AAW: Being Outraged at the disrespect of La Sociedad Boricuas

You know, I’ve sat here for two years and watched AAW not bother to book the greatest tag team of all time, La Sociedad Boricuas.  What gives guys?  These guys are full-time roster members, working at multiple companies to try to make ends meet so they can come back to YOU, in Chicago, for every Alive taping, every PPV even though you don’t feature them on it. So, let’s take a look at the numbers La Sociedad Boricuas draw in each show because I polled the fans at Never Say Die and they had a lot of things to say.

“La Sociedad Boricuas?  Who are they?” Obviously, an uneducated man who is only there for the beer.
“La Sociedad Boricuas?  I can’t stand them!” Clearly, someone that didn’t graduate grade school and has to belittle others.
“Oh La Sociedad Boricuas?  The guys that beat up women?” Ok, so let’s get to the real comments that definitely aren’t from me.
“La Sociedad Boricuas is the greatest tag team in the history of AAW!”
“La Sociedad Boricuas, I love these guys, they’re the best, they should be champions!”
“La Sociedad Boricuas saved my life back in ’12.  Without them, I’d be lost today!”
“Out of all the members of La Sociedad Boricuas, Axel has the best ass,” said a random fan next to me at Never Say Die...

The fans clearly want to see these guys, and they clearly have a HUGE fan base.  Have you noticed when the announcer said ‘La Sociedad Boricuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssss!!!!‘ all the fans boo their opponents right away?  The moment they walk out, from bell to bell, the fans support them constantly by booing their opponents.  I’ve never heard such rabid fans when they’re in the ring, the amount of sheer and utter respect these men draw is insane. 

Do you remember the show called Boricuas and Kings back in 2021?  Of course, you don’t.  AAW changed its name to something like Savages and Kings, I don’t know. 

It was a farce, we were promised every match being La Sociaded, and AAW didn’t deliver.  Instead, there were a bunch of filler content matches, like the heritage title, and some tag belt match I don’t even remember.  Some guy named Eddie Kingston was there?  I don’t know who he is, some random dude off the street I guess.  Colt Cabana?  Never heard of him.  Do you know who was taken off the entire show?  Axel Rico.  Rico De La Vega.  

Does anyone remember Never Say Die, back in April?  Did you know it was supposed to be La Sociedad Tribute Show and featured Axel Rico in every single match? 

Of course, you don’t.  It had been changed to people like Mike Bennett?  Who’s that?  I think he works at a local Mcdonald’s here in town.  Josh Alexander?  I think he works for Burger King or something I don’t know.  The point is, Axel Rico was taken off the ENTIRE show.  Everything.  Look at this initial poster they had for it!  It was all Axel Rico all matches!  It was a La Sociedad dream show!  But what happened?  Disrespect once more for these great men.

I also did a little number crunching for you guys at AAW.  You see, La Sociedad Boricuas could save you guys money in the long run.  How?  By booking them without a ref and letting them referee their own match.  That way you don’t have to pay a referee for this match, enabling the ref to sit back and relax longer and refresh himself so he doesn’t make mistakes later on counting.  Also, he wouldn’t mess up counts by being awestruck while in the presence of these two great men.  By enabling the ref to relax and La Sociedad Boricuas to referee their own matchup, you also save wrestlers from being angry at a tired ref and beating the hell out of him as seen in Yehi/Mance in a cage when the tired referee miscounted and got beat up.  This saves medical bills in the long run.

By giving La Sociedad Boricuas the titles, attendance would be sold out at your shows too!  Currently, at $50 for a front row, $30 for the second row, and $20 for general admission, these men as tag team main eventers would sell out a venue like MSQ, allowing AAW to rake in the cash while giving them a cut obviously as well.  LSB would be more successful than those nobodies in Infamy were, and you could even charge a couple thousand for your tickets.  For an La Sociedad show?  That’s cheap.  Think of all the money you’d make!  If you sold out an arena the size of say, the Allstate Arena.  That’s 18,500 seats.  18,500 fans chanting “La Sociedad Boricuas! La Sociedad Boricuas! La Sociedad Boricuas!”  All that money you could rake in.  You could get pyros, better seats, and bigger screens, it’s really a win-win for AAW and La Sociedad Boricuas.

So why week after week do you put them down, and refuse to book these guys on PPVs?  They’ve likely turned down multi-million dollar contracts from WWE and AEW to be in AAW because it’s where the people are.  Where their fans are.  La Sociedad Boricuas is AAW, it’s heart and soul!  The ball is in your court, AAW.  I think these guys outta get some recognition, don’t you?  Galli Lucha Libre did a full show just dedicated to these guys, called Ultimo Sociedad Boricuas!

Think of this.  AAW has had 329 shows according to cagematch.net.  The very first show was AAW Berwyn Street Fight. It had a bunch of people that aren’t around anymore.  But who’s still around?  Your Day 1 stars, La Sociedad.  They’ve been here since the beginning!  Think of how much money they could make you if you put them on every show, every match.

They would rake in BILLIONS.  Vince who?  These guys would bury that other place with the sheer numbers and draw from being so popular.  329 shows.  329 missed opportunities for La Sociedad.  Chicago wants La Sociedad.  The fans want La Sociedad.  Why doesn’t AAW want La Sociedad?…

This article is updated from the previous maybe unpublished I can’t remember. @its_riley02 on Twitter. All complaints go to TWM who have yet to pay me my alpacas.

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