffered an injury. This injury makes him no longer medically cleared for tonight or Mania, so Zelina found a replacement. That replacement? Austin Theory.

The Street Profits and Kevin Owens defeated Angel Garza, Austin Theory, and Seth Rollins via Pinfall (Stunner)

This match was fun! Montez Ford was crazy, almost injured himself during this match it seemed. Although Owens got his team the win, immediately after the bell he was hit with a Curb Stomp by Rollins. We went to another commercial break afterwards.

Upon coming back from break, we found Kevin Owens still in the ring. Owens said that the Performance Center was built despite Rollins, which refuted everything Rollins was saying last week.

Owens said he heard that no one liked Rollins when he was training at FCW. The past few months Rollins has done nothing but prove Owens right. Owens said he is well aware of his own past because he isn’t delusional.

Owens then acknowledged he is man enough to admit his accomplishments weren’t accomplished on his own, he had people watching his back. Rollins on the other had doesn’t admit to any of that. But Owens said neither of their pasts matter come Saturday, yes Saturday.

Owens said he will get his Wrestlemania moment and he will be the one to burn it down.

Before another commercial, we get told Edge will be next.

We come back from break to find Edge somewhere backstage, some dark corner. Edge said that when Randy Orton said Adam Copeland was a junkie for Edge, he was probably right. For Edge that isn’t an ego thing, but more so a passion thing.

He loves the feeling that happens when he enters an arena and the connection he has with the audience. Edge said that if you aren’t a junkie for this, well you are just taking up space and are in his way.

When it comes to grit, Edge said that Orton and him have different definitions. Orton seems to take grit as being hand picked, resting on the family name, and coasting through life. While Edge said he believes grit to be helping someone out of the hole they’ve dug when they may not deserve it. Grit is forging his own Hall of Fame career and thinking how to get back to it for nine years and then doing it.

While Edge was wrong to say Orton was jealous of him, he said Orton is jealous of Edge’s passion. The last time Orton showed this much passion, was nine years ago. Edge said Orton is scared of the sudden passion he has because he doesn’t know how to use it.

Edge ended by saying that Randy dug himself another hole, but this time Edge is going to push him so far into it, he’ll never find his way out.

Asuka defeated Kayden Carter via Submission (Asuka Lock)

Before the match, Asuka had cut a promo in Japanese. We found out the Kabuki Warriors are defending the Women’s Tag Team Titles against Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross this weekend.

After seeing a video of Charlotte Flair attacking Rhea Ripley, we get a replay of Brock Lesnar versus Rey Mysterio from Survivor Series.

When the replay is over, Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman are in the ring. Heyman, after his usual spiel, said that if you look at the go home show before Mania from the past 20 years, Lesnar is the one holding the Championship. Why? Because Lesnar is always the one to beat.

He said that Drew McIntyre has definitely stepped up this year and that he is special. But the thing about being special? So many of Lesnar’s opponents over the years have been special. Heyman listed a few of them including the Rock, John Cena, and the Undertaker.

Heyman ended the show by making a guarantee, Brock Lesnar will be standing in the ring on the go home show next year, as the WWE Champion.


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