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WWWF USA Heavyweight Championship

[box type=”info” align=”alignleft” ]The WWWF USA Heavyweight Championship (often just referred to as the WWWF United States Championship) was a singles title used sporadically in the World Wide Wrestling Federation between 1963 and 1977. During the variable periods in which it was used, the title served as the promotion’s secondary singles championship to the WWWF World Heavyweight Championship.
After the title was retired for good, it was replaced with the WWF North American Heavyweight Championship as the promotion’s secondary title. This title has no connection to the current WWE United States Championship, the lineage of which dates back to the NWA/WCW United States Heavyweight Championship originally created in 1975 in Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling.
The full name listed on the physical belt did read World Wide Wrestling Federation USA Heavyweight Championship[/box]



13Bobo Brazil7February 19, 1971Harrisburg, PAHouse showBrazil was awarded the title by the WWWF. He was also the final champion after the WWF abandoned the title in March 1976.
VacantFebruary 8, 1971Pedro Morales vacates WWWF USA Title after winning the WWWF World Title.
12Pedro Morales1January 7, 1971Los Angeles, CAHouse showPedro Morales defeated Freddie Blassie in a tournament final.
VacantDecember 29, 1970
11Bobo Brazil6February 10, 1967Washington DCHouse show
10The Sheik2January 20, 1967Boston, MAHouse show
9Bobo Brazil5November 24, 1965House show
8The Sheik1September 22, 1965Detroit, MIHouse show
7Bobo Brazil4August 24, 1964Trenton, NJHouse show
6Ray Stevens1June 18, 1964House show
5Bobo Brazil3October 22, 1963Newton Square, PAHouse show
4Johnny Barend2September 11, 1963Baltimore, MDHouse show
3Bobo Brazil2July 9, 1963Philadelphia, PAHouse show
2Johnny Barend1June 8, 1963Philadelphia, PAHouse show
1Bobo Brazil1April 6, 1963CaliforniaHouse showBobo Brazil is recognized as the first United States Heavyweight champion.



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