WWE NXT TV Report: 29th January 2014

Hello everyone and welcome to my NXT TV report here at The Wrestling Mania. What a week it has been for NXT with the debut of Alexander Rusev at the Royal Rumble

Hello everyone and welcome to my NXT TV report here at The Wrestling Mania. What a week it has been in the WWE! What a week in the world of NXT it has been too though. We saw Alexander Rusev enter the Royal Rumble.

Rusev did well, I thought. I question him making his debut in the Rumble though. They need to make his character look every bit as dominant as it did NXT, the Rumble wasn’t the place for that. Hopefully though, he can kick on from here.

Also, if you haven’t seen it already, make sure you check out Bayleys emotional promo that emerged on YouTube this week (or that’s when I first saw it). It’s a great watch and shows both her passion for the business and the huge amount of potential she has going forward.

Any other business to discuss? No? OK then, let’s move onto the show for our weekly slice of developmental action from Orlando, Florida.

The Ascension vs. Mike Kuwari & John Icarino – Winners: The Ascension

The NXT tag division is so depleted. I was going to complain about another Ascension squash match after we seemingly moved past them with the matches against The Pitbulls and Hunico and Camacho.

This makes the non-signing of Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards more puzzling. There we had an established team that could potentially bring some fans back to WWE and they could have gauged how well they would eventually do with a mainstream audience. Goes down as a shame in my book and I wish them every success in TNA.

Corey Graves v. Camacho

I’m pleased to see Graves back. I’m looking forward to him going after Neville.

Regal is literally the greatest announcer the E possesses. Hearing emphasise with Graves and his feelings toward Neville and explain them to fans is something that I really enjoy.

Another squash match but they had to do it make Graves look strong again.

Bayley w/ Natalya vs. Sasha Banks w/ Summer Rae & Charlotte – Winner: Bayley

Hey, look! Months after her heel turn, Charlotte’s back! The explanation given was that she’s been vacationing ‘all over the place’. So much wrong.

Anyone else noticed they keep bringing Renee Young out to only announce for Diva’s matches? Bit weird. I like her a lot, I think she’s great. She has great potential to be WWE’s first female announcer but we really don’t need her, or anyone else for that matter, to be an exclusively Diva match commentator.

Bayley goes straight after Charlotte after her slapping her. It’s been so long since that happened that I’m surprised Bayley even remembered.

At least the Divas on the outside actually did something this week.

Although the feud somewhat resumed between Bayley and Charlotte, the story still didn’t progress. The BFFs had the numbers advantage and Bayley still won. To me, Summer keeping Nattie busy and Charlotte costing Bayley the victory would have made a lot more sense.

The ladies did the best they could under the circumstances but highly questionable booking ruined it for me.

Colin Cassady vs. Tyler Breeze – Winner: Tyler Breeze

After singing with Aiden English and now taking selfies with Tyler Breeze, Cassady’s gimmick is doing other peoples gimmicks?

Once we got going, I liked the aggression showed by Breeze.

Impressive Big Boot from Cass.

I thought the interruption by English was excellent. Rather than simply playing some music and being distracted, as has happened so often on the main roster, Cass was concerned for his vulnerable friend.

The Beauty Shot coming from almost off-screen was good too. It showed me that Cass was so concerned for his friend that he never really saw it coming until it was too late.

CJ Parker vs. The Miz – Winner: The Miz

Before it starts, I have no interest in seeing this match whatsoever. I also have no memory of Parker slapping Miz last week?

I have nothing more to say about that than it was every bit as dull as I was anticipating.

Adrian Neville & Bo Dallas – NXT Championship Contract Signing

I liked that Dallas didn’t come out when he was told to. A champion arrives precisely when he means to.

We haven’t seen this kind of intensity from Dallas before and it showed a different side to him. It demonstrated that even though he is as narcissistic as he is, even Dallas knows how much of a threat Neville is.

I think Neville will win the title on the live show but I’m almost sad about that. Dallas has been on another level for the last month or so and I would like to see more of his run.

Bo Dallas vs. Danny Burch – Winner: Bo Dallas

Intentional or not, and I want to believe it was, it’s clever to have Bo Dallas squash an Englishman before his match with Neville.

Dallas was dominant in the ring but he rarely took his eyes of off his real opponent, sat at ringside. Great psychology.

The match got a boring chant. I couldn’t disagree more. The match served a purpose but perhaps played out better on TV than it did live in the arena.

After the match, Dallas signed the contract on his own terms.

This segment had me looking forward to their match on the historic episode of NXT.

Overall Show

This edition was a bit of a mixed bag really. We got the same old thing from The Ascension, with no improvement in sight. It was great to see Corey Graves come back and I look forward to what will probably be a feud for the NXT title between him and Adrian Neville.

We saw some terrible storytelling in the Bayleys vs. The BFFs match but then some good storytelling in the Cass vs. English feud. The Miz had a pointless match with CJ Parker that got little reaction.

We then closed with an intense display from the ever-improving Bo Dallas. He and Neville have done everything possible to have me looking forward to their title showdown and both deserve all the credit coming their way.

With that, we have drawn another edition of NXT to a close. As always, these are my opinions on the show. Be sure to let me know yours in the comments section below. Also look out for my upcoming article on Emma joining the main roster. Thanks for reading, folks!

– By Richard Thompson | @AnacondaVise88


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