WWE SmackDown TV Report: 7th February 2014

WWE SmackDown TV Report: 7th February 2014. This weeks show featured Antonio Cesaro vs. Daniel Bryan and The Shield vs. Kofi Kingston & Dolph Ziggler.

Des Moines, Iowa 

After another crazy week of fan frenzy and speculation the wrestling community is still unsure what is happening in the WWE. Punk seems to have walked out for real and Bryan at this point is not in the main event at WrestleMania. Either way one thing is for sure the show must go on.

Kofi Kingston and Dolph Ziggler vs. Dean Ambrose and Roman Reign’s w/Seth Rollins on commentary.

Ambrose teams up with Reigns for the first time in two man tag competition. After a good start from Dolph, The Shield take control of the match. Seth Rollins (on commentary) continues to claim there is no crack within the shield and they are still a united force. Meanwhile back in the ring Kofi eventually gets the tag after being punished by Ambrose and Reigns. Dolph isn’t able to do much better and ends up getting a devastating Superman Punch followed up by a Spear from Reigns. Reigns tags in Ambrose and allows him to pin Dolph as a nod to Ambrose stealing the pin on Monday night. After the match the Wyatt’s cut another promo against the shield.

Daniel Bryan makes his way to the ring and speaks about his win against Randy Orton on Monday Night Raw and Kane’s interference after the match. Daniel Bryan calls Kane out and tries to remind Kane that they were once friends. Bryan tells Kane to go and take off his tie and the suit and go and get his mask. Kane tells Bryan that those days are over and he and Bryan are not friends. Bryan tells Kane to walk down the ramp and get in the ring and face him. Kane tells Bryan that won’t happen but instead he will face Antonio Cesaro tonight.

Nikki Bella accompanied by Brie Bella vs AJ Lee accompanied by Tamina Snuka. 

Nikki gets the majority offence in this match until AJ capitalises due to outside interference from Tamina. AJ applies the Black Widow and wins by submission.

Backs stage Titus O’Neil cuts a promo with Renee Young. After the Promo Darren Young attacks Titus in revenge for what Titus did to him on Monday Night.

Daniel Bryan vs Antonio Cesaro accompanied by Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger 

I was excited for this match and it didn’t disappoint. As you would imagine two good wrestlers have a very good wrestling match. Cesaro dominates with his power and strength whilst Daniel counters with his speed and agility. Bryan manages to take out Swagger on the outside with a Running Knee off the apron. After a couple of near falls Bryan applies the Yes Lock in spectacular fashion and makes Cesaro tap out. After the match Kane makes his way down to the ring. Cesaro attacks Bryan from behind and delivers the Neutraliser, Kane then delivers another punishing Choke Slam to Bryan.

Sheamus vs Ryback accompanied by Curtis Axel 

This match kind of took me by surprise; at first it started as a regular squash match but once Ryback started to fight back I thought this was a pretty decent match. These are two big powerhouses in the ring but doing some very impressive spots. At one point Ryback attempts a big splash from the top rope but Sheamus rolled out of the way to avoid getting crushed. Sheamus attempts the Brogue kick and ends up getting Power Bombed by Ryback. Eventually Sheamus manages to find his feet and picks up the victory with a Brogue Kick. Im not saying it was a great match but it was better than I was expecting.

Goldust accompanied by Cody vs Bray Wyatt accompanied by Erick Rowan and Luke Harper 

Another good match not too many big spots but a decent match. Bray looked strong which I’m guessing was the point really so it didn’t disappoint. Bray picks up the win after Goldust becomes distracted by an attack on Cody on the outside. Bray delivers Sister Abigail’s kiss to Goldust and covers him for the victory. After the match the Shield cut a Promo on the big screen against the Wyatt’s in the ring.

Christian vs Randy Orton 

This match was really dull to begin with and I was beginning to think I was going to completely hate it. At one point early on in the match Randy grabs the microphone and attempts to anger the crowd by telling them he is upset because due to the bad weather he is stranded in their town and he hates their town because ‘it sucks’. This felt really out of place in the middle of the match but it did seem to wake up the crowd. The rest of the match was good from this point on and the crowd sounded like they were really into it. The match goes back and forth Christian delivers some high flying moves to the outside and inside the ring. The match finishes when Randy counters a Cross Body from the second turnbuckle with an RKO. Orton wins.

I actually enjoyed this episode of SmackDown. The only thing that really let it down was just the lack of storytelling, everything seems a little disjointed at the moment. The direction or motivation for most of the talent is not clear at the moment. Apart from that I thought that most of the matches were good with decent wrestling and all the wrestlers that needed to get over got over.

– By Sebastian Bowen


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