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WWE NXT Results – February 12th, 2020

Paige runs down the results from tonights episode of WWE NXT. The go-home show to NXT Takeover Portland!

Tonight is the go home show for NXT and it is bound to be filled with craziness.

We open the show with Roderick Strong calling out Velveteen Dream and his actions last week. Strong said it was disrespectful that Dream put Roddy’s wife and son’s faces on his gear. This leads to Roddy demanding an apology from Dream.

Before he can get that apology, Bronson Reed comes out. Tells Roddy that Dream isn’t the only person he has a problem with and says they are gonna fight right then and there. It’s THiCC Boi Season!!

Roderick Strong defeated Bronson Reed via Pinfall (Knee to the Face)

This one had all sorts of emotions to it. After being attacked last week by Roddy in Undisputed Era’s quest to find Ciampa, Reed had a lot of built up anger. While his anger helped him in the beginning, Reed eventually feel victim to a knee to the face just like last week.

After the match, Velveteen Dream appeared on the tron where we see his ‘Call Me Marina’ gear. Dream asks if Roddy remembers the moment he met Marina. Then he says that he remembers when Strong and the Undisputed Era tried to end his career. While Strong may no longer have he North American Championship, he still has plenty to lose.

After that nugget from Dream, we see a photo of Roddy with Marina and their son Troy. Dream then says that if anything were to ever happen to Roddy, Dream would be there for Marina. This sets Roddy off and he rushes to the back.

We then get a video from the Broserweights. They are trying to come up with a plan to get the three of them to TakeOver Portland. If you are wondering who the third person is, that would be the Dusty Classic trophy of course!

Pete Dunne says that flying isn’t going to work. Matt Riddle then comes up with a plan…ROAD TRIP! Everything is going well for them as we see them begin their trip, with the trophy in the back of the Mustang and everyone is living the life. Well that is until the Bruiserweight gets behind the wheel.

Dunne drives on the wrong side of the road almost getting them into a head on collision! Not long after the tag team see the red and blue lights from a cop car. Next thing we know, the Mustang is being towed away and the Broserweights, along with their trophy, are stranded. Neither men had a driver’s license! So while Riddle couldn’t talk them out of the situation, they are back to square one on getting to Portland.

Cathy Kelley is backstage to interview Angel Garza. Garza said he wasn’t pinned by Jordan Devlin in the fatal four way match when Devlin won the title. To get his title back he will beat Lio Rush one more time.

Lio Rush interrupts the interview. Tells Garza that he isn’t dealing with the same man he beat for the Cruiserweight Championship in December. Rush said he has become faster and stronger, but Garza doesn’t seemed phased.

Dakota Kai defeated Candice LeRae via Rollup

LeRae was out for revenge in this one and started this match with some fast offense. Sadly, her revenge wouldn’t happen as Kai reversed the Garga-No-Escape to pinfall.

After the match, LeRae stalks Dakota around the outside of the ring. This doesn’t end in her favor. They end up by the time keepers area, where Kai grabbed the ring bell and hits LeRae in the stomach with it. As Kai goes to hit her again, Tegan Knox comes through the crowd to take out Kai.

The two rivals had an all out brawl before it was eventually broken up by security.

Johnny Gargano defeated Cameron Grimes via Submission (Garga-No-Escape)

Expecting anything less then a good match between these two is insane. This was just fun to watch and filled with technical wrestling. As soon as Gargano had the submission locked in, Grimes tapped out.

At the end of the match, cameras take us backstage to Adam Cole and Cathy Kelley. Cole is in an angry mood tonight and told Kelley that he will teach Kushida a lesson in their match later.

He moves on to Tommaso Ciampa. Cole said he is tired of the sob story where Ciampa never lost the NXT Championship. While Ciampa has said that the NXT Championship is his life, Cole reminds everyone that, that is the case for him. Come TakeOver Portland Cole said he will do anything to continue to be the greatest NXT Champion in history.

Back to the saga of the Broserweights getting to Portland, they are on a lake! Dunne seems less than thrilled at the current situation and asks if this is Riddle’s plan, a boat. When the cameras zoom out we see they are on a swan paddle boat, its adorable. Riddle said of course not and that he just likes to come to the lake to think. After a few moments, Riddle has a lightbulb moment! We then get a commercial before finding out the next part of the plan.

Back at Full Sail, we see Robert Stone and Chelsea Green in a conference room. Stone told the WWE Universe that powers earned through commitment, vision, and a god like confidence.

He then called out Kayden Carter to let her know in her rematch with Chelsea Green, she will lose. The Robert Stone Brand next week will restart.

Lio Rush defeated Angel Garza via Rollup

He really did get faster, stronger, and smarter. While Garza walked into this one overly confident, Rush outsmarted his opponent and turned the Wing Clipper into a rollup. He will now face Jordan Devlin next week.

Speaking of Devlin, he met Rush at the top of the ramp. He gave Rush his congratulations, but also told him he doesn’t fancy his chances. Remember never bet on an Ace.

We then get an amazing video package narrated by Mark Henry on the two big men in NXT: Keith Lee and Dominik Dijakovic. Go feast your eyes on this video and bask in Henry’s glory. Seriously, this one gave me chills.

Bianca Belair defeated Santana Garrett via Pinfall (KOD)

Bianca is just on another level. While this was a short match, Belair showed us all why she very well could become the NXT Women’s Champion Sunday.

After the match, Belair got a mic. She wondered why Rhea Ripley keeps showing up on Monday Night RAW as if Belair isn’t there. Belair isn’t invisible, she’s right there. She told Ripley that she can keep playing with her because come Sunday she will walk out the new NXT Women’s Champion.

This prompted an appearance from Rhea Ripley. She told Belair that she isn’t overlooking her, but right at her, Come TakeOver she is gonna go right through her. This caused Belair to take a swing. Although she missed, she ended up hitting Ripley with the KOD. Belair stands tall over Ripley.

We go back to Riddle and Dunne and see them on an airport runway. Dunne has no idea how Riddle has pulled this off as they are staring at a private jet. Riddle apparently knows a guy and then told Pete he is gonna have to put the trophy in the boot. Yes, Riddle tried his hand at a British accent….Dunne again not thrilled.

Once Riddle has Pete convinced to crawl into the boot, ya know for the safety of the trophy they can’t have airline workers tossing it about, things get interesting. Bro had to shove Pete into the boot and then crawl in himself because the owner of the plane was coming…Triple H being the owner. It isn’t conventional, but the Broserweights are on the way to Portland!

We really like conference rooms on NXT, as Tommaso Ciampa is in the very room he relinquished Goldie in. As a matter of a fact, Ciampa is watching that very moment on the screen in the conference room.

Overcame with emotions, he said he has gone through a lot of what ifs. Like what if he doesn’t beat Adam Cole on Sunday? What if Cole becomes the longest reigning NXT Champion in history? And the most important what if of all, what if there is someone who can stop that from happening? Like Tommaso Ciampa himself.

He then said that they say a man with nothing to lose is the most dangerous of all. Going into Sunday Ciampa has nothing to lose and everything to gain. Ciampa looks directly into the camera and tells Cole that when he looks into his eyes, he’ll understand that quote.

Adam Cole defeated Kushida via Pinfall (Last Shot)

Cole had no back up in this one, as Bobby and Kyle were en route to Portland and Roddy was dealing with his emotions after the earlier events with Dream. Kushida got what most don’t when facing Cole, an even playing field. This was a fun one to watch and Kushida didn’t make it easy for Cole to get the victory.

After the match Ciampa heads down to the ring. He makes it clear to Cole that Sunday he will get his life back. Cole told Ciampa it’s never gonna happen. We end the show with Ciampa holding Goldie.


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