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30 What-If Moments From This Year’s Royal Rumble

Forget the Super Bowl. Forget The World Series. Hell, even forget the World Cup. When it comes to exciting action and compelling drama, nothing comes close to the Royal Rumble.

A 30 Man or Woman battle royal which lasts approximately 60 minutes with superstars entering at timed intervals. Elimination can occur when an opponent is thrown over the ropes with both feet touching the floor. The winner gets a World Championship Match at WrestleMania. They used to get the main event there too, but since the likes of The Rock, Undertaker and Brock Lesnar became available that has gone by the wayside.

The Royal Rumble is one of the greatest nights on the WWE calendar mainly due to its sheer unpredictability. Anything can, and usually does happen. Hell, one year bookies even had odds on the current President of the United States Donald Trump winning the whole thing. It was actually less odds than you’d have had on Leicester City winning the Premier League Title. Think about that for a moment.

So, with the Royal Rumble event fast approaching I thought it would be a fun idea to look ahead to the prestigious event and ask 30 little What If questions that could possibly happen live this Sunday….

What If Brock Lesnar Wins The Whole Thing?

Could happen, folks. Vince is high on Brock, as we know, and I wouldn’t put this past the tyrannical chairman. Hell, he booked Lesnar to conquer the Streak for crying out loud. However, I think cooler heads will prevail, and he will be thrown out by his eventual WrestleMania opponent. If he does win it, a clash with The Fiend to unify the titles will headline on the Grandest Stage Of Them All. Maybe it’s not such a bad idea after all.

What If CM Punk Returns?

Fans will inevitably be disappointed because he isn’t going to be winning it. We all know if he does come back, his WrestleMania opponent will be Seth Rollins or Triple H, neither of which will be holding a title come to the big dance. Chances of Punk showing up are slim to none, but if he does it will be a huge pop for sure.

What If Hulk Hogan Returns?

The Hulkster has teased a return to the ring for some quite some time, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him show up at the Rumble and make The Beast job to him. If he does return to action, I’m sure his ex-wife will be calling her lawyers to make sure the will is made up.

What If Tyson Fury Makes An Appearance?

Despite him having a major Heavyweight boxing fight with Deontay Wilder in February, I wouldn’t put it past Tyson Fury to appear at the Rumble. For once he won’t have to worry about if his opponents are taking steroids and performance enhancers. He will know they do.

What If Daniel Bryan Topples The Fiend?

This one is apparently a cert to happen as a way to surprise fans in the know. I would say Vince McMahon will burn in hell for such a ludicrous booking decision, but I’m an atheist so we’ll all just be worm food. Still shouldn’t do it though.

What If Baron Corbin Beats Roman Reigns Again?

He most probably will in order to get more heat. Jeez, if the guy gets any more heat we’ll have to consider him a prime reason for global warming. Corbin made a derogatory comment regarding the AEW Women’s Division which reminded of something my dad used to say – stupidity is like death, only painful for others.

What If Asuka Beats Becky Lynch For The Second Straight Year?

They’ll have a bloody riot on their hands. I’d be amazed if this happened, though. The result not the riot, it is Texas after all. Becky will win and prove why The Man is the best woman in WWE. No wonder non-fans don’t get this crap.

What If Ronda Rousey Returns To Win The Royal Rumble Match?

She’s currently the favourite to win, so I’m gonna say there’s a pretty good chance of this one happening. She may be the baddest woman on the planet, but this last year she’s had the baddest luck. It’s been so bad, a Royal Rumble win would be good way to go all ‘new year, new me’.

What If Kofi Kingston Wins The Men’s Royal Rumble Match?

The ultimate redemption story. It won’t happen though. Many people call Vince McMahon racist. I won’t have that. He’s not racist at all. To prove it, I’m gonna list all the black wrestlers who have won the prestigious Royal Rumble event over the last 30 plus years. You got The Rock. You got….. Hey, they can’t win every year.

What If It Comes Down To Seth Rollins And Roman Reigns?

I think the fans would solidly be in the corner of Roman Reigns. If someone had told me that two years ago, I’d have thought they were smoking something. But it’s amazing how WWE booking can ruin even the biggest of stars.

What If Big Show Turns On Kevin Owens?

shrugs shoulders. What else is new? Big Show has turned on more partners than Bill Clinton. But he’s the World’s Largest Athlete so he can get away with anything. Pretty much how America have survived for so long.

What If John Cena Returns?

Hollywood has told him not to bother coming back. It’s been over a year since Cena last wrestled for WWE, who’d have thought that back when he was calling The Rock a sell-out for leaving wrestling behind?

What If Edge Makes A Comeback?

He will probably win the whole thing. I do hope he doesn’t come back though. This is a guy who was forced to retire in 2011 due to a severe neck injury, and now he’s going to get in there with Brock Lesnar. A trip to Suplex City and Paul Heyman will be playing basketball with an Edge head.

What If Cain Valesquez Vanquishes The Beast?

Then we will get the WrestleMania match none of us want. We all know the moment we’ll get on the big stage is Cain surprising Lesnar with Luchador moves because Brock won’t have watched any tapes of his opponent elsewhere. Hell, he doesn’t even watch Raw and he’s their champion.

What If Braun Strowman Eliminates More Men Than Anyone?

It won’t mean anything even if he does. The ship has sailed on his push, quite frankly. He is today’s Big Show, but with less charisma and even less ability in the ring. And that is saying something.

What If The Undertaker Rises From The Dead?

At this point, he’s had more comebacks than Robert Downey J. He is The Phenom and we all love him, but for crying out loud, when is he going to retire? Even Terry Funk is like, “Come on Deadman, time to call it a day”.

What If An NXT Star Wins The Royal Rumble?

Stranger things have happened. Hell, Maven eliminated Undertaker back in 2003. Shinsuke Nakamura actually won a Royal Rumble. I think Drew Carey even appeared in one and became a Hall Of Famer out of it. So yes, an NXT performer can win it but don’t hold your breath.

What If Miz & Morrison Become Tag Team Champions?

It will be fun, but nothing is ever the same twice. We’ve been there and done it. It’s only so many times you can go back to that well before it becomes dryer than Charlie Sheen in January.

What If Sasha Banks Turns On Bayley?

I’d love to see this, but she seems to be relishing her heel role and sucking up to Vince McMahon. She’s quickly become the female Brock Lesnar; by that I mean an obnoxious person who does the bare minimum and expects to get praise for it. Kind of like Eric Bischoff too.

What If Roman Reigns Turns Heel?

It would be the best thing that’s happened in WWE since the Attitude Era. We all know it should happen, but it doesn’t mean it will. Just like we know The Usos should stop driving.

What If Drew McIntyre Enters At Number Two And Throws Brock Lesnar Out?

WWE would have a megastar on their hands. What’s more likely to happen is McIntyre gets taken to Suplex City and dumped out before a former UFC star shows him how it’s done. Real sport stars beat WWE stars all the time even if said WWE star is twice the size of the UFC star. No enhancement needed.

What If The Women Steal The Show?

It shouldn’t come as a surprise if they do. Becky Lynch may have had a sketchy main event run since capturing the Women’s Championship but she is still more than capable of delivering when the lights are on brightest. Expect The Man to steal the show this Sunday. Who else we gonna rely on, Baron Corbin? Christ, I’d rather watch AEW.

What If NXT Invade The Royal Rumble?

If rumours are to believed of no NXT involvement, then this would be the perfect opportunity to have an invasion and make sure there’s no Royal Rumble winner. That would certainly get the world talking and also save us from another Roman Reigns road to WrestleMania story. That story has been rewritten more times than the bible.

What If Shane McMahon Enters His First Royal Rumble Match?

I guarantee you he will get a massive pop. Vince McMahon is right about one thing – fans have short memories. The self-proclaimed best in the world may even win the whole thing. Hey, the guy is crazy enough to willingly jump off a 30-foot structure, getting in Brock Lesnar’s face is child’s play.

What If Lacey Evans Captures The Gold This Sunday?

They will have a top babyface on their hands. She’s finally get cheered for being herself, which is what she should’ve been from the start. Her story is incredible. There’s nothing this woman can’t do…. Expect maybe get a good match out of Natalya. Hey, she isn’t Wonder Woman.

What If The Fiend Ends Daniel Bryan’s Career?

It would be a fitting way to end his career. Bryan doesn’t look interested anymore. Maybe he sees his future elsewhere. Maybe he wants to wrestle all his mates in AEW, or as I like to call them, everyone not good enough for WWE. Look at their roster and tell me I’m wrong. Apart from Chris Jericho, none of them have drawn a dime in the United States.

What If Charlotte Flair Wins The Royal Rumble Match?

Her career has stagnated for quite a while, so I wouldn’t be surprised. She could face Becky Lynch for the rights to use The Man moniker for her dad. It writes itself. She’s still the most naturally gifted female performer on the roster but she’s not getting the reaction she once got.

What If Seth Rollins Wins Back To Back Royal Rumbles?

WWE will finally have a more hated heel than Baron Corbin. Surely WWE isn’t stupid enough to make this mistake, right? Okay, we all know they are. Rollins is one of the worst drawing headliners of all time. He makes Diesel’s run on top look like Hulkamania in comparison.

What If There’s A Double Winner In The Royal Rumble?

I like this concept. It creates two stars and stretches things out a bit. There’s a long way to go to WrestleMania and we need more than the number one contender constantly pointing at the sign. What is up with that? You wouldn’t get that with anything else. You’d never see Jurgen Klopp manically pointing towards the Premier League trophy as a helpless Pep Guardiola looks on. Okay, bad example.

What If AJ Styles Goes The Distance?

He is my favourite to be the iron man in the contest. He’s also a dark horse to win the whole thing. WWE could do worse than look towards The Phenomenal One as we approach WrestleMania Season. The question is, will AJ Styles actually get out of third gear or remain in his dark end of TNA days moving forward?

What If Brock Lesnar Is The First Man Eliminated?

There is a good chance of this happening. Not sure WWE can get Goldberg on such short notice though. It would be fun to see Paul Heyman hype up his beast only for someone to immediately eliminate him. That would be funnier than anything the writers have written for the 24/7 Championship. No one does stunned quite like Lesnar. Think his go-to expression is when Vince asks him to appear at two Raws in a month.

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