5 Things We Learned

5 Things We Learned From WWE Super ShowDown

Rayan Sayeed gives us five things we learned from Friday’s WWE Super Showdown 2019.

WWE Super ShowDown was the third huge event the company held in the land of Saudi Arabia, a country famous for it’s lack of basic human rights.

The first event, Greatest Royal Rumble, took place last year on 27 April 2018 and was followed by Crown Jewel on 2 November; they didn’t have much good to write home about and neither does this one, sadly. The only thing it does for WWE apart from earning them those Saudi dollars is create more controversy for themselves. The company was heavily criticized last time and this relationship with the country isn’t a good look, but they don’t care, and we’ll see many more shows like this as they have signed to a ten-year deal with the Saudi General Sports Authority. It’s a shame that these supposedly grand shows don’t really even live up to the mark, as watching Super ShowDown felt like a punishment for me.

Even though I say bad things, I must admit that not everything was awful. For some people, Brock Lesnar not walking out of Saudi with a championship might have been a good thing, and on top of that, some matches were admittedly decent.

The main event is what killed it for most people. Two old men who can barely move fighting it out in the ring is something mostly nobody wants to see. It’s not entertaining for the fans, nor does it seem enjoyable for the performers.

There’s lots of other things that took place on the show and many things to learn. So here I present to you five of those things that we learned from Super ShowDown.

1. Women Wrestling At These Events Will Take More Time

It was being speculated that Alexa Bliss and Natalya, who travelled along with the roster to Saudi Arabia before the event, were going to convince officials to let them compete in the country.

Reports were suggesting that they were given the green light but the plan was ultimately scrapped before the show. So there was no historic-first-time-ever-in-the-universe match for us.

Of course, it would have been a significant event in the history of the country had they performed, but alas, the government just couldn’t find it in themselves to allow it.

Looks like we are going to have to wait a bit to finally see women compete in the squared circle in Saudi Arabia.

2. WWE Doesn’t Care For The Tag Team Division

Some things just never change. WWE for some reason has been extremely neglectful of their tag team division; it is the last thing on their minds. The company would sometimes wake up and try to give it spotlight and false hope to tag team wrestling fans, before going back to their old ways.

2019 has not been a good year so far for the tag team divisions on Raw or SmackDown. At Super ShowDown, basically the entirety of the tag team division was buried by the company–The Authors of Pain made their return in the 50-Man Battle Royal, but who cares? Just throw them in there for the numbers and have them eliminated any way possible. The literal tag team champions of the main red brand, who were not given any time to show up for an entire month made their return in the battle royal too. But again, it is no big deal. Only the outcome matters, afterall.

If you’re still hoping and waiting that some day, things will get better for the division, the “old days” will be back… then you are just naive. WWE has told us time and time again that they will never care about the tag team division.

And speaking of the battle royal…

3. 50-Man Battle Royals Do Not Work

Literally, what is the point of having 50 men cramped in the ring at the same time squirming like insects until it finally gets down to few enough superstars that you are actually able to pay attention to what is going on inside the ring.

Battle royals are supposed to be a fun alternative match which can provide some much-needed contrast to the same old pin and submission contests. I have to say that the idea was good. Yes, having a battle royal in a supposed huge event is solid planning. And we’ll get to see 50 people? Hell yeah, this is just like the Royal Rumble! Except it isn’t. Since the gimmick wasn’t based around RR like in the Greatest Royal Rumble, it means that this will only be a standard battle royal with no timed entrances. Every participant will be air-dropped in a square and you have to watch one of them survive.

The overcrowding mess was embarrassing and the camera work didn’t help either. Hopefully the next time a battle royal is scheduled we’ll get the Royal Rumble version.

4. The Undertaker and Goldberg Should Never Wrestle Again

Just let them rest, man.

Even nine minutes was too long for Goldberg and The Undertaker. The match was excruciating to watch, and I was on the edge of my seat not because of the excitement produced in me by the match, but because I was legit worried for them.

First, Goldberg busted his head open and concussed himself when he collided head first with the ring post. Then, he hit Taker with a botched Jackhammer which got the Deadman landing on the back of his neck.

Then of course, Taker himself hit a botched Tombstone Piledriver and landed Goldberg’s head hard on the ring.

Goldberg tried to do his own version of the Tombstone but was unable to, and both flopped down on the mat.

The match ended when Taker chokeslammed Goldberg for a pin, but it was such a bad finish that even Taker couldn’t help hide his disappointment.

After the match, Goldberg himself admitted that their performance was not up to the mark and that he “let [his fans] down”.

I am just happy that both were able to walk out of there. Please, no more of this. Let them retire in peace.

5. This Was A Dressed-Up Live Event

WWE always likes to boast about how these random events that they do in other countries are the same level as WrestleMania, when they are clearly not.

Multiple times during the broadcast, the commentary team were told to compare Super ShowDown to WrestleMania. Yes, the set was huge, the time spent advertising and tooting one’s own horn was also significant, but it was still no WrestleMania. For a show to be good you need to make some decisions and take some risks. There was nothing of the sort on Super ShowDown. The only risks I personally saw were the health risks The Undertaker and Goldberg took by agreeing to wrestle.

No title changed hands, no storylines had any developments, no characters went through any changes… tell me how this is different than any other live event show the company does all year round.

But we got some grand entrances so yeah, I guess that’s the only thing needed to make a show WrestleMania-like.

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