5 Things We Learned

5 Things We Learned From SmackDown Live (4th June, 2019)

Jack Dinsley gives us five things we learned from last night’s SmackDown Live.

It’s the final show before Super ShowDown on Friday, and with rivalries being amplified its exciting to see what happens.

The WWE Champion, Kofi Kingston will be defending his gold against underdog Dolph Ziggler. Will Kofi’s luck finally run out in Saudi Arabia? Andrade finally gets a chance at some gold on the main roster against Intercontinental Champion Finn Balor. Roman Reigns finally gets his hands on Shane McMahon.

It’s all to play for, lets see what we learnt from this week’s SmackDown Live.

1. Alexa Bliss is next in line against Bayley

Yes, a Raw superstar is next in line for the SmackDown Women’s Championship. Does this make any sense? No, it doesn’t. Alexa appeared on the blue brand through the Wild Card rule, which is proving to be unpopular with the WWE Universe. This was for her segment of ‘A Moment of Bliss,’ where she interviewed current Champion, Bayley. However, the women were interrupted by Carmella (finally) and Charlotte. I personally feel like Carmella is extremely underrated compared to the three other women. Although, Carmella has the accomplishments to prove otherwise.

It turned out that there would be a triple threat match between Carmella, Charlotte and Alexa Bliss (a Raw superstar) and the winner would face Bayley at Stomping Grounds.

The matchup between the three women was an excellent match but it should have included Ember Moon, Sonya Deville, Mandy Rose or Liv Morgan, to name but a few. I love Alexa Bliss, but SmackDown’s womens division is the best its been for a while. Let other women have these matches. In the match, Sonya and Mandy both came down to the ring and interfered, causing a distraction. At least they appeared in the match, even though they weren’t actually in the match themselves.

The eventual winner was Alexa Bliss… This means that they are going to have a PPV without the Queen, Charlotte? Never say never, as the PPV isn’t until the end of the month.

2. The new 24/7 Champion is… R-Truth… again

The 24/7 Championship has proven to be the best career move for R-Truth, at the age of 47-years-old. He, alongside Carmella are bringing comedy and entertainment, something that a lot of the wrestlers aren’t bringing to the table. In case you missed it, R-Truth dropped the 24/7 Championship to Jinder Mahal on June 2, on a golf course of all places. However, he was able to reclaim the Championship, making him a three-time 24/7 Champion.

Thanks to Shane McMahon, R-Truth was put into his first official scheduled match where his championship was on the line against one-time holder, Elias. This was in a lumberjack match, which is brilliant because it is using all the other talent on the roster, that aren’t getting air time. In the match, R-Truth dropped the Championship once again to Elias, making him a two-time Champion.

R-Truth managed to win back to the championship when Elias tried to run away from him. While the lumberjacks were all fighting in the ring, you could hear the referee count 1,2,3 and the bell sounding. R-Truth had only just gone and pinned Elias underneath the ring to become a four-time 24/7 Champion.

205 Live Manager, Drake Maverick chased after R-Truth but ultimately failed. I still believe that Drake will one day win the 24/7 Title from R-Truth. All I can say is that the championship is bringing something unique to the table for WWE. It’s bringing comedy every show, and it’s something that the WWE Universe are getting behind.

3. Goldberg is in the building… and so is The Deadman

It had been promoted that Goldberg would be making his first appearance ever on SmackDown Live this week, while The Undertaker appeared on Raw.

Although the promo was brief, the dong happened, and The Deadman appeared in the ring where the two met for the first time since the match was announced. It was actually quite daunting how tall The Undertaker actually is, even with how tall Goldberg is. Goosebumps? Yes!

Just like he used to do, the dong happened and the room went dark and he had vanished. Looks like the next time you will be seeing The Undertaker is on Friday. Will the match be good for the two legends, or is it time to call it a day? Only time will tell on Friday.

4. We don’t really know who Kofi Kingston’s feuding with

Due to Kevin Owens’ decision not to travel to Saudi Arabia, it indirectly took him out of the title picture. It left the WWE Universe speculating who exactly would Kofi be feuding with. It turned out to be former WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Dolph Ziggler. No one saw this coming, I don’t think Dolph saw this coming to be honest.

On last week’s SmackDown Live, it was established that Kevin Owens still wanted the WWE Championship. However, Kofi’s current feud is with Dolph Ziggler, isn’t it? On this week’s SmackDown Live, Kofi and Xavier Woods faced the team of Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. Both of the opponents are not travelling to Saudi Arabi so don’t expect them to get involved in Kofi’s match at Super ShowDown.

After the match, Dolph attacked both members of The New Day, leaving them on the floor. The question remains, if Dolph was to win the Championship off Kofi this Friday, would Kevin Owens feud with Dolph? It’s all over the place in the title picture at the moment. We will see if Kofi’s luck will carry on this Friday, or has his moment in the spotlight come to an end?

5. Shane McMahon is one step ahead

After Shane’s rivalry with The Miz, he started to focus on Roman Reigns. He has been using different talent to use to get to him, such as Drew McIntyre, Elias and now The Revival. It makes sense to use The Revival because they are feuding with The Usos, so it would make sense for Shane McMahon to use them.

A storyline which has proven popular due to the Wild Card being applied is allowing talent to mix with Shane McMahon and Roman Reigns.

At Money in the Bank, The Miz was beaten by Shane McMahon, so I’m hoping for Roman to get the victory this time around. As much as I enjoy Shane as a wrestler, he should be putting over the younger talent, and a victory for Roman would be huge. I personally think this has been a well-developed storyline, which has allowed for several young talent to get involved.

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