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WWE Super Show-Down 2018 Results – Undertaker and Triple H Face Off For The Last Time Down Under

Check out the results and review from Daniel McIver of WWE Super Show-Down, including the last time ever confrontation between ‘The Game’ Triple H and ‘The Phenom’ The Undertaker, with Shawn Michaels and Kane in their respective corners.

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WWE went to Australia in another huge international event, and 75,000 in the MCG to see scores settled, superstars return to the ring and two legends square up for the final time. But did Super Show-Down fit the bill?


The New Day (c) vs The Bar- WWE Smackdown Live Tag Team Championship Match

Result: New Day retain via pinfall

Grade: C+

Thoughts: This was fun! It wasn’t at the usual level of New Day matches but, as this is essentially a glorified house show, that isn’t that surprising. Not having Big E in the match hurt it a bit for me; I always like the fast and strong dynamic the New Day have but the story of Woods and Kingston having to outsmart the strength advantage of Sheamus and Cesaro was the complete right decision. New Day obviously retained, as I imagine pretty much every champion will do, and we’ll have to wait to see where the pancake boys go next!


Becky Lynch (c) vs Charlotte- WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship Match

Result: Charlotte wins via disqualification- Becky Lynch retains her championship

Grade: B

Thoughts: This was the best match both women have had against each other. What felt like more of a fight than a match; Becky and Charlotte absolutely brought it to Australia. Spots such as the elevated transition into the armbar, both high-risk spots missing the mark and the excellent selling of both of Charlotte’s spears. The finish works very well; this show is not going to be used as the blow-off for any matches, realistically. The finish allows a continuation all the way to, hopefully, Evolution where both these women can main event.


Elias and Kevin Owens vs John Cena and Bobby Lashley

Result: Cena and Lashley win via pinfall

Grade: D+

Thoughts: Elias played ‘Thunderstruck’ and was still booked to lose. Is there nothing sacred in this world? Elias and Owens are an absolutely fantastic pairing; both guys who know exactly how to work the crowd and are clearly having the most amount of fun you can possibly have. Lashley didn’t have Rush so naturally; had nothing going for him. Cena looks in absolutely ridiculous shape but is GOING BALD. SHOCK. The match went exactly the way you’d think it would; Cena and Lashley won clean BUT- I hate that ‘Sixth Move of Doom’, it’s so stupid, the grade is pushed down because of that. We move on- not before however; with Cena’s hair like that, he looks like the body double of JBL…just food for thought.


The Iconics vs Asuka and Naomi

Result: Iconics win via pinfall

Grade: C-

Thoughts: Why are they making Asuka dance and do special handshakes? JUST LET HER KICK PEOPLE. The Iconics are absolutely fantastic and legitimately hilarious; I’m glad they actually used their homefield advantage and didn’t run down their own crowd just for the sake of cheap heat. Having them win is a really lovely moment; they fully deserve it. Now please allow Asuka to go back killing people.


AJ Styles (c) vs Samoa Joe- WWE Championship Match- No DQ, no count-outs; there must be a winner

Result: Styles retains via submission

Grade: A-

Thoughts: It perhaps went on for a bit too long but this was the first PPV quality match of the night. Thankfully; they went down the route of a bare knuckle brawl for most of the match, as it should have been. A story this personal and a feud this ‘real’- it couldn’t have just been a classic wrestling match to the quality both men usually put on. The brutality of Joe’s chops, then the stiff chair shots to both me, to the brutal table spot which then allowed Styles to target Joe’s leg. The constant to-and-frowing between submissions helped keep the tension palpable throughout the match and it culminated in a finish…that I don’t really know how to feel about. It’s fantastic in the sense that it’s a clear end to the story and AJ is on top but I’m not totally sure about Joe tapping…not angry about it though! Really, really good and it should have closed the show.


The Riott Squad vs Ronda Rousey and The Bella Twins

Result: Rousey and The Bellas win via submission

Grade: C-

Thoughts: This was also…fine. There were quite a few moments of mis-communication by a multitude of people within the match but it absolutely served its purpose. They referenced the Liv concussion which was slightly surprising but the main story of the match was how great Ronda Rousey is. She’s been the best thing about WWE this year and hasn’t put a foot wrong. I really hope she’s not facing Nikki Bella as is rumoured at Evolution but we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.


Cedric Alexander (c) vs Buddy Murphy- WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match

Result: Murphy wins via pinfall- New champion crowned

Grade: A+

Thoughts: This was the match of the night. I’ve been a huge fan of Buddy Murphy ever since his time in NXT and I’ve been waiting for so, so long for people to realise how incredible he truly is. Ever since he made his debut on 205 Live, I’ve been crying out for WWE to take notice and actually give him the belt. And they finally did it. I want to take NOTHING away from Cedric Alexander; he’s an absolutely flawless in ring talent but he just doesn’t have a character. Buddy has the mic skills, the in-ring ability and the fantastic character to form a perfect package. This was an utterly fantastic match that had something for everyone; if you haven’t been watching 205 Live, this is the quality you’ve been missing out on every single week. Buddy is no longer the best kept secret; because everyone knows now.


The Shield vs Braun Strowman, Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre

Result: The Shield win via pinfall; Dean Ambrose gets the pin

Grade: C

Thoughts: Again, this seemed to go on for a bit too long for my liking and it took the crowd a really, really long time to get into it but when it did- it was alright. The story, of course, was whether or not Dean Ambrose was going to turn on the rest of the Shield. And with Roman accidentally hitting Dean with the Superman Punch and then Ambrose standing on the apron for 30 seconds before attacking Braun; it did that. The main issue I had was that the majority of the match just seemed to be Seth Rollins getting destroyed; past when a hot tag would have been more effective. I don’t know what it is but The Shield this year just isn’t clicking for me. The result was, of course, the right one and we’ll see where we go from here with each one of these men as a unit and as individuals.


Daniel Bryan vs The Miz- Winner gets a shot for the WWE Championship

Result: Bryan wins suddenly via pinfall                  

Grade: F

Thoughts: What was the point in that? Who actually decided that was the right decision?! I totally accept Bryan winning, even though that’s not the story I would have done, but that quick?! It’s clear that Miz got his shoulder up so he has fault with the decision and reason for wanting a re-match but…what has happened to this feud?! It was the hottest thing in wrestling and then, since Summerslam, it has just taken a complete nosedive. Awful.


The Undertaker vs Triple H

Result: Triple H wins via pinfall

Grade: D-

Thoughts: It was just four old men shuffling around each other. That’s all this was. Pointless shuffling. I was never excited for this match prior to the show but I did hope it proved me wrong. It really, really didn’t. It was slow, sluggish with little substance. The no DQ stipulation allowed it more freedom than a usual match but it didn’t even really help in that sense. The finish was a nice reference to their Mania 28 match but I just more thankful it ended. Kane was pointless- had absolutely no point in being out there. Shawn’s bald- nothing is happy anymore. The attack at the end was predictable after we knew about the tag match happening in Saudi Arabia with a pairing of Taker and Kane constantly looking at each other deciding when to attack them both. AHHHHHHHHHHH.


Overall Thoughts: I had no hype going into this show and was somehow still disappointed. Apart from Becky vs Charlotte, Joe vs Styles and Murphy vs Alexander; the show was really, really boring. The Iiconics getting their moment was really nice as well but nothing else felt enjoyable. It just felt like a glorified house show but, a poor house show at that. If this is the indication of what Crown Jewel is going to be like…I may have to contemplate watching it.


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