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WWE Starrcade 2018 Results – Historic Pay-Per-View Gets Debut Airing On WWE Network

Daniel McIver gives his review of WWE’s one hour television special of their ‘Starrcade’ event in Cleveland, Ohio; featuring AJ Styles versus Samoa Joe for the WWE Championship in a steel cage.

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A name synonymous with the National Wrestling Alliance and World Championship Wrestling has been recently picked up by the WWE as a special yearly house show event.

This year, WWE opted to air a special one hour show the day after on the WWE Network. With a steel cage match, make-shift tag team matches and even a live concert with The Nature Boy, it was certainly a mixed bag. But was it worth a watch? Let’s find out.


Elias and Ric Flair’s Concert

Grade: B-

Thoughts: This kinda just feels like a waste of a segment eh? The potential was certainly here with WWE’s greatest superstar of all time…being paired with Ric Flair was always going to be good but the fact that the entire segment was just weirdly used to hype the random eight woman tag match seemed weird. The highlights being how absolutely ecstatic Flair was that his segment involved women and the fact that WWE management are clearly insanely high on Elias to allow him time with a two-time Hall of Famer. Still- could have been a bit more.


Nia Jax, Tamina, Mickie James and Alicia Fox vs Sasha Banks, Bayley, Ember Moon and Dana Brooke

Result: Sasha Banks, Bayley, Ember Moon and Dana Brooke wins

Grade: C-

Thoughts: This was just kind of a bit rubbish. It very much felt like every woman was just chucked into one match in order for all of them to have something to do, which is totally fine, it just wasn’t very enjoyable. Nia still getting an insane amount of heat though.



Miz TV w/ Rey Mysterio and Shinsuke Nakamura

Grade: C+

Thoughts: Why was Rey needlessly a dick to Miz at the start? Miz literally hyped him up and then Rey just was horrible to him for NO reason. Poor showing Rey. Also; Nakamura isn’t a child. Just because he’s Japanese doesn’t mean he has no understanding of the English language and English things. That was annoying. But Miz is…The Miz so he made this segment passable.



Shinsuke Nakamura vs Rey Mysterio/Shinsuke Nakamura and The Miz vs Rey Mysterio and Rusev

Result: Rey and Rusev win via pinfall

Grade: B

Thoughts: I’m just lumping these two segments together as the first wasn’t really a match in the full effect. This was actually great though; it’s clear instantly that Shinsuke and Rey have natural chemistry together so I’d be really interested to see a feud with them going forward. Rusev getting to be a full-on face is great to see as everyone has wanted to love him for so long. Fun stuff.



AJ Styles vs Samoa Joe- Steel Cage Match

Result: Styles wins via submission

Grade: A-

Thoughts: This was actually one of my favourite Styles/Joe encounters that we’ve had actually; it was a lot of fun. Joe was allowed to properly showcase his dominant side- constantly throwing Styles into the cage and torturing him which also made everyone want Styles to eventually win, classic stuff. It’s legitimately weird by the way to see AJ not have that WWE title around his waist and made the impact of Bryan winning even bigger. I didn’t like the finish as Joe has tapped out AGAIN. I saw a statistic that Joe hasn’t won a PPV match since Extreme Rules 2017…18 months ago which is insanely depressing: here’s hoping they have something in the future for him. But still; a fun main.



Overall Thoughts: I totally understand this was a house show but I don’t really understand why they didn’t just…show the entire show. By the sounds of it; it was a lot of fun and fans in attendance really enjoyed themselves. This one hour show, whilst largely enjoyable, just felt incredibly pointless and weirdly out-with WWE’s internal canon. Very strange!


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