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WWE NXT Results – June 17, 2020

Paige Brearley runs down the results from tonight’s episode of WWE NXT.

Tonight Tyler Breeze and Fandango have the opportunity to become NXT Tag Team Champions. We’ll also see the NXT return of Sasha Banks and Bayley.

NXT opens with a recap of what happened last week and then commentary hypes up the championship matches.

We also saw the arrival of the Women’s Tag Team champions, Sasha Banks and Bayley. Then, back at ringside we got the entrance of Imperium.

After Imperium got into the ring, it seemed their entrance music played twice…only it was Breeze and Dango! They made their entrance as Emporium, Fabio and Marsupial, disco remix of Imperium’s music and all! No, this did not stop Fandango from dancing.

Imperium defeated Breezango via Pinfall (DDT)

Breezango came so close to winning the NXT Tag Team Championships! Unfortunately, because of chaos on the outside, they failed. Towards the end of the match, Malcom Bivens and Indus Sher came out to “observe” but they were quickly followed by Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan.

During the chaos, Fandango had the pin, but unfortunately for him it was not on the legal man.

After the match, Imperium celebrated at the top of the entrance ramp. All the other teams were still ready for a fight.

Tom Phillips interviewed Velveteen Dream after the tag team match. Dream didn’t like Tom’s question about how he feels about not getting another chance at the NXT Championship. He told Tom he has no recollection of that. As he was talking, Dexter Lumis appeared from behind the couch and dropped off a drawing.

The drawing was of Lumis and Dream as tag team champions. Apparently, Dream said it is all a misunderstanding with Lumis. He is a solo act.

Before commercial break, we saw Damian Priest arrive to Full Sail. It did look like Cameron Grimes was in the background as Priest pulled up. Commentary said he will be facing Killian Dain when we return.

Damian Priest defeated Killian Dain via Pinfall (The Reckoning)

The match was pretty decent and it was nice to see Killian in an NXT ring as it had been awhile. Priest’s back did cause him some issues throughout the match, but he was able to overcome the Belfast Beast and get back on the winning track.

Right before going to commercial, we saw a video from Santos Escobar. In the video he was joined by Joquin Wilde and Raul Mendoza. Santos said that he erased a legacy to begin one of his own. It starts tonight.

When we got back from commercial, we saw a video of Killian Dain heading to the back. Dain was not happy about his loss to Damian Priest and when he saw a very drunk Robert Stone behind the plexiglass, he hit the glass. This caused Stone to fall over.

Alliyah defeated Xia Li via Pinfall (rollup)

It appears that the Robert Stone Brand may still have some life to it. As Alliyah made her entrance, she picked up Stone and put him ringside. This wound up being very helpful. While Li was in control with all her strong kicks, Stone got on the apron and well, he puked in the ring. This distraction led to Alliyah’s victory.

We then saw Timothy Thatcher’s wrestling school, or as he called it “thatch-as-thatch can.” Thatcher seemed to use Eric Bugenhagen as his example for a few holds. Next week apparently the real work begins.

The Undisputed Era have decided to take Rooderick Strong to therapy, at least earlier today they did. Bobby Fish and Adam Cole agreed they will do it the Undisputed Era way, in house. Roddy isn’t super thrilled about anything at the moment.

When Cole and Fish get Roddy to the therapist, it happened to be Kyle O’Reilly in a disguise. He suggested that they do the ink blot test with Roddy. The test started off well at first, but quickly turned into Roddy thinking the blots were Dexter Lumis and a trunk. The “therapist” suggested that Roddy face his fear….face the trunk. To make Cole and Fish happy, Roddy agreed, but as soon as he got to the trunk he couldn’t do it and ran off.

Back at Full Sail, McKenzie Mitchell is with Adam Cole. The hourglass that Scarlett left last week is seen a table in front of them. McKenzie asked what Cole thought it meant. Cole said he thought it was a scare tactic and he knows how this movie plays out. No matter what, Cole comes out as champ.

Keith Lee then interrupted and said that Karrion Kross and Scarlett are right, Cole’s days as champ are numbered. Although it won’t be Kross taking the championship from Cole, it’ll be Lee. Lee then smashed the hourglass. As Cole smirked and walked away, Lee simply said tick tock.

Adam Cole then, after a commercial, was in the ring talking about his 381 day title reign. Cole does not understand why people think they can just throw their name out there and think they will get an opportunity at his NXT Championship. He specifically addressed Karrion Kross. While Kross had a hell of a performance against Tommaso Ciampa at in your house, so has Cole. Kross has been here for like five minutes and Cole said he has a way to go before getting a championship shot.

Cole then addressed Keith Lee. He reminded Lee that he was the first North American Champion and wouldn’t mind holding that title again, say for 381 days? Then everyone can call Cole, Champ Champ BAY BAY!

Keith Lee then made his way out to the ring, but before Lee could get a word out…Johnny Gargano’s music hit. Gargano said it was a cool moment for Lee and Cole, but Gargano doesn’t care about moments anymore…Gargano cares about results. He mentioned pinning Lee last week and said he was coming for the North American Championship, but why stop there? Gargano said he has a goal for Candice LeRae and himself to be the first married couple to hold NXT gold.

Lee asked how LeRae was. Last week when he picked her up, Lee said LeRae thanked him because it was the most action she had seen all year. Yikes! While Gargano was pissed off about that and saying it didn’t happen, Finn Balor decided to join the party.

Balor said that everyone can stop being marks for themselves and now be a mark for him. The Prince reitorated his challenge to Lee from last week. Gargano interrupted him though, reminding Balor he isn’t a triple crown champion. Balor did not care though, told Gargano he is nothing like him because he cuts the line.

Balor got in Lee’s face and told him he would take his title and this was just a warning. Then Balor immediately walked over to Cole and said he would come for him next. Cole reminded Balor that everywhere they have been, Cole has passed him by.

William Regal then appeared on the tron. He told the gentlemen that he loved all their passion and he had an idea. Next week Keith Lee will defend his North American Championship against Johnny Gargano and Finn Balor. Not to leave Cole out, Regal said whoever walks away as North American Champion will go on to face Adam Cole on July 8th. Champion versus Champion. Winner takes all.

Dakota Kai defeated Kayden Carter via Submission

The match started off fairly, but definitely did not stay that way. When it seemed like Carter had a pinning attempt, Gonzalez distracted her. This caused Kacy Catanzaro to try and take out Gonzalez, but she failed. All this led to Kai getting the submission victory.

After the match, Scarlett found the broken hourglass backstage.

Bronson Reed defeated Leon Ruff via Pinfall (Splash)

Reed right out of the gate took Ruff out with a clothesline. Unfortunately for Ruff, he really didn’t stand a chance against the Aussie.

After the match, Reed did something no one else has had the guts to do…he called out Karrion Kross to a match next week. Reed then carried Ruff to the back.

There was a commotion in the parking lot that Tom Phillips wanted us to see. Apparently Damian Priest’s tires had been slashed on his car. Priest was in no mood. Cameron Grimes then drove past and asked if he needed an Uber, Priest wasn’t laughing.

When we came back from commercial, Santos Escobar, Raul Mendoza, and Joaquin Wilde made their entrance. Escobar said that El Hijo de Fantasma was known as the best lucha libre artist ever. He said for twenty years he was just known as a masked lucador, but when he got the opportunity at NXT he knew that had to come to an end.

His father had told him he was a leader and now he is going to make Mendoza and Wilde leaders. Escobar is apparently the leader of leaders. Together they will leave a legacy, Legado del Fantasma.

Drake Maverick interrupted and said Escobar fooled everyone, congratulations. People say Maverick has more guts then brains and they are absolutely right, Maverick attacked all three men. He held his own for a bit, but unfortunately the numbers were just too much. Before commercial, Escobar hit the Phantom Driver on the concrete floor. Maverick had to be stretchered out.

Before the main event, we are shown footage of Maverick being put into the ambulance, where Jake Atlas kept telling him they would make it right.

Sasha Banks and Bayley defeated Shotzi Blackheart and Tegan Nox via Submission (Banks Statement)

The rather new NXT team put up a valiant effort against the NXT legends. If it wasn’t for Bayley bringing a chair into play and Tegan Nox attempting to stop her, there may have been new champions. Instead, with the ref distraction Bayley broke up Blackheart’s submission and Banks turned it into the Banks Statement.

As Bayley and Banks celebrated their victory, the NXT Women’s Champion made her presence known. She took out both Bayley and Sasha and sent them packing! Io made it known that NXT is now her home and it’s not the same NXT that Bayley and Sasha were in.


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