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WWE Smackdown Results: June 26th, 2020

We take a look back at the legendary career of The Undertaker whilst Jeff Hardy takes on King Corbin.

We began the show with a video of important moments and memories from the illustrious career of the Undertaker. Moments like the Brothers of Destruction, Hell in a Cell with Mick Foley, and many Wrestlemania entrances.

After seeing the current Smackdown roster pay a tribute to Taker, with a ‘Thank You Taker’ chant, we see the Boneyard Match again.

Once the Boneyard Match was over, we went back to ringside where King Corbin had the mic. Corbin didn’t have anything nice to say about Taker. Corbin said they called it a Boneyard match because Taker is an old bag of bones. Then said for most of Taker’s 30 year career he spent kissing the ass of a certain family.

Corbin said Undertaker has been protected by the owners of the company for years. Even said that for the last 20 years he had been stealing money from the company. Corbin isn’t happy about anyone paying tribute to Taker. His finally thought is that Mark Callaway sucks. This is when Jeff Hardy took the opportunity to shut Corbin up.

When we came back from break, Sasha Banks and Bayley joined commentary for the Fatal Four way match to determine the number one contender for Bayley’s women’s championship.

Nikki Cross defeated Lacey Evans, Dana Brooke, and Alexa Bliss via Pinfall (Roll up)

As per most matches of this kind, there was a bit of chaos and alliances formed. In the end, the woman from Glasgow, Scotland got what may be seen as a surprise victory. The commentary of Bayley and Sasha was a tad fun to have as well.

Yes, after the match Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss were still friends. Bliss celebrated her friend’s victory with her, while Bayley yelled at Cross.

Before a commercial, The New Day, Lucha House Party, Miz and Morrison, Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura were backstage. Michael Cole informed us there will be an eight person tag team match when we got back from commercial.

We saw more tributes to The Undertaker before the tag team match. The tributes included words from Triple H and Shawn Michaels.

The New Day and Lucha House Party defeated Miz and Morrison, Cesaro, and Shinsuke Nakamura via Pinfall

The match was fun and featured a lot of good teamwork by both sides. Gran Metalik was the one to get the pin on Miz after some rope work.

After basically seeing a ghost last week, Braun Strowman had some words for Bray Wyatt. The Universal Champion told us about the first time he met Wyatt and the fear he felt.

He then told us about a time at the swamp where Wyatt had an encounter with a snake. Wyatt got bit by that snake repeatedly and Strowman knew he was in the presence of evil. This is around the time Strowman started doing the devil’s work and he loved it…even still does.

He said he has tried to lock that part of him up, but it calls to him. Strowman then challenged Wyatt to a match at the swamp. He knows this match will end one of two ways; he’ll either come out satisfied or the most evil son of a bitch anyone has ever seen.

Before our main event, we got a few more words about Taker from Batista and Mick Foley.

Jeff Hardy defeated King Corbin via Pinfall (Swanton Bomb)

After speaking ill of the Deadman, Corbin had his hands full with Jeff Hardy. Corbin took control early on and held that control for most of the match. Towards the end of the match, the Smackdown roster were ringside to cheer on Jeff Hardy.

After his victory, Hardy was attacked by King Corbin. Thankfully the New Day decided to make the save, as Big E hit the Big Ending. Then The New Day and Hardy called for Braun Strowman to enter the ring, which he gladly did. After Strowman hit the running powerslam, Hardy invited Matt Riddle into the ring.

We ended Smackdown with a picture of Taker on the tron and the Superstars showing their respects to his career.


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