WWE Superstars TV Report: 13th March 2014

Superstars continues to try to be more relevant in its new slot on the Network. Alberto Del Rio gets what I think has to be his Superstars debut this week. He’s made noises about it but I can see him leaving the company when his contract is up – you know you’re doomed when your week’s TV work is on this show.

Sin Cara vs. Alberto Del Rio

Now that Hunico has had this huge tattoo emblazoned across his right shoulder, there’s no fooling the kids anymore that this Sin Cara isn’t the same as the old one. I’d guess they’re keeping the gimmick going while this Scooby Doo DVD release is doing the rounds. He’s also looking heavy around the waist and, although he’s good, this character with this move-set doesn’t really suit him. And, of course, as they lock up the lights turn to yellow and blue.

Del Rio does what he does best; he beats Sin Cara up with stiff punches and kicks and tries to stem his speed. Del Rio’s a good dastardly heel and he looks dangerous when he lets go but I always felt that WWE never really went all the way with him in the way that they could have. Sin Cara eventually catches him in a sloppy hurricanrana and barely drop kicks him through the ropes. He hits a tope through the ropes and rolls him back into the ring where Del Rio regains command.

Some weird camera work on this match; they barely use the hard cam and so it’s all quick cut shots from the handheld cameras around the ring. Del Rio works over Sin Cara with a suplex, a backbreaker but gets caught in a tornado DDT that sends them both to the mat. These two don’t really work that well together; Del Rio struggles to take the hurricanrana that Sin Cara uses next and so it looks slack as is the timing of the Senton that Sin Cara then misses.

The finish sees Del Rio barely lift his leg to hit a superkick on Sin Cara who is just recovering on the mat. A nothing match. I worry about Del Rio and where he’s headed.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio via pinfall in 4:15.

There’s a huge Raw Rebound next which included Hogan’s promo about the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royale at WrestleMania. He’s botched two in two promos now: here he said that “3 men” would compete in the ring at Mania; last time out he stumbled over the terms ‘WWE Universe’ and ‘WWE Network’. Been away too long? Too old? Too complacent? We also get a really long rehash of the Heyman, Lesnar and Undertaker angles from the last few weeks, including this week’s in full.

Total Divas advert. By the looks of it, this is going to kill Summer Rae for a lot of people.

Fandango and Summer Rae are out next. Fandango seems to have some new dance steps. Ziggler is out to face him tonight. Wow the crowd were into Ziggler here.

Fandango (w/ Summer Rae) v Dolph Ziggler

So, apparently Summer Rae is going to be starring alongside The Miz in The Marine 4. Because of course the world needs more shoe-string budget, straight to DVD action thrillers where underwhelming military ‘rebels’ with a devil may care attitude take on generic terrorist militia groups, single-handedly. Anyway, Fandango takes the early going here and gets thrown outside as we go to the break.

Fandango has Ziggler in a chinlock as we come back from the commercials. He tries to break out but gets hit with a knee. Ziggler wriggles out of a suplex attempt and charges but Fandango gets in another knee and chokes Ziggler on the bottom rope as Rae slaps him in the face. Ziggler takes a few elbows in the middle of the ring, kicks out of a cover and Fandango returns to the rest hold.

The fans are really into Ziggler in Memphis. He does have that about him in some cities, certainly I can remember the huge reaction when he cashed in East Rutherford and the place went nuts, as they did when he faced Cena at TLC 2012. Ziggler escapes the dreaded chin lock with the help of the crowd but eats a spinning heel kick but kicks out of the pin at two.

We then go to a series of near falls: Ziggler with a neckbreaker ; Fandango dodges the Fameasser and rolls up Ziggler; Ziggler then does hit the Fameasser; Ziggler goes for the Zig Zag but Fandango dodges and hits a sitout scoop slam. The finish sees Ziggler slip under Fandango’s legs who eats the Zig Zag.

A fine Superstars match. Both are very good in the ring but aren’t in programmes at the moment. I would suggest that Fandango is due a push and that Ziggler may get one more push when or if he does what he’s told.

Winners: Dolph Ziggler via pinfall (6:30)

The show finishes with video package of the wonderful Occupy Raw segment from Monday.

 By James Cox | @wweukblog


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